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Project report bajaj

  1. 1. A PROJECT REPORT ON TRADERS & CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION TOWARDS BAJAJ ELECTRICALS LTD IN KOLKATA MARKET Conducted towards the partial fulfillment & requirement For the Award of the Degree of ‘Master of Business Administration’.UNDER GUIDANCE OF: CORpORAtE GUIDE:MR.hItEsh kAR MR. b.N.DAsh.Asst. – pROFEssOR sR. MANAGER-CUstOMER CAREMARkEtING (FACULtY) (bAjAj ELECtRICALs LtD.) sUbMIttED bY: MR. sANDIp shANNIGRAhI REG. NO.: 1106247152 bAtCh: 2011-13 Regional College of Management Autonomous, Bhubaneswar.
  2. 2. DeclarationI, Sandip Shannigragi, hereby declare that, the project entitled“Traders and customers satisfaction on Bajaj Electricalas Ltdin Kolkata market” is submitted by me to Bajaj Electricals Ltd.,based on a research study conducted and presented towards thepartial fulfillment for the Award of the degree - ‘Master of BusinessAdministration’.The report is based on my own work experience during the one and halfmonths with the organization.Place:Date: signature
  3. 3. CERTIFICATE FROM THE FACULTY GUIDEThis is to certify that the project work entitled “Traders and Customers satisfaction of BajajElectricals Ltd. in Kolkata city” is a piece of work done by Mr. Sandip Shannigrahi ( 1106247152), student of Regional college of Management Autonomous, Bhubaneswar(RCM), under my guidance and supervision for the partial fulfillment of the course Master ofBusiness Administration under BPUT .To the best of my knowledge and belief the thesis embodies the work of the candidate himselfand has been duly completed. Simultaneously, the project fulfills the requirements of the rulesand regulations related to the summer internship of the institute and I am assured that the projectis up to the standard both in respect to the contents and language for being referred to theexaminer. Prof. Hitesh Kar Faculty Marketing
  4. 4. TO WHOM -SO –EVER IT MAY CONCERNThis is to certify that, Mr. Sandip Shannigrahi; a student of MBA (Marketing &Finance) bearing Regd. No. 1106247152 of Regional College of ManagementAutonomous, Bhubaneswar has successfully completed the Summer InternshipProject from 15th May to 30th June, 2012 under my guidance. The topic covered byhim is “Traders and Customers Satisfaction towards Bajaj Electricals Ltd. inKolkata City”.During his tenure his conduct found satisfactory.We wish him all success for his future.For Bajaj Electricals LimitedMr.B.N. DashSenior Manager & Head –Customer CareBajaj Electricala Limited, Kolkata, West Bengal.
  5. 5. ACKNOWLEDGMENTIt is impossible to thank the people who have helped me prepare my project, but I would like totake the opportunity to express my profound gratitude and indebtedness to the following.I am expressing my deep gratitude to ‘Bajaj Electricals Ltd’ for giving an opportunity to do aproject on ‘Traders and Customers satisfaction towards Bajaj Electricalas Limited inKolkata city’ and study under them....I would like to thanks Mr. B. N. Dash (Senior Manager-Customer-Care, Bajaj ElectricalsLtd. in Kolkata) for assisting & guiding me throughout the training programme.I am also extremely grateful to my project guide Mr. Hitesh Kar (Ast. Prof. Marketing,RCM) for assisting and guiding me throughout the project. I am very grateful to RCM forproviding me the opportunity of taking up such a practical project which gave me a firsthanduseful experience.Last but not the least; I also like to thanks all the respondents & friends anddealers/distributors, customers for giving me their precious time, relevant information andexperience, without which the project would have been a different story. SandipShannigrahi
  7. 7. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYAs the title of the project suggests, this project is all about the study of the “Traders &Customers Satisfaction towards Bajaj Electricals Limited in Kolkata City”. Trader’s satisfactionis one of the most important factors for a manufacturing company as they distribute the productsto the customers from the company and they have direct contact with the customers.As there is tough competition in the market of home appliance it is very much important forBajaj Electricals to have satisfied trade partners and Customers. A satisfied customer is an assetfor the company who will make repeat purchase and bring new customers.As this is all about the detail study of Home Appliances product in KAOLKATA market, a lotof survey is conducted, by which all the primary information about the level of satisfaction ofdealer and customer were collected. In this process several distributors, dealers, customers weresurveyed. All the required secondary information is gathered from the company as well as fromthe internet, books and journals. In order to find out the Brand & their price preference, servicelevel, product quality, margin, promotional offer, after sale service they want from the company,
  8. 8. a questionnaire has been prepared. The questionnaire for the existing dealers and customers willhelp to interpret the satisfaction level of Traders & Customers. At last by analyzing the responseof the questionnaire by different charts and we can draw a conclusion about the Traders andCustomers Satisfaction towards Bajaj Electricals. CHAPTER – 1INTRODUCTION: Marketing is essentially about marshalling the resources of an organization so that theymeet the changing needs of customers on whom the organization depends. As a verb, marketingis all about how an organization addresses its markets. Marketing is “The management process which identifies anticipates and suppliescustomer requirements efficiently and profitably”. “Marketing is a total system of interesting business activities defined to Plan, piece,promote and distribution want satisfying products & services to present and potentialconsumers” - William. J.Stantion “Marketing is the performance of business activities that direct the follow of goods andservices from the producer to the consumer or user”
  9. 9. - American Marketing Association A social and managerial process, by which individuals and groups obtain what they needand want, through creating and exchanging product and value with others. Customer satisfaction begins with a difficult faith; it starts with a commitment to deliver theresult for each customer which is also a concern of the dealers. Hence for a manufacturingcompany, in order to satisfy its customers, it is highly important to satisfy its dealers, as they arethe direct customers to them. Establishing satisfaction as the ultimate goal is like the otherultimate goals of business pursuit of higher profits or shareholders wealth. Perfect dealer serviceor satisfaction is one that meets the combined need satisfaction is a systemized service thatinvolves the entire organization. But many organizations have yet to develop this kind ofawareness of dealer satisfaction strategy. Dealer Satisfaction begins with the following specific assumptions about company’srelationship with the customers. 1. The dealer service activities focus mainly on existing dealers. 2. Some dealers are more important than others 3. They are the assets. 4. The dealer is always specific.
