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Urban Planning 494 Final Presentation Power Point


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Workshop group project I participated in during a Sustainability Workshop I took at UIUC

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Urban Planning 494 Final Presentation Power Point

  1. 1. Luke Bailey, Rebecca Carroll, Paul Cheng, Vinod Kadu, Allison McSherry, Toni Pestillo, Michael Rizzitiello
  2. 2. About the project  Purpose  Why it’s important
  3. 3. Goals  Stormwater
  4. 4. Goals  Potable water
  5. 5. Goals  Energy
  6. 6. Goals  Transportation
  7. 7. Goals  Social systems and demographics
  8. 8. Goals  Buildings
  9. 9. Results from charrette
  10. 10. About the portal
  11. 11. Overall site design
  12. 12. North district  Retrofit Existing Neighborhoods.  New Construction (Infill Development)  Green Infrastructure
  13. 13. North District  Rain Barrels  Bioswales  Green Roofs (Police  Storm water Planters Dept)  Promote micro-level  Rain Gardens sustainable practices (low flow fixtures, occupancy sensors, etc)
  14. 14. North District: New Construction  Single-Family Residential - Promote Infill Single-Family Residential Housing in the neighborhood located northeast of First and University. New Construction based on sustainable urbanism concepts.  Commercial - Commercial uses will be along University Avenue corridor. Additional light commercial opportunities will be highlighted along North First Street. (i.e. Storage Units, etc.)  Cul-de-Sacs
  15. 15. North District-Green Infrastructure  Green Alleyways  Permeable Pavements for Parking  Energy Efficient Lighting  Boneyard Creek Greenway Extension  Railroad ROW Greenway
  16. 16. Middle district
  17. 17. South district  Retrofitting Existing Neighborhoods FIRST STREET  New Construction GREEN STREET  Green Infrastructure
  18. 18. South district: Retrofitting Existing Neighborhoods  Rain Barrels  Low flow fixtures  Green Roofs  Energy star appliances  Rain gardens  Occupancy sensors
  19. 19. South district: New Construction  Mixed Use – Retail  New mixed use construction will be located along Green Street and First Street, to connect the campus town and downtown Champaign retail districts.  Residential  The new residential neighborhood will be located south of Green Street. This will occupy the former concrete plant site. The neighbor design will be based around ideas of community and sustainable urbanism.
  20. 20. South district: Green Infrastructure  Green Alleyways  Permeable Pavement for Parking  Efficient Lighting
  21. 21. South district: Green Infrastructure - Alleyways  Technique 1: Alley Drainage  All alleys will be properly graded and pitched to allow water to run to the center of the alley and then flow to the street.  This prevents the need for additional sewer infrastructure and prevents adjacent properties from flooding.
  22. 22. South district: Green Infrastructure - Alleyways  Technique 2: Permeable Pavement  Reduces the rate and quantity of stormwater runoff  Reduces stress on the sewer system  Recharges ground water Impermeable Pavement Permeable Pavement  Filters silt, pollutants and debris
  23. 23. South district: Green Infrastructure - Alleyways  Technique 3: High Albedo Pavement  A pavement material that is light in color and reflects sunlight away from the surface.  Less heat is radiated by the pavement.  Reduces the urban heat island effect. High Albedo Pavement Conventional Pavement  This reduces cooling costs, helps the survival of urban vegetation, and improves air quality.
  24. 24. South district: Green Infrastructure - Alleyways  Technique