Handouts for The Magic of Relationships talk


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This is the handout for the audience who attended Krista's talk on The Magic of Relationships.

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Handouts for The Magic of Relationships talk

  1. 1. The Magic of Relationships How to create amazing rapport and get the best contacts, opportunities and business Presented by Krista GoonWhy do you need to build great rapport?Rapport gets you ahead in life.Its essential for building visibility, finding useful contacts, getting customers,obtaining insider deals, getting the best resources and creating community.Great rapport always makes you popular, trusted and always welcome in any groupor event. People love referring customers to you and they want to know you andwant to be in your group.But most people arent very good at building rapport.In fact, Ive observed that most people arent very good at building rapport at allespecially in face-to-face meetings. Theyre much more intent on selling andpromoting their products to everyone. Theyre shoving business cards to otherpeople, even if the other person is not interested.What are the benefits of having excellent rapport?You get the best contacts, opportunities and business!It gets prospects to know, like and trust you. When they do that, they becomecustomers!And if you serve them well, theyll start recommending people to you!
  2. 2. 8 Tips For Developing Excellent Rapport 1. Focus on how you can help the other person. 2. Invest time, money and energy into relationships. 3. Always have an attitude of gratitude. 4. Be a fun and memorable person. 5. Appreciate people. 6. Be credible. 7. Surprise and wow people. 8. Become known as a powerful resource for others. 1. Focus on how you can help the other person.When you meet someone at a networking event, start with this mindset. Stopthinking about yourself. Start focusing on the person in front of you. Start thinking –how can I be of help to this person?Focus on giving him value.Can you connect this person with someone he has been wanting to meet?Can you alleviate his problem?Can you email him a helpful article or something that can help him solve his issue?Send a resource, a referral, advice. Even a book or useful article. This tells yourrecipient – I am thinking of you. You are my friend.It takes some thoughtfulness, time and effort. But it brings out your best and mostgenerous nature. Everyone loves a generous, kind friend. 2. Invest time, money and energy into relationships.Relationships dont happen overnight. After you meet someone at a networkingevent, what do you do? Most people will let things slow down and in the end fizzleout.The best way to refresh their memory is to immediately send an email to that personyouve met or even an SMS. Many people dont invest this time. Thats why they areforgotten!
  3. 3. Take it one step further and try to locate this person on Facebook or Twitter orLinkedIn. This allows you to continue cultivating the relationship while finding outmore about this person and their background.If theres value or help you can offer to this person, schedule a lunch or tea to meet.Does all this take time?Sure. But it also brings great results if you are focused enough on meeting peoplewho are influencers and people who have clout.Above all, be genuine. Most people can detect an insincere person a mile away. 3. Always have an attitude of gratitude.“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.” – Melody Beattie “Instead of thinking about what you’re missing, try thinking about what you have that everyone else is missing.” --UnknownAre you grateful for what you have or are you always complaining about what youdont have?If youre always complaining, no one wants to be with you. Your negative energy is adrainer. No one likes being around whiny people.One of the easiest ways to focus on gratitude is to do something that brings outgratefulness in your daily life.Keep a gratitude journal where you write 3 good things that happen to you daily.Write thank you notes to your customers, friends or people youve just met at anevent. Explain what youre thankful for.When you have gratitude in your heart, the world is bursting with opportunities andexcitement. People will be attracted to your bubbliness, your enthusiasm, yourvitality and joy.
  4. 4. 4. Be a fun and memorable person.Be the type of person that people will be happy to hear from. You dont need to puton an act or be someone you are not. Just be you! Know how to laugh and lightenup!When people meet each other in networking events, they should be smiling andhaving fun. Tell a joke or two. Dont be too serious.You can be committed to your work and business but it doesnt mean you cant havefun. Self-deprecating humour is always best. Have the ability to laugh at yourself.Youll be a better employer, better friend and better networker too if you know howto turn on the fun faucet. 5. Appreciate people.How often have you praised or appreciated the people around you?Appreciation gives value and recognizes peoples efforts in doing a good job.Sometimes all you need to say is “thank you” or “I appreciate our friendship”.Be generous with your praise because praise uplifts people and inspires them to domore. At times, you never know if your appreciation is the last thing that person isever going to hear.I once read a story about an amazing lady called Sue Williams.She said, “We should give our roses to the living and not save them for the dead.When a person dies, everyone who loved them will cancel their other obligations,send a big bouquet of flowers, jump on an airplane and fly across the country to lookat their dead friend in a box.”She then continued, “If I’m going to cancel my plans, buy roses and travel because offriendship, I’m going to do it while my friend is alive to smell the flowers and enjoythe adventure with me. And if my friend passes before I do, I’ll sit quietly at homeand remember the trip we took together.”Once a year, Sue Williams would treat a friend to a trip to some place interesting.These are the people Sue Williams cares about too much to attend their funerals.
  5. 5. American author and poet Stephen Levine once said: “If you were going to die soonand had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what wouldyou say? And why are you waiting?” 6. Be credible.Being credible is simple. Just walk the talk. Show up as promised.Finish what youll say youll do. Stick to your promises. Be honest. Dont give excuses.The more your credibility grows, the more people will recommend you. “Referrals arent given easily. If you dont take the time to establish credibility, you are not going to get the referral. People have to get to know you. They have to feel comfortable with who you are and what you do.” Ivan Misner 7. Surprise and wow people.Remember peoples names. There is no sound more pleasant to the other personthan their own name! When you remember peoples names, it makes them feelspecial!Listen to understand. In many networking events, people are more interested intalking about themselves than listening to others. If you can listen well, you arealready standing out in a crowd. Very few people bother to listen when others aretalking. They are always forming dialogues in their own minds.The best way to keep anothers attention is to encourage them to talk aboutthemselves, their goals and their dreams.Make the other person feel important. Always focus the conversation on them andtheir needs. Do not criticize or gossip especially in front of people you do not know.Always believe in people. Have hope that the best will happen. Trust people so thatthey too will trust you in return.
  6. 6. 8. Become known as a powerful resource for others.This is similar to helping others but it also means you need to be able to quickly andcleverly match people up especially if theyre useful to each other.You can start becoming a powerful resource for others when you take special care tonote what your friends or business associates need.Then when the right resource comes around, you can tell them that you found amatch. This also means you need to get to know people well so that you knowimmediately if you find a match.Giving this way makes you a true friend because many people give with ulteriormotives.When you give without any selfishness, you are establishing yourself as a powerfulresource!When you give, dont expect anything in return.When you give happily without any thought of return favours, you will attractabundance in many forms.Heres how to start: develop the habit of introducing people to each other. Yourfriends will love it and love you for it.Wait...theres more.My Favourite Books For You To Explore This TopicInfluence: Science & Practiceby Robert CialdiniNapolean Hills Unlimited Success – 52 Steps to Personal & Financial Rewardby Napolean HillHow to Win Friends & Influence Peopleby Dale Carnegie
  7. 7. Networking Magicby Rick Frishman & Jill LubinBusiness By Referralby Ivan Misner & Robert DavisThe Success Principlesby Jack CanfieldHow to Talk to Anyone – 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationshipsby Leil LowndesWhat Can You Do Today? 1. Read. 2. Practise these tips – “...to learn and not to do is really not to learn. To know and not to do is really not to know.” ―Stephen R. Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change 3. Give value or express appreciation to people you meet. Krista Goon Phone: 016 451 9193 Email: krista@redboxstudio.com Redbox Studio www.RedboxStudio.com WomenBizSENSE www.womenbizsense.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/redboxstudio Twitter: twitter.com/krista_redbox LinkedIn: http://my.linkedin.com/in/kristagoon