  10. 10. The dealer needs and value should influence every aspect of the organization strategy,employee safety and performance, product and organization strategy, employee safety andperformance, product and service development, sales and marketing programs, operationalprocedures and information and measurement system. Understanding the dealer is critical to the success of any customer focus initiative, thefirst step in understanding the dealers is to listen to them. A company needs to hear what itsdealers are saying about its people, product service and vision. Their information helps todevelop meaningful product and service. Organizations need to listen to their dealer satisfied, dissatisfied neutral and prospective.As one company executive said, “talking to a satisfied customer is talking to myself”. In the past, dealer satisfaction and service was the responsibility of a separateorganization that supported the dealer primarily after the sale. Today, service is also likely to beinterested with the every product accompany offers. High dealer satisfaction comes from providing effective services. But giving that serviceis a continuous activity. It means being efficient, reliable, courteous, curing and professionalevery time.
  11. 11. NEED OF THE STUDYAs there are a large number of dealers dealing with Bajaj Home Appliances Products,the study was conducted to know the dealers satisfaction towards Bajaj Electricals.This in turn enables the company to enhance its stringent competitiveness in the HomeAppliances market.
  12. 12. Also this study was conducted to know the satisfaction level of the customers who areusing Bajaj Home Appliances Products as customer satisfaction provides a leadingindicator of consumer purchase intentions and loyalty. Also it helps to gain newcustomer and retention of existing customer. OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDYObjectives are the end towards which activity aimed; the end result to be achieved. Noenterprise or an organization can accomplish its task until it has some defined objective.
  13. 13. Likewise no research work can carried out until and unless it has some objective. The objectiveof my research study is based on the criteria which are follows:-  To find out dealers satisfaction level with Bajaj Electricals Limited.  To find out factors influencing dealers to deal with Bajaj Home Appliances Products.  To identify dealer’s suggestions with respect to Bajaj Electricals Limited.  To know the satisfaction level of customers towards Bajaj Home Appliances Products.  To know the customers preference on which basis they choose a brand.  To know importance of after sales service for satisfaction of customers.  To find out if there is any need of changing products attributes.  To identify customer’s suggestions with respect to Bajaj Home Appliances Products. SCOPE OF THE STUDY1. This project study is carried out for academic purpose and for partial fulfillment of MBAdegree.2. Scope of my study is limited to the geographical area of Kolkata.
  14. 14. 3. The study is concerned with the service quality of Bajaj for satisfaction of its dealers andcustomers.4. All findings and recommendations are based on the analysis of dealers & customers opinion.5. The data available from Bajaj dealers and customer helped company to make necessarychanges in product and their service. LIMITATIONSThe project suffers from the following limitations due to the inherent and restrictive nature ofthe study undertaken:1. Project duration is very short to carry out such a project work.
  15. 15. 2. The study was limited to the geographical area of Kolkata.3. The sample size is limited.4. Getting accurate information from the respondents due to their inherent problems. They maybe partial or refuse to co-operate.5. Concern person of shop keeping in charge will always change, so that their assessment of theproduct and the relationship with the company officials could not be adequate..
