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Product Placement

  1. 1. Product placement is a form of advertising and promotion in which products are placed in television shows and or movies to gain exposure. A Coca Cola product placement on the space shuttle is a form of space advertising
  2. 2. •  When the featured product is not part of an economic exchange, it is called a product plug •  It is not always the product that is placed in the media, you can also find advertisements for the products placed in the media
  3. 3. •  Lumiere Brothers •  Early examples •  Most popular products •  Increasing product placement & TiVo
  4. 4. 1.  Exposure & frequency 2.  Support of other media 3.  Source association 4.  Low CPM 5.  Recall 6.  Bypassing regulations 7.  Acceptance 8.  Targeting
  5. 5. 1.  High absolute cost 5.  Public reaction 2.  Time of exposure 6.  Competition 3.  Limited approach 7.  Negative 4.  Lack of control placements 8.  Clutter
  6. 6. •  Controls not as strict as television commercials •  Companies engaging in product placement must be stated in end credits •  Cigarettes and alcohol
  7. 7. •  Stealth advertising a.k.a. “undercover marketing” •  Examples: –  Sony Camera –  Türi Vodka
  8. 8. • When filmmakers create false products that frequently appear in the movies they make • Also common in comic books, television, and “reality- based” video games Pixar Animation pizza place “GTA” video game series Quentin Tarantino films
  9. 9. •  To create a fictional brand in a fictional environment and then release it into the real world “Vote for Pedro” t-shirts from “Forrest Gump’s” fictional brand now Napoleon Dynamite a restaurant chain
  10. 10. Movies Television Books Video Games Songs
  11. 11. Can you recall some of these famous product placements? •  Risky Business – Ray-Ban sunglasses •  Back to the Future – Pepsi products, the DeLorean •  Demolition Man – Taco Bell •  You’ve Got Mail – AOL, Apple, IBM and Starbucks •  Austin Powers – Pepsi and Starbucks •  Cast Away – FedEx and Wilson •  Men In Black II – Ray-Ban sunglasses, Mercedes Benz, Sprint, Burger King
  12. 12. “Have you ever wondered how an actor can hold the Coke can just the right way every time so that the logo is perfectly visible?”
  13. 13. Here are some more recent movies that contain many product placements:
  14. 14. 1985 2004
  15. 15. Apple laptop computer on “24” Perhaps the producers of "24" did not find a phone company that wanted to sponsor this episode
  16. 16. + =
  17. 17. Here are just a few examples of what you can find in your local library or bookstore: Skittles Riddles Math The Cheerios Counting Book The Hershey’s Kisses Addition Book The M&M’s Brand Counting Book The Crayon Counting Book Reese’s Pieces: Count By Fives
  18. 18. “Crazy Taxi” KFC “Crazy Taxi” Pizza Hut
  19. 19. Product Placement in Music Videos “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” “…buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack”
  20. 20. •  Product placement has become big business. The amount of money spent on product placement increased from $190 million in 1974 to $3.458 billion in 2004.5 From 1999 to 2004, the overall product placement market grew at a compound annual rate of 16.3%. Product placement spending in 2005 is expected to increase 22.7%, to a total of $4.24 billion. •  M&M/Mars was first asked to place their M&M’s product in the movie, E.T., but turned it down. Reese’s Pieces then made the debut and their sales increased 65% due to the exposure.
  21. 21. Advertising & Promotion Textbook
  22. 22. The End