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The Battle of Fort Sumter


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by Spencer Bryant

Published in: Education
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The Battle of Fort Sumter

  1. 1. By: Spencer Bryant
  2. 2. Fort Sumter, in Charleston, SouthCarolina, was a peaceful Union fort, thatwas attacked by the Confederate army inApril 1861. The battle lasted two days.
  3. 3. The Confederates had an advantage over theUnion, because the Union was on an island andhad limited supplies. This was the first attack bythe seceding States on the Union.
  4. 4. The Confederate forces bombarded the fort fortwo days. There were no casualties during thebattle. The only death occurred during theevacuation after the battle, when a Union cannon,firing a salute, blew up killing the artillerist.
  5. 5. The Union Army surrendered Fort Sumter tothe Confederates. This event began the CivilWar. Even Though the Union ultimately wonthe Civil War, the Confederacy won this battle.