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3. Irati and Nuria - CALL and English as a foreign language


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Published in: Education, Technology
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3. Irati and Nuria - CALL and English as a foreign language

  1. 1. CALL AND ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE Nuria Arzoz Irati Berraondo
  2. 2. CALL MATERIALS • Introduction: Many CALL materials have been produced in the last ten-fifteen years It seems that this production is not going to disminish. Yet CALL has not really been absorbed into mainstream thinking, education and practice.
  3. 3. CALL MATERIALS • Criticism: In 1980s the quality of the software produced for teaching English was very low. It was blamed to inexperience of language teacher-authors. They may not know to use properly the medium.
  4. 4. CALL MATERIALS • As a result: Questions concerning to the most appropriate role of the teacher in CALL materials production have arisen. Different points of view: English teachers involved or not?
  5. 5. CALL MATERIALS - The answer to this question is that the efforts for the ambitious pioneering of language teachers, have been very important to develop the CALL.
  6. 6. CALL MATERIALS • Evolution: The 1980 were the most creative decade in CALL. More recently, concerns have appeared to move away from the question of the role of language teacher in call materials development, though concerns are
  7. 7. CALL MATERIALS • Why improve CALL: (Kohn) Poor linguistic modelling. Insuficient deployment of natural language processing techniques. Emphasis on special-purpose rather than general-purpose technology. Neglect of the human dimension of call.