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Slides from UKMW13 lightning talks session


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1. Jane Finnis, Culture24 – Let’s Get Real.
2. James Morley- GathrIt, a prototype toolset to enable discovery, crowdsourcing and sharing across cultural collections
3. Sarah Saunders, Electric Lane- Attribution – the scandal of lost images on the web
4. Marcus Winter, University of Brighton- Social Object Labels
5. Franziska Mucha, Historisches Museum Frankfurt – Frankfurt Now! an interactive city mode

Session at:
The Museums Computer Group 'Museums on the Web' conference 2013 (UKMW13)
Tate Modern, 15 November 2013.
The theme for UKMW13 was ‘Power to the people’.

The Museums Computer Group: connecting, supporting, inspiring museum technology professionals

Published in: Education, Technology
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Slides from UKMW13 lightning talks session

  1. 1. @ Jon & Mick
  2. 2. GathrIt A prototype crowdsourcing toolset for cultural collections Crowdsourcing Curation Indexing and Discovery Sharing Open Data and API @gathrit / @jamesinealing
  3. 3. The scandal of lost images on the web Museum Web Page Downloaded Image ps1_tl200920188_back_dd_t10.jpg Who? What? When? Where? Museum? Copyright? Sarah Saunders
  4. 4. an interactive city model Frankfurt Now! Who or what makes Frankfurt what it is? How do different people experience Frankfurt?