  16. 16. CHEPTER – 2 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY BRESERCH METHODOLOGYResearch methodology describes how the research study was undertaken. This includes thespecifications of research design, source of data, method of data collection, the sampling methodand the tools used:
  17. 17. GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: The study is conducted in Kolkata City.PERIOD OF COVERAGE: The duration of project work is about 45 days.RESEARCH DESIGN: The research design used in this project by the researcher is the descriptive researchdesign.Descriptive research design: • Determining the relationship between two are more variables. • It is well structured. • It is more economical, we can gather more information. • Problems can be found after the questionnaire preparation. • It needs less time.SAMPLE DESIGN: Population: Population for this research is set of dealers and customers those who are dealing with Bajaj Home Appliances Products in Kolkata City. Sample units:
  18. 18. The sampling units used by the researcher for this research, are those who aredealing Roots Auto Products. Sample size: The number of samples collected by the researcher is 20 dealers and 30customers. Sampling procedure / Sampling method: The sampling method used for this study is non-profitability conveniencesampling, which is selected according to the easy and convenience of the researcher.METHOD OF DATA COLLECTION: Primary data: The researcher collected both by direct survey from the retailers through questionnaire & interview schedule. The researcher used structured non-disguised questionnaire. Secondary data: Here the researcher collected secondary data from the company profile, industryprofile and official web sites.RESEARCH INSTRUMENT:
  19. 19. Research instrument used for data collecting is questionnaire and interviewschedule. Questionnaire The questionnaire is prepared in a well-structured and non-disguised form so thatit is easily understandable and answerable by everyone. The type of questions include in thequestionnaire are open-ended questions, multiple choice questions and dichotomous questions.Interview Schedule The interview method of collecting data involves presentation of oral-verbalstimuli and reply in terms of oral-verbal responses. Then the responses are filled up in thequestionnaire, for further analysis.STASTICAL TOOLS USED FOR ANALYSIS: The researcher carries out analysis through various statistical tools. The statisticalanalysis is useful for drawing inference from the collected information. • Simple percentage analysis. • Cross - Tabulation
  21. 21. The bajaj group of India owes immense gratitude to their founding father whose visionand dedication over the years has greatly helped to build a business house that can setstandard in Indian industry.Jamnalal Bajaj was the founding father of the Bajaj Group. The adopted fifth son of MahatmaGandhi, and the merchant prince who held the wealth he created in trust for the people ofhis country, Trust - a simple word that contains a whole philosophy handed down byJamnalal Bajaj to his successors. He valued honesty over profit.kamalnayan Bajaj, elder son of Jamnalal Bajaj, followed footsteps of his illustrious father andconsolidated the Bajaj foundation. With characteristic foresight and pragmatic; vision, helaunched a steady diversification programme which gave the current name "Bajaj" both its
  22. 22. shape and size. His unique management style created a work culture that matched well with thenational spirit he had inherited.Ramkrishna Bajaj took over the reins of the "Bajaj group" in 1972 after Kamalnayan Bajaj andsteered the Group from strength to strength for over 22 years. He had also actively participated inthe freedom struggle of the country. In post independent India, he had led the youth movement.Shekhar Bajaj, Chairman & Managing Director of Bajaj Electricals Ltd., started his career withBajaj Sevashrarn after which he worked at Bajaj International, the groups export company. Mr.Shekhar Bajaj joined Bajaj Electricals in 1980, became the Managing Director in 1987 and tookover as the Chairman and Managing Director in 1994. .People dont just bring their brains to work: they also bring their hearts and soul. They want tofeel passionate about what they are doing and be a part of whatever is great. We at BajajElectricals Limited, recognize this truism and seek out and strike a dialogue straight with the
  23. 23. hearts and souls) of our employees. Here is a quote from Mr. Shekhar Bajaj, our Chairman andManaging Director -"Every individual has the potential to perform if he or she gets proper motivation, the rightopportunity and the freedom to work. In the long run success is achieved when ordinarypeople perform extraordinarily. It is important to keep an open mind rather than drawingpreconceived impressions about people. More often that not, such impressions will beproven wrong."Faster, Higher, Stronger - is our maxim, our way of individual and organizational performance.This is how we managed a successful business turnaround in Bajaj Electricals Ltd - with andthrough each one of our employees. And not only our excellent brand of products, our peopleprovide an excellent competitive advantage to us.We are looking at collaboration for our luminaries business through a licensing agreement as thereis a need for technologically superior products which are state-of-the art. We are in advanceddiscussions. I cannot disclose anything further at this stage," Bajaj Electricals chief operatingofficer and president R Ramakrishnan said.
  24. 24. The luminaire business is one of the five special business units (SBUs) of the company. Theothers are appliances, pans, lighting and the engineering business. Bajaj Electrical luminaires findapplications in the engineering, power, steel, cement, fertilizer, chemical and petrochemicalsectors.Earlier, Bajaj Electricals had entered into a licensing agreement with Morphy Richards of theUK for its irons. This tie-up also entails a technology transfer.The company is targeting revenues of Rs 1,500 crore by the year 2009-10."The biggest contributor to this will be the engineering business. Till recently, wewere only into the manufacture of power transmission towers. Now, we will be installingthem too," Mr Ramakrishnan added. The engineering and projects business is also the fastestgrowing business.This business has an order book of over Rs 150 crore and has grown by over 85%, seniorcompany executives said. The company clocked net sales of Rs 505.26 crore in the last fiscal andis expected to add around 25% to its top line this fiscal, he said. The company which had been
  25. 25. facing tough times a few years back has bounced back after the implementation of arestructuring exercise.This entailed the reorganization in to five SBUs, brand building, and a growth of revenues.Last year, the company also came out with a rights issue at premium of Rs 15 per share. Further,the company also of out of the die-casting business by giving a VRS at the plant, selling thedevelopment rights of the land and entering into a non-compete clause with a competitor.Revamp helps Bajaj Electricals Turn AroundHindu Business lineJanuary 31, 2005K. GiriprakashV. K. VaradarajanBangalore Jan 30, 2005: BAJAJ Electricals has restructured its entire operations, includingshutting down some of its loss-making ventures, as part of its plans to turnaround thecompany.Bajaj Electricals President and Chief Operating Officer, Mr R. Ramakrishnan, told BusinessLine that the restructuring has helped the company to turnaround and now it expects to doubleits revenues to about Rs 1,000 crore within three years. The company hopes to end the currentfiscal with a revenue of around Rs 730 crore, an increase of 20 per cent over fiscal 2008-09.
