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  1. 1. QUESTIONNAIRE<br />Researcher-Made Questionnaire On Factors Affecting Mathematics Performance of Laboratory High School Students at Laguna State Polytechnic University A.Y. 2009-2010<br />NAME: ________________________________<br />(optional)<br /><ul><li>Student-related Factors
  2. 2. Direction: Please check (√) and rate yourself honestly based on what you actually do given the statements using the following scales:
  3. 3. 5 – always4 – often3 – sometimes2 – rarely1 – never
  4. 4. Interest54321I make myself prepared for the math subjectI listen attentively to the lecture of my math teacher.I actively participate in the discussion, answering exercises and/or clarifying things I did not understand.I want to get good grades on tests, quizzes, assignments and projects.I get frustrated when the discussion is interrupted or the teacher is absent.Study HabitsI do my assignments regularly.I exert more effort when I do difficult assignments.I spend my vacant time in doing assignments or studying my lessons.I study the lessons I missed if I was absent from the classI study and prepared for quizzes and tests.I study harder to improve my performance when I get low grades.I spend less time with my friends during school days to concentrate more on my studies.I prefer finishing my studying and my assignments first before watching any television program.I see to it that extracurricular activities do not hamper my studies.I have a specific place of study at home which I keep clean and orderly.
  5. 5. Teacher-related Factors
  6. 6. Direction: Please rate each item as to the extent/desire that your mathematics teachers displayed the following traits and behavior using the following scale:
  7. 7. 5 – always4 – often3 – sometimes2 – rarely1 – never
  8. 8. Personality TraitsMy Mathematics Teacher…54321Has a good relationship with the students and teachers.Shows smartness, confidence and firmness in making decisions.Imposes proper discipline and is not lenient in following the prescribed rules.Has an appealing personality with good sense of humor.Is open to suggestions and opinions and is worthy of praise.Teaching SkillsMy Mathematics Teacher…Explains the objectives of the lesson clearly at the start of each period.Has mastery of the subject matter.Is organized in presenting subject matters by systematically following course outline.Is updated with present trends, relevant to the subject matter.Uses various strategies, teaching aids/devices and techniques in presenting the lessons.Instructional MaterialsMy Mathematics Teacher…Chalk and blackboard in explaining the lessons.workbooks/textbooksPowerPoint presentations (visual aids)articlesmaterials for project development</li></ul>Thank you very much for your cooperation!<br />JENNILYN F. BALBALOSA<br />Researcher<br />