Driving traffic with social media


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Driving traffic with social media

  1. 1. With Angela Mondor Geeky Girlhttp://www.geekygirl.cawww.twitter.com/wpgsgeekygirlwww.facebook.com/geekygirlshttp://ca.linkedin.com/in/angelamondor
  2. 2. • You are familiar with social media• You have some followers• You spend time conversing on Twitter andFacebook dailybut….• You still havent seen any social revenue• Now youre wondering if its all they say it is…• Am I just wasting time?• When is this going to pay off?
  3. 3. • Arent I supposed to concentrate on therelationships, and let the business grow itself?• Experts say that virtual customers dont likea sales pitch.• But now I have all these “friends” and nosales.• So now what?
  4. 4. • Problem: people dont apply basic sales principals tosocial media because people think that sales is “taboo”• People who come and sell first alienate themselves,hence the bad rep• Solution: engage before you sell• Developing the relationship becomes the context forthe sale, so doing business is a natural next step.• Doing business with you becomes anopportunity
  5. 5. • Come and be a listener firstWhat does that mean? • pay attention to what people are saying • Read blogs, books & ebooks for information • Act as a customer would • Participate in the conversationWhy? • Looking for: What are the problems and how could you solve them? • Give them what they need, not what you are selling.
  6. 6. • Follow openly, be an open networker • Experts in your niche • Colleagues & peers • Your geographic area • Related to business, professional services • Potential customers• Be selective to a degree, but don’t worryabout this too much!
  7. 7. • Be aware of the unspoken etiquette• Know the lingo, buzzwords• Create your own voice - and stick to it!• Have a conversation • Find a way to share “personal” things (not to be confused with “private” things) • what you are doing now • Inspiration • Tips, tricks, tactics • Thought provoking concepts
  8. 8. • Many ways to organize people • hot leads, cold leads, need to schedule... • applications can support you • Key: look where you are in regards to working with them• What you are categorizing is the relationship (not necessarily the person) • Find • Assess • Follow • Group • Converse
  9. 9. • Social connections are owned by the platformin which you are connected. • If the platform goes away, they go away.• Get connected outside of these platforms• Invitations get them there.• Be creative!
  10. 10. • Your blog -- Post a link to a blog posts • Ensure that your email opt in &/or products or services are prominently displayed on your blog.• Free content • Teleseminar • Webinar • E-book• Tweet-ups, Speaking events, offline events• Links to new products / services• Connect on other social media profiles
  11. 11. • Leverage the exposure to another’s audience (and viceversa with Joint Ventures)• Complementary service or product provides• Guest blogging• Twitter Chats, hashtags
  12. 12. You post it; they see it or don’t; when it’s gone its gone! Remedies: • Re-post (don’t be obnoxious!) You dont know who has seen what when • Pay attention to traffic trends and the magic hours • Rotate your posts - schedule them using SocialOomph • Re-purpose: Take a singular idea: Blog to video to audio, etc. • Content Syndication: Tubemogul.com, article submission, social bookmarking
  13. 13. • Email signatures, biz cards, etc • Graphics • Twitter Background • Avatars, FBML tab on Facebook • Contests • Make it EASY to share • RT buttons • Tshirts!
  14. 14. • Create relationships• Develop & maintain relationships• Organize your prospects!• Invite them to participate with you Lather, Rinse, Repeat!