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How to create content people love


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Rachel Karl, RKO Consulting
It’s time to talk material or "content" as it is commonly called.

If you have stared at the keyboard waiting for some kind of inspiration to arrive... it has. This presentation with Rachel will have you collecting Facebook “likes” and “shares” like a popular teen with an unlimited data plan.

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How to create content people love

  1. 1. How to Create Content People LOVE! (and love to share!)
  2. 2. TRUTH:Most social media activity is nottrue engagement.Mostly, it’s self-promotion.
  3. 3. Everyone wants a short-termROI on time spent doing socialmedia….
  4. 4. But what they don’t realize isthat…
  5. 5. “In the era of Socialized Media,relationships are the new currencyand participation and collaboration are emerging as the new information exchange.” Brian Solis, Principal of FutureWork
  6. 6. Overview • How to Stand Out • Dialogue • WIIFM ==> WIIFT • Dialogue • 3 Vital Questions You Must Answer When Writing Content • Dialogue
  7. 7. Section 1:How to Stand Out
  8. 8. Do something extraordinary…
  9. 9. Unexpected opportunities…
  10. 10. Mark special days…
  11. 11. Involve owners, CEOs – everyone!
  12. 12. Listen and learn…
  13. 13. Invite customer input…
  14. 14. Share something truly useful…
  15. 15. Contests…
  16. 16. Deals and coupons…
  17. 17. Resolve problems…
  18. 18. Tell a story…
  19. 19. Talk with customers…
  20. 20. How come every companydoesn’t do these things, all ofthe time?Because it involves too much hard work.
  21. 21. And that’s where YOU canstand out!
  22. 22. 5 Min: Partner with someoneand dialogue on ways you can –or already do – stand out
  23. 23. Section 2:WIIFM? Vs. WIIFM
  24. 24. Why do you buy things?
  25. 25. Always be thinking: "What is the reader thinking?" and…"What do I want them to think?"
  26. 26. Stay relevant and inspiring. Keep your finger on the pulse ofwhat’s happening out THERE - not just in your own world.
  27. 27. Get out. Talk to People. Read a good book. Whatever it takes to get inspired so you can talk topeople where they’re at - not just where you’re at.
  28. 28. 5 Min: Partner with someoneand dialogue on what youTHINK your audience is thinkingand what you want them tothink. How will you find out?
  29. 29. Section 3: 3 Vital Questions You MustAnswer When Writing Content
  30. 30. 1: What is the GOAL of this status update?
  31. 31. Don’t puke—plan.A lot of people just ‘puke’ content out because they “need to get something posted today!”
  32. 32. When you do this – it becomes all about YOU.
  33. 33. 2: WHO am I talking to?
  34. 34. *Identify WHO your audience is.*You can’t be everything to everyone.Write for your ideal audience - givethem the knowledge they need to help them solve the problem you have the solution for.
  35. 35. 3: So What?
  36. 36. As business owners there’s this powerful urge to write socialmedia updates that say, “here’swho we are… what we’re up to, why we’re great…”
  37. 37. I get it. You’re proud of who youare and what your company is up to – but it’s a mistake to do this.
  38. 38. Here’s why…
  39. 39. The only thing the audience cares about is themselves.Sounds funny. But it’s true.
  40. 40. Think about it this way: Your audience has needs or problems they’re trying to solve and the only reason they care about you or your company is becausethey’re trying to find a solution to those problems and needs.
  41. 41. That sounds a little harsh – but it’s the way we are. We love tohear about ourselves, talk aboutourselves and have other people talk about us.
  42. 42. 5 Min: Partner with someoneand dialogue on what ‘problem’your audience is trying to solveand how you can provide thatsolution.
  43. 43. Summary
  44. 44. • Focus on WHOM you arecommunicating to rather than from where you’re communicating.
  45. 45. • Get inside the head of your audience and tailor your content just for them.
  46. 46. • Always Ask: - “What is my audience thinking?”- “What do I want them to think?”
  47. 47. • Don’t make your content come from a company who is talking about themselves.
  48. 48. • Have FUN!And don’t take this social media stuff too seriously. It’s just aconversation between you and another human being. 
  49. 49. THANK YOU!©2012-2013 Rachel Karl. All Rights Reserved |