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Marketing and Branding Slides

  1. 1. Liberty Square Group4 Liberty Square5th FloorBoston, Massachusetts
  2. 2. Marketing and BrandingWhat is a brand?
  3. 3. What is a brand?• What people think of when they hear your name.• “the intangible sum of a product’s attributes” – David Ogilvy• Something that exists only in someone’s mind.
  4. 4. Creating a brand• Not simply designing logo, launching campaign• Everyday messaging can help create a brand• But only if messaging is strong, consistent, targeted
  5. 5. To create an effective brand• You need to know your audience • Who are you trying to reach? • How do they receive information?• You need to know your purpose • What do you want them to know? • Why should they care?• You need to understand the evolution of communication
  6. 6. Finding your audience• Who are your audiences at CHNA? • General public • Families • Schools • Hard to reach populations • Government • Local administrators • Policy makers • Media • Local newspapers • Social media?• Others?
  7. 7. How do we message effectively• Find the “we”• Identify the smallest community to which you and the audience both belong • How are you alike? • How are you different?
  8. 8. Think about your audience• Personality• Attitude• Circumstances• Knowledge
  9. 9. Think about your audience• How do they receive information?• What types of messages/communications are effective?
  10. 10. Now think about the purpose• What is your goal?• What do you want the audience to do with this information?
  11. 11. Think about your goals• Are your goals short-term or long-term?• Is this message designed to bring about change?• Are you trying to build or maintain relationships?
  12. 12. Relationship communications• Short-term – conversations • Bringing people together • Relationship based • Emails, phone calls• Long-term – covenants • Keeping people together • Mission statements
  13. 13. Change communications• Short-term – correspondence • Memos, emails • Action based• Long-term – conception • Vision statements • What should be
  14. 14. How is information received?• Mediums are evolving• All audiences receive information differently• Social media, other tools have changed the game
  15. 15. If you want to brand effectively• You need to understand that branding is constant• Every email, every newsletter, every meeting, every tweet is part of your brand• You need to be consistent, clear, efficient
  16. 16. Think about CHNA• What kind of messages do you put out?• Are they meant to build relationships?• Are they meant to bring about change?• Are they consistent, clear, and efficient?• Are they effective?
  17. 17. Group work• Consider the various cases in front of you• What is the issue?• What audiences will you need to communicate with?• What mediums should you use?• What is the most appropriate message?
  18. 18. Wrap up• What is a brand?• A brand is what people think when they hear your name.
  19. 19. CHNA brand• CHNA brand name is not sexy • But it is what you make of it.• If you are consistent, clear, and efficient• If you are effective; If you deliver your audience,• People will remember your brand.