  26. 26. Mr Ramakrishnan said it had roped in Accenture Consulting to chart out a turnaround forthe company. As per the new plan, Bajaj Electricals dropped its matrix structure for itsorganisation in favour of separate business units for each of its businesses.It now has five separate business units - engineering and projects, luminaire, appliances, fansand lighting. "Each of these units compete as separate businesses with its, competitors," MrRamakrishnan said. The company also got rid of unviable businesses.For example, it shut down its diecast operations and offered VRS to 180 people. It also soldsurplus land of the unit.He said the company also went in for financial restructuring by swapping high cost funds withlow cost long-term debt. The banks too have lowered interest cost and increased themoratorium for another two years.The company plans to invest about Rs 20 crore, spread over the next fiscal, to double theexisting capacity in its engineering unit to execute its Rs 160 crore worth of fresh order fromPowergrid Corporation for erection and commissioning of power transmission tower.Mr Ramakrishnan said the engineering unit, which registered a growth of 88 per cent over thelast fiscal, is expected to outpace other business units. The company expects about 25 per cent ofits revenues to come from its engineering business, he said.
  27. 27. Mr Ramakrishnan said with the Power Grid according thrill the status of approved EPCcontractors, it expects bigger orders from the power company. He pointed out that with anestimated investment proposal of Rs 75,000 crore by Powergrid Corporation, there was ahuge opportunity for the company.Mr.Ramakrishnan said the company had entered into a licensing arrangement with Trilux, aleading European luminaries brand and a market leader in lighting in Germany. Thetie-up, though is aimed to market the products to premium segments in the country, couldlead to manufacturing Trilux products in the long term.Bajajs own products to provide full spectrum of lighting products, he said. Similarly, Bajajstie-up with UKs leading small appliances brand Morphy Richards had helped it to positionitself in the premium end of the market.Mr Ramakrishnan said Bajaj Electricals has a market share of between 15 per cent and 20 percent in the appliances segment, 20 per cent in luminaries and 10 per cent in lighting.The company has also been able to take on the unorganized sector by offering competitivepricing of its products in the lower end. "Our China sourcing strategy has helped us to buyfrom the worlds best without compromising on the quality of the products,"
  28. 28. Bajaj Electricals Keeps on Shining More...Bajaj Electricals Limited (BEL) is a part of the "Bajaj Group" of India w ho are in thebus ines s of s teel, s ugar, tw o wheelers & three wheelers. Bajaj Electricals is wellestablished in their range of products such as lamps & tube lights, luminaires, smallhousehold appliances, ceiling fans & table fans and turnkey engineering services. Thecompany has been in existence for the last 60 years and has steadily grown and expandedits business both in domestic and international markets.Bajaj Electricals has 20 branch offices and 4 regional offices spread in different parts ofthe country besides being supported by a chain of about 600 distributors, 2500authorised dealers, over 60,000 retail outlets and over 200 service franchiseesBEL today has five major business units comprising of lighting, luminaires, electricfans, home appliances, turnkey engineering projects. BELs export activities are wellsupported through its International division. The Company h as recently forayed intoelectric power generation through wind energy in its quest to reduce the depletion of fossilfuels and preserved the environment.Total Quality Management (TQM) has taken roots in some important business processesof the Company. Few business units of the company have already received ISO Certificationswhile the other BUs are on the anvil to obtain the same.
  29. 29. PRESS NEWSTimes of India January 22, 2008Bajaj Electricals has reported a 93.8 percent rise in its net profit for the third quarterended December 31, 2007 at Rs 4.75 crore as against Rs 2.45 crore in the correspondingperiod of last fiscal. Revenues from operations during the quarter were higher at Rs 170crore as against Rs 126 crore i n the same period of 2007-08.Leading the WayCorporate DossierEconomic TimesJanuary 14, 2008Shekhar Bajaj, Chairman & MD, Bajaj Electricals Ltd.A leader sets an example for others to emulate, and hence must be a high-levelperformer. Hes also respected by subordinates and colleagues, alike. He mustembody honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.A leader is knowledgeable and well read and must guide and empower his subordinates toperform their best.
  30. 30. VISION, PHILOSOPHY AND VALUES We aim to bring greater happiness to our customers, through our products and services, while continuously enhancing stakeholder value. Trust builds Quality Quality builds Satisfaction Satisfaction builds Relationship Relationship builds Trust We believe in “Inspiring Trust”Build Trust: We will conduct all our business dealings with fair and ethical business practicesand strive to build trust in the minds of all our stakeholders.Belief in Excellence: We believe in setting higher levels of Excellence in all our actions and willrecognize and reward the excellence achieved by our team members.
  31. 31. Delighting Customers: We will delight our customers by providing them world-class productsand services and thereby enhance their quality of life.Ensuring Accountability : We will work in a transparent, performance oriented environment anddefine clear accountability for our employees, while empowering them to achieve theirperformance goals with speed and efficiency.Encouraging Teamwork : We will ensure dignity and respect for the individual whileencouraging Teamwork.Personal Growth : Every employee will be enabled to learn at the work place with significantopportunities for Personal Growth and Contribution to the organization.
