How To Win Friends & Influence People Online


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My presentation slides for the Denver Realtor Rally

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  • How To Win Friends & Influence People Online

    1. How to win friends and influence people... Online
    2. Hi, my name is Todd Carpenter
    3. and I’m a relationship geek
    4. and I’m a relationship geek a.k.a. Manager of Social Media for the National Association of REALTORS
    5. I’m not a real estate agent!
    6. Son of a real estate agent.
    7. Originated my first mortgage in 1992
    8. Moved to wholesale lending In 1998
    9. Started a mortgage industry blog in 2004
    10. Became an social media “expert” about three days later... maybe four.
    11. I’m a relationship geek a.k.a. Manager of Social Media for the National Association of REALTORS
    12. I’m a relationship geek a.k.a. Manager of Social Media for the National Association of REALTORS®
    13. By geek, I mean...
    14. I know what this is. <a href=””>Funniest peep on Twitter</a>
    15. but
    16. I rarely track my web trafic
    17. I spend very little time thinking about SEO
    18. and far more thinking about...
    19. Y.E.O.
    20. You Engaging Others
    21. You Engaging Others - Jeff Turner
    22. You Engaging Others - @ResPres
    23. YEO is about involving your audience in the conversation.
    24. It's about reaching out, not waiting for them to reach in
    25. Social networks only work...
    26. if you’re social
    27. You Engaging Others - Jeff Turner
    28. But this is not a new concept!
    29. But this is not a new concept! Sorry Jeff
    30. Carnegie's Code Don't Criticize, Condemn, or Complain
    31. Carnegie's Code “As much as we thirst for approval, we dread condemnation”. - Hans Selye
    32. Carnegie's Code Give Honest and Sincere Appreciation
    33. Carnegie's Code “Everybody likes a compliment” - Abraham Lincoln
    34. Carnegie's Code Arouse in the other person an eager want.
    35. Carnegie's Code “If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle, as well as from your own” - Henry Ford
    36. Lenderama From a good account exec to an industry expert.  Quoted or featured in RIS Media, Inside Mortgage  Technology, the Mortgage Press, Inman News, and Investors Business Daily. Interviewed for the book Realty Blogging.  Invited to blog for Inman News, Realty Blogging,  Zillow, etc...
    37. Blog Fiesta 60+ interviews of top real estate and mortgage  bloggers. Outbound links generated by the question, “What are  your favorite blogs?” Eight of the speakers at REBlogWorld had their first  significant contact with me in a interview. Built for an audience of one. 
    38. Denver Modern Connections with 63 local real estate agents added to  my sphere of influence. Connections with 17 photographers, architects, city  planners, and public relations professionals. 10,000 unique visitors a month. 
    39. Fake Greg Swan 2000 page views in the first week, on the slowest week of  the year. About 70 links in the BlogRoll.  20% of web referrals in first two days were from the  WordPress Dashboard. Google Page Rank of 4 in three weeks. 
    40. Pay it forward.
    41. Play to the vanity of others.
    42. Take an authentic interest in people.
    43. BUT!
    44. Make sure they know what you are doing for them!
    45. Instead of reviewing restaurants or local businesses, spotlight them.
    46. Instead of telling your readers who serves the best margarita, oer that establishment an award for it.
    47. Instead of just telling your readers about upcoming events, ask the people who host these events to update you so you can share it with your readers.
    48. Find out how you can use your blog to create relationships that are as valuable to others as they are to you.
    49. Remember that 100 referrals from you still isn't as valuable as one referral from them.
    50. You worked so hard to build a digital soapbox.
    51. Don't waste it on a monogamous relationship with Google.
    52. Social networks
    53. Joining a social network is like going to church
    54. Why do you go to church?
    55. bingo!
    56. Free crackers?
    57. it’s not like the Bears Broncos are going anywhere with Orton
    58. Well, what about this?
    59. To sell real estate
    60. If you answered yes to any of the above...
    61. you’re going to hell
    62. you go to church to worship
    63. but!
    64. if, while you’re worshiping at church...
    65. you play some bingo, lament the Broncos, or sell some real estate...
    66. that’s ok too
    67. Online social networks are no dierent than real world social networks.
    68. The key is to recognize why they exist and work within their intent
    69. Link In
    70. Linked In is the social media equivalent of a Rolodex
    71. A social network for business people
    72. Linked In Tips • At the least, set and forget • Allow LinkedIn to search your email contact lists.
    73. Facebook
    74. Facebook is the social media equivalent of a little black book.
    75. Facebook • Connect with new and old friends • Form groups of like minded people • Grow your sphere on influence • Share your life in pictures, video, and the ability to throw sheep at people
    76. A social network for social people
    77. Facebook Tips • Nobody is searching for a real estate agent on Facebook • Nobody is searching for a real estate agent on Facebook • Nobody is searching for a real estate agent on Facebook
    78. Twitter
    79. Twitter is the social media equivalent of a cocktail party.
    80. Twitter • Surf in and out of conversations • No obligation to stay or listen • Grow your sphere on influence • Connect with people through the power of discussions.
    81. A social network for people without a water cooler
    82. Twitter Tips • Get a Twitter client, or four • Ad pictures through TwitPic • Ad music through • Ad your location through Brightkite • Connect Twitter to your blog
    83. Why?
    84. you can connect with people at 2:00 AM
    85. in your PJ’s
    86. You build a sphere of influence that is not dependent on recollection
    87. You gain permission to leverage your SOI’s connections
    88. You might even have some fun
    89. Todd Carpenter Manager of Social Media National Association of REALTORS® @tcar or twitter