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Shelley Mannion - Learning from mobile experiences in museums


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From MCG 'Museums Get Mobile!' event 16 May 2014

Published in: Education
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Shelley Mannion - Learning from mobile experiences in museums

  1. 1. Learning from mobile experiences Museums Get Mobile! 16 May 2014 in museums Images by Shelley Mannion British Museum
  2. 2. Increasingly, visitors access the British Museum website through mobile devices.
  3. 3. Get away from stop-based treasure hunts Active and participatory Experiential Collaborative Accommodate different learning styles
  4. 4. Gift for Athena
  5. 5. Content Collaboration Interaction styles Testing and evaluation
  6. 6. Content
  7. 7. Fragmentation is vital to the production of the museum both as a space of posited meaning and as a space of abstraction. ..meaning derives not from the original context of the fragments but from their juxtaposition in a new context. From Destination Culture, Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
  8. 8. Opportunity?
  9. 9. Gift for Athena
  10. 10. The Museum Game – National Museum Australia
  11. 11. Collaboration
  12. 12. Screen size
  13. 13. Friendship groups
  14. 14. Role of analogue
  15. 15. Social interaction
  16. 16. Heist by Ideum
  17. 17. Interaction styles
  18. 18. Gifts for Athena – Challenge 1
  19. 19. Very creative and you can remember it more if you do something yourself. Student 65
  20. 20. Image Al Jazeera English on Flickr
  21. 21. It felt like I was actually throwing those sins away. 41 I found qualities of myself which I would like to lose. 84 Made me feel pure and took my anger away. 53
  22. 22. Frohberg, et al 2009 Adapted by Doll 2012: 31 Only 11 of 102 mobile learning apps used this approach Voice recording, drawing
  23. 23. Testing and evaluation
  24. 24. User journey map create by Gamar
  25. 25. Drawings from post-session questionnaire
  26. 26. Image by Patrick Lauke on Flickr Exhibition banners Map plinths Visitor guide Top 10 map Souvenir book Visitor services staff Multimedia guide Digital signage screens Visitors’ own devices Information ecosystem