  32. 32. .PRODUCT PROFILE• Bajaj Storage Water Heater Energy Efficient Horizontal • 10 year guarantee on copper tank • 30% energy savings over ISI norms • 2 year comprehensive guarantee including heating element • Available in 10 litre capacity GX 10 • Powerful motor : 550 watts, 18000 rpm • 5 year guarantee on motor • 3 stainless steel jars • Unbreakable polycarbonate jar handles • Cord winder • Overload protector DX 5 • Multiple, adjustable temperature levels • Thermal fuse for additional safety • Pilot light for thermostat operation • Swivel cord outlet • Large Sole Plate • Non stick coated sole plate
  33. 33. Cordless Kettle 1 Litre • 1 Litre capacity • Cordless operation for easy serving and safety • Auto shut off • External water level indicator on both sides • Self illuminating transparent switch Aqua Naturale Makes drinking water healthy and safe through seven stages of purification. Its a completely natural process. In fact, its the only purifier that works without any resins. And without any electricity. Whats more, it doesnt require a continuous flow of water supply. The water that you drink is not only cleaned and sterilized but also made healthier through the addition of valuable minerals. Result: Healthy, refreshing water. Just as nature gives you.Coolest RC 2004 – RotochillMade up of an attractive, corrosion-freeengineered, thermoplastic material for durableperformance• Latest state-of-the-art design• Sleek and all new ultra modern looks• Extra tough motor• Uniform water distribution• Water level indicator
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  35. 35. Majesty Heat Convector RX10 • Office LocatorHead Office Registered Office Company Showroom51, Mahatma Gandhi Road 45/47, Veer Nariman Road World of Bajaj ElectricalsFort Fort Bajaj BhavanMumbai - 400023 Mumbai - 400023 Nariman PointPhone - 22043780, 22043733 Phone - 22043841, 22045046 Mumbai - 400021Fax - 22828250 Fax - 22851279 Phone - 22023626
  36. 36. MARKET SHAREShareholding PatternAs on 31st December, 2008Under Clause 35 of the Listing AgreementA Category No. of Of1 Promoters holding Share Shareholding Promoters* held Indian Promoters 5693850 65.88 Foreign Promoters Nil Nil2 Persons acting in 104440 1.21 concert# 5798290 67.09 Sub Total:B Non-Promoters holding Nil3 Institutional Investors Nila(i) Mutual Funds 500 0.01a(ii) Unit Trust of India 150 0.00b(i) Banks 6687 0.08b(ii) Life Insurance 746010 8.63b(iii) Corporation of India 108000 1.25 Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. Nil NilC Flls Sub Total: 861347 9.974 OthersA Private Corporate 389298 4.50 Bodies
  37. 37. B Indian Public 1567010 18.13C NRIs/OCBs 5905 0.07D Any Other – Non 5430 0.06E Resident 15600 0.18 Foreign Companies Sub Total: 1983243 22.95 Grand Total: 8642880 100.00as defined in Regulation 2(h) of SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers)Regulation, 1997. The promoters holding shall include all entities in the promoters group-individual or body corporates.# as defined in Regulation 2(e) of SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers)Regulations, 1997.Note:1. Total Foreign shareholding including Foreign Promoters, Fils, NRIs/OCBs ForeignBanks, Foreign Nationals and GDR & ADR holdings is 26935 i.e. 0.31% of the total issuedequity capital.Shareholding Pattern as on 31st December, 2008 Under Clause 35 of the Listing AgreementPersons Holding more than 1% of the shares of the Company
  38. 38. SL. Name of Shareholder No. of ToNo. Share equityA 1. Promoters: capital1 Jamnalal Sons Pvt. Ltd. 1429541 16.542 Bajaj Auto Ltd. 1719676 19.903 Hind Musafir Agency Pvt. Ltd. 200000 2.314 Bajaj International Pvt. Ltd. 200000 2.315 Shri Shishir Kamalnayan 136400 1.586 Bajaj 114000 1.32 Shri Rahulkumar Kamalnayan7 Bajaj 190680 2.21 Shri Shekhar Bajaj8 Shri Madhur Bajaj 90786 1.059 Shri Anant Bajaj 175366 2.03B 2. Foreign Promoters: Nil Nil Non-Promoters holding: Nil Nil 3a. Mutual Funds & UTI Nil Nil 3b. Banks 8.63 Life Insurance Corporation 746010 of India 1.25 Oriental Insurance 108000 Company Ltd. Nil Nil 3c. Flls Nil Nil 4a. Private Corporate Bodies Nil Nil 4b. Indian Public Nil Nil 4c. NRIs/OCBs Nil Nil 4d. Any Other - Non Resident Nil Nil 4e. Foreign Companies
  40. 40. 1. How long you are dealing with Bajaj Products? Years dealing with Bajaj No of dealers 1-3 years 4 4-7 years 5 8-10 years 7 Above 10 years 4INTERPRETATION: Out of 20 dealer 11 are associated with Bajaj for more than 8 years andBajaj has also gain 9 dealers in the last 7 years.
