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Playing the Game on a Different Court: A Discussion of Social Media for Local Businesses and Professionals


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Sales professionals and business owners think Social Media has changed the way the game is played. The reality is, the game is exactly the same, it's just being played on a different court. Social Media is the new court. Those who have recognized this, and have established an authentic presence with social media are experiencing enormous business benefits. Nothing replaces fate-to-face time, but social media makes building relationships a much more efficient process.

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Playing the Game on a Different Court: A Discussion of Social Media for Local Businesses and Professionals

  1. 1. The MindsetPlaying the Game on a Different Court A Discussion of Social Media for Local Businesses and Professionals
  2. 2. Introduction•  How in the world am I going to meet new people and GROW my business!?•  A leap of faith and passion in a concept that had to work, because it’s working everywhere else!•  A handful of people who believed in the idea, and were willing to give something new a try
  3. 3. Disclaimer •  There is no magic potion, silver bullet or crystal ball that is going to instantly grow your business•  These ideas may not apply to every single person.•  I did not come up with these ideas. I just modeled the experts and applied them to myself. If what they were doing was working, I knew it would work for me too.•  What works for you has to be authentically YOU.
  4. 4. Do you think…•  …the game has changed?•  …you have no control, because the Internet is constantly changing and you cannot keep up?•  … you are a pawn in someone else’s game?
  5. 5. Someone is always changing the rules?
  6. 6. The Game has not changed…•  There has simply been A Cultural Shift…•  …From Outbound Marketing, Advertising and Sales Pitches…•  …To authentic interaction, with a focus on genuine relationships
  7. 7. The Game has NOT changed!•  Just the place you are playing the game has changed
  8. 8. The Old Way…•  Meet new people•  Help people solve problems•  Support others whenever possible•  Build Rapport•  Establish Know, Like, Trust•  Cold Calls
  9. 9. Who are your “Friends”
  10. 10. This Does NOT mean•  You visit one another all the time•  You have to invite them to your daughter’s wedding•  They will drop in on you at home with baked goods to sit on the porch and gossip•  You have to loan them money or bail them out of jail!•  That you are a voyeur or an opportunist
  11. 11. This DOES mean•  They will have access to what you place in your public persona (Your Facebook Profile – be strategic!)•  You will want to express interest (like, comment, share) whenever it makes sense to YOU.•  You will want to share consistent messages that represent you well professionally•  You always want to be YOURSELF.
  12. 12. Who do you follow (aka “friend”)?•  Well-known professionals in the industry. (“Like” their pages) If they are a big name, they have a Facebook presence!•  Local professionals in your network (be their “friend” and like their business pages)•  Old High School Pals (remember, you aren’t going to be hanging out or reminiscing about the good ol’ days, and you don’t know who they know now that can possibly lead you to a new business opportunity.•  People you meet at networking functions
  13. 13. This is a Cultural Shift•  Being Facebook friends, is like having these people in your Rolodex.•  It is socially acceptable•  Not everyone has embraced the new social mindset•  Be open and understanding•  Listen
  14. 14. Pay attention to the Signs
  15. 15. Choose your “Friends”•  Look at the number of friends a person already has.•  How many “friends in common” do you have?•  Be selective – is this person an “influencer” (this has nothing to do with politics, fame, or fortune)•  Influencers are connectors, mavens and salesmen
  16. 16. The Tipping Point – By Malcom Gladwell •  Connectors •  Mavens •  Salesmen
  17. 17. Connectors are people specialists•  Do you know a lot of people?•  Do you like people?•  Do you tend to remember peoples’ names?•  Do you enjoy going to parties and meeting new people?•  Do you collect acquaintances?
  18. 18. ConnectorsThe strength of Connectors is that they knowand keep in touch with many people.•  They also tend to associate with other Connectors. Because of their rich network of friends and acquaintances, Connectors are trendsetters. The upside of a Connector is that he or she is able to create and maintain long-lasting friendships. The downside is that Connectors can be dazzled by their vast collection of acquaintances, without investing in real friendships.
  19. 19. The Power of ConnectorsGladwell explains:“Connectors are people who link us up with theworld. People with a special gift for bringing theworld together”. The power of Social Media on the Internet is the power of connectors
  20. 20. Connectors on Facebook•  Have many “friends” (1000+)•  Interact regularly, on a variety of topics•  SHARE ideas•  Spread messages of others to their networks•  Have a lot of feedback/interaction with their connections
  21. 21. MavensMavens want to educate, not sell•  They take delight in finding out the special deals that will save them money. And they are interested in new technology. They are the ones on the Internet who are the first to investigate new software, or a new laptop or mobile phone. And they don’t keep what they find to themselves. They publish articles about their findings or let their social media friends know what they think.
  22. 22. What is a Maven?•  They are the ones who tell Connectors about what’s hot. They always have the newest inside scoops on gadgets and specials. The upside of Mavens is that they amass a vast store of knowledge and are eager to share it with others. The downside is that Mavens can sometimes be a bit awkward to be around (tech speak).
  23. 23. Mavens are information specialists•  Do you enjoy reading junkmail?•  Do you seek out the specials in your local supermarket?•  Do you tend to watch trends and know what’s ‘in’?•  Do you study the market before buying a new gadget?•  Do you tell your friends about special deals?
  24. 24. Mavens on Facebook•  Share Articles, Books, Videos, Tips•  Interact regularly, on their favorite topic (varies from Maven to Maven)•  SHARE Products, Information, Details•  Spread information of others to their networks•  Less feedback, interaction, because they aren’t trying to have a conversation, just want to inform
  25. 25. What is a Salesman?Salesmen are Charismatic•  They are able to build instant rapport with another person and gain their trust. That Salesmen are able to build rapport implies that they can tune in to others. But there is also another dimension: others find it easy to tune into the emotions of Salesmen. Gladwell explains that some people are very good at expressing emotions and feelings, which means that they are much more ‘socially contagious’ than others..
  26. 26. Are you a Salesman?•  Do you find it difficult to sit still when hearing good dance music?•  Do you have a loud laugh?•  Do you touch friends when you talk with them?•  Are you good at engaging others in conversation?•  Do you like being the center of attention?
  27. 27. Salesmen on Facebook•  They discuss philosophical questions•  They comment and like others’ posts (more often than they post themselves)•  Ask questions, dig deeper into the “Why” behind the discussion, details, etc•  They plan events, try to bring everyone together•  They express care, concern and emotion openly
  28. 28. So, What does this all mean?
  29. 29. You ARE your Business!•  Establishing a presence within the “social media- sphere” is an essential step in business (if you want to your business to be relevant.)•  The perfect place for establishing your expertise (short sales, appraisals, commercial, loans, etc) locally is through the use of the Facebook platform.•  People want to connect, learn and grow.
  30. 30. Next Steps•  Invest time to research the Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen•  Select the influencers•  Build rapport•  Reach out•  Be willing to ask others questions•  Build a team (this group is perfect) of supportive Social Networkers
  31. 31. What Next?