  41. 41. 2. Are you dealing with other companies?Response Number of dealersYES 18NO 2INTERPRETATION: 18 dealers of Bajaj dealing with other companies and only 2 areexclusively dealing with Bajaj.
  42. 42. 3. How do you feel about Quality of BAJAJ product?SATIS FACTION LEVEL DEALERSVery good 6Good 11Satisfactory 3PoorInterpretation: Out of 20 dealers 6 said very good, 11 said good and 3 said satisfactory about thequality of Bajaj Products.
  43. 43. 4. Which factors enebles you to be the dealers of BAJAJ Products?FACTORS DEALERSPromotion 1Schemes 1Company Policy 3Margin 9Band Name 6
  44. 44. 5. How do you rate Price of Bajaj products?PRICE LEVEL DEALERSVery High 0High 3Average 12Low 5
  45. 45. 6. What do you feel about credit period given by BAJAJ?SATIS FACTION LEVEL DEALERSVery good 3Good 11Satisfactory 5Poor 1
  46. 46. 7. How do you rate Promotional Activities taten by Bajaj?SATIS FACTION LEVEL DEALERSVery good 3Good 8Satisfactory 5Poor 4
  47. 47. 8. What type of promotional activity do you prefer with Bajaj?Preference DEALERSDiscount 9Gift 6Prize Offer 4Others 1
  48. 48. 9. Whether the expected quantity of Bajaj is supplied to you in time?Response Number of dealersYES 16NO 4
  49. 49. 10. What do you feel abut the employees dealig with you in Bajaj?SATIS FACTION LEVEL DEALERSHighly Satisfied 2Satisfied 9Average 5Dissatisfied 4
  50. 50. 11. What are the factors that you expect from Bajaj?Factors Number of DealersPromotional Sales 7Follow- up 3Scheme 4Service 3Credit Facility 3
  51. 51. 13. Do you recommend your customers about Bajaj Products?Response DealersYES 14NO 6
  52. 52. 14. What do you feel about after sales service given by Bajaj?SATISFACTION LEVEL NUMBER OF DEALERHighly Satisfied 1Satisfied 7Moderate 5Dissatisfied 7
  53. 53. 15. How satisfied are you with the speed of processing your orders?Level of Satisfaction Number of DealerHighly Satisfied 5Satisfied 10Moderate 4Dissatisfied 1
  54. 54. 16. How Satisfied are you with the accuracy of Processing your orders?Level of Satisfaction Number of DealerHighly Satisfied 7Satisfied 9Moderate 3Dissatisfied 1
  55. 55. 17. How satisfied are you with our ability to provide you with the approprite paperwork that youneed for doing business?Level of Satisfaction Number of DealerHighly Satisfied 5Satisfied 9Moderate 4Dissatisfied 2
  56. 56. 18. How satisfied are you with the responsiveness of our Customer Service Team to your needs?Level of Satisfaction Number of DealerHighly Satisfied 2Satisfied 6Moderate 7Dissatisfied 5
  57. 57. 19. How satisfied are you with the technical expertise of our technical support group?Level of Satisfaction Number of DealerHighly Satisfied 1Satisfied 6Moderate 8Dissatisfied 6
  58. 58. 20. How satisfied are with the packaging our products with respect to maintaining damage freeproducts?Level of Satisfaction Number of DealerHighly Satisfied 8Satisfied 6Moderate 5Dissatisfied 1
  59. 59. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION RESULTIn my survey I have talked with 30 Customers to know the satisfaction level towards the BajajHome Applience Products & to know suggestions to improve products and services of BajajElectricals Limited.2. Which factors do you consider most before purchasing products?Attributes CustomerProduct Quality 21Fuctionality 18Price 24Durability 26Service Quality 19Brand Name 14
  60. 60. 3. Are you satisfied with the product you are using?SATISFACTION LEVEL CUSTOMER % OF RESPONDENTHighly Satisfied 6 20%Satisfied 16 53%Moderate 5 17%Dissatisfied 3 10%
  61. 61. 4. Are you satisfied with the price of your product?SATISFACTION LEVEL CUSTOMER % OF RESPONDENTHighly Satisfied 2 7%Satisfied 14 47%Moderate 10 33%Dissatisfied 4 13%
  62. 62. 5. Are you satisfied quality of your product?SATISFACTION LEVEL CUSTOMER % OF RESPONDENTHighly Satisfied 6 20%Satisfied 13 43%Moderate 5 17%Dissatisfied 6 20%
  63. 63. 6. Are you satisfied with the design of your product?SATISFACTION LEVEL CUSTOMER % OF RESPONDENTHighly Satisfied 4 20%Satisfied 17 43%Moderate 6 17%Dissatisfied 3 20%
  64. 64. 7. Do you agree that your product of Bajaj bears the latest technology?Response Number of Customers % of CustomersYES 18 60%NO 12 40%
  65. 65. 8. Have you been offered any warranty card with your product?Response Number of Customers % of CustomersYES 30 100%NO 0 0%
  66. 66. 9. Are you satisfied with the warranty period offered by Bajaj?SATISFACTION LEVEL CUSTOMER % OF RESPONDENTHighly Satisfied 4 14%Satisfied 17 56%Moderate 6 20%Dissatisfied 3 10%
  67. 67. 10. Have you come across any problems while using the product?Response Number of Customers % of CustomersYES 18 60%NO 12 40%
  68. 68. 11. Have you lodged any complaint about the problem/defect in your product?Response Number of Customers % of CustomersYES 20 67%NO 10 33%
  69. 69. 12. Within how much time your complaint has been resolved?SATISFACTION LEVEL CUSTOMER % OF RESPONDENTOn the same day 5 17%Within two days 6 20%Within three days 7 23%More than three days 12 40%
  70. 70. 13. Are you satisfied with the After Sale Service of your product?SATISFACTION LEVEL CUSTOMER % OF RESPONDENTHighly Satisfied 4 13%Satisfied 8 27%Moderate 6 20%Dissatisfied 12 40%
  71. 71. 14. Are you satisfied with the time taken by Bajaj to deliver your product after servicing?SATISFACTION LEVEL CUSTOMER % OF RESPONDENTHighly Satisfied 12 40%Satisfied 10 33%Moderate 6 20%Dissatisfied 2 7%
  72. 72. 15. Are you satisfied with the time taken by Bajaj to replace your product?SATISFACTION LEVEL CUSTOMER % OF RESPONDENTHighly Satisfied 6 40%Satisfied 10 33%Moderate 6 20%Dissatisfied 8 7%
  73. 73. 16. Are your dealer provides Post Sales service?Response Number of Customers % of CustomersYES 22 73%NO 8 27%
  74. 74. 17. Are you satisfied with the post sales services provided by your dealer?Response Number of Customers % of CustomersYES 16 53%NO 14 27%
  75. 75. 18. How satisfied are you with the responsiveness of our Customer Service team to your need?SATISFACTION LEVEL CUSTOMER % OF RESPONDENTHighly Satisfied 6 20%Satisfied 16 54%Moderate 7 23%Dissatisfied 1 3%
  76. 76. 19. How satisfied are you with the technical skill of our technician?SATISFACTION LEVEL CUSTOMER % OF RESPONDENTHighly Satisfied 10 34%Satisfied 16 53%Moderate 3 10%Dissatisfied 1 3%
  77. 77. 20. How satisfied are you with the speed in which problems were resolved?SATISFACTION LEVEL CUSTOMER % OF RESPONDENTHighly Satisfied 2 7%Satisfied 10 33%Moderate 8 27%Dissatisfied 10 33%
  79. 79. FINDINGS1. From the detail analysis it is found that dealers are satisfied to doing business with Bajaj inKolkata Market.2. More than 60% of dealers are doing business for a long time and also it has increased itsdealers in recent years.3. Most of the Bajaj dealers are dealing with other electrical companies.4. Most of the dealers happy with the product quality and price of Bajaj Electricals Products.5. Dealers are unhappy with the promotional activity taken by Bajaj, they recommend moresales promotional activity in dealers level also more advertisement to gain new customers.6. Dealers are not satisfied with the after sales service provided by Bajaj, it is found thatdelivery schedule is not maintained by Bajaj.7. Dealers are satisfied with the speed, accuracy, paperwork while processing orders.8. From my survey it is found that most of the customers of Bajaj are satisfied with the qualityprice and design of the product which they are using.9. About 40% of customer said that the products of Bajaj do not bears latest technology.10. Customers are very satisfied with the warranty period offered by Bajaj.11. As far as customer complaint is concerned 33% customers have lodged complaint aboutproblem in their product and 40% responded that their complaint has been resolved after threedays12. Many customers are not satisfied with the After Sale Service provided by Bajaj.
  80. 80. SUGGESTIONS Bajaj should maintain good relationship with the dealers. Bajaj should provide more promotional scheme to its dealers and increase its promotional activities. Bajaj should give more advertisement as it lacks in advertisement and sales promotional activities. Company should improve After Sale Service and delivery schedule as it is very important for dealers and customers’ satisfaction. Though product quality is good company should introduce more products with latest technology and improve features. Bajaj should reduce the complaint resolution time for improve customer satisfaction. There is a need of further quality improvement.
  81. 81. CONCLUSIONAs there is very tough competition in the market it is becoming more important to have satisfiedtrade partners and customers to stay in market and to retain and gain new customer and for thegrowth of the company. Bajaj is competing with many established Indian and global brands andhas mostly achieved in satisfying its customers as well as dealers. It is evident from this studyand Bajaj is advised to maintain its Quality and improve its service and products. The study hasbeen successful in knowing the Traders’ and Customers’ satisfaction towards Bajaj ElectricalsLimited, in Kolkata.
  82. 82. QUESTIONNAIRESA Study on DEALERS’ SATISFACTION of BAJAJ ELECTRICALS LTD, in KOLKATAarea.QuestionnaireName:Address:1. How long you are dealing with BAJAJ products? 1-3 years 4-7 years 8-10 years above 10 years2. Are you dealing with other companies? Yes No If Yes, specify BRANDS CROMPTON HAVELLS USHA BAJAJ KHAITAN POLAR OTHERS
  83. 83. 3. How do you feel about Quality of BAJAJ products? Very Good Good Satisfactory Poor4. Which factor enables you to be the dealer of BAJAJ products? Promotion Schemes Company Policy Margin Brand Name5. How do you rate Price of BAJAJ products compared with the following competitors? BRANDS Very High High Average Low CROMPTON HAVELLS BAJAJ BAJAJ KHAITAN POLAR6. What do you feel about credit period given by BAJAJ? Very Good Good Satisfactory Poor7. How do you rate the Promotional Activities given by BAJAJ? Very Good Good Satisfactory Poor
  84. 84. 8. What type of promotional activity do you prefer with BAJAJ products? Discount Gift Prize Offers Others (Specify) ……………..9. Whether the expected quantity of BAJAJ products is supplied to you in time? Yes No10. What do you feel about the employees dealing with you in BAJAJ? Highly Satisfied Satisfied Average Dissatisfied11. What are the factors that you expect from BAJAJ? Promotional Sales follow-up Scheme Service Credit Facility Others12. Do you have any complaints about BAJAJ products? Yes No If Yes, specify the reason, Delivery of goods Quality of productsAfter sales service Pricing
  85. 85. 13. Do you recommend your customers about BAJAJ products? Yes NoIf No, specify the reason,14. What do you feel about after sales service given by BAJAJ? Highly Satisfied Satisfied Moderate Dissatisfied15. How satisfied are you with the speed of processing your orders? Highly Satisfied Satisfied Moderate Dissatisfied16. How satisfied are you with the accuracy in processing your orders? Highly Satisfied Satisfied Moderate Dissatisfied17. How satisfied are you with our ability to provide you with the appropriate paperwork i.e,acknowledgement, packing list etc that you need for doing business with us? Highly Satisfied Satisfied Moderate Dissatisfied18. How satisfied are you with the responsiveness of our Customer Services team to yourneeds? Highly Satisfied Satisfied
  86. 86. 19. How satisfied are you with the technical expertise of our technical support group Highly Satisfied Satisfied Moderate Dissatisfied20. How satisfied are with the packaging our products with respect to maintaining damage freeproducts? Highly Satisfied Satisfied Moderate Dissatisfied21. Do you have any suggestions to improve the quality of BAJAJ products? Yes NoIf Yes, specify…………………………….
  87. 87. Dear Customer: Questionnaire on Customer Satisfaction about Bajaj Electricals:Name:Address:Occupation:(1) Business □(2) Salaried employee □(3) Professional □(4) Others: □ - Retired □ Housewife □ Student □Gender: Male □ Female □Age group: <20 □ 20-30 □ 30-40 □ 40-50 □ >50 □1. Which household appliances do you use? (You can choose more than one)(a) Iron (b) Mixer Grinder (c) Water Heater (d) Cooler (e) Microwave Oven(f) Fans2. Which factor(s) do you consider most to purchase the products? (You can choose more thanone)(a)Product Quality (d) Durability(b)Functionality/Features (e) Service Quality(c)Price (f) Brand Name (g) Others3. Are you satisfied with the product you are using?Highly Satisfied SatisfiedModerate Dissatisfied4. Are you satisfied with the price of your product?Highly Satisfied SatisfiedModerate Dissatisfied5. Are you satisfied with the quality of your product?Highly Satisfied SatisfiedModerate Dissatisfied6. Are you satisfied with the design of your product?Highly Satisfied SatisfiedModerate Dissatisfied7: Do you agree that the product of Bajaj bears the latest technology products? (a) Yes (b) No8. Have you been offered any warranty card with your product? (a) Yes □ (b) No □
  88. 88. 9. Are you satisfied with the warranty period of offered by Bajaj?Highly Satisfied SatisfiedModerate Dissatisfied10. Have you come across any problems while using the product? (a) Yes □ (b) No □11. Have you lodged any complaint about the problem/defect in your product? (a) Yes □ (b) No □12. Within how much time your complaint has been resolved? (Give TICK mark) (a) On the same day (b) Within two Days (c) Within three days (d) More than three days13. Are you satisfied with the after sales-service of your product?Highly Satisfied SatisfiedModerate Dissatisfied14. Are you satisfied with the time taken by Bajaj to deliver your product after servicing?Highly Satisfied SatisfiedModerate Dissatisfied15. Are you satisfied with the time taken by Bajaj to replace your product?Highly Satisfied SatisfiedModerate Dissatisfied16: Are your dealer provides Post sales services? (a) Yes (b) No17: Are you satisfied with the post sales services provided by your dealer? (a) Yes (b) No18. How satisfied are you with the time taken to respond to telephone enquires?Highly Satisfied SatisfiedModerate Dissatisfied19. How satisfied are you with the politeness of staff?Highly Satisfied SatisfiedModerate Dissatisfied20. How satisfied are you with the technical skill of our technician?Highly Satisfied SatisfiedModerate Dissatisfied
  89. 89. 21. How satisfied are you with the speed in which problems were resolved?Highly Satisfied SatisfiedModerate Dissatisfied22. Would you recommend others to use the product you are using? (a) Yes □ (b) No23. Do you have any suggestion?If Yes, then specify …………………
  90. 90. 21. How satisfied are you with the speed in which problems were resolved?Highly Satisfied SatisfiedModerate Dissatisfied22. Would you recommend others to use the product you are using? (a) Yes □ (b) No23. Do you have any suggestion?If Yes, then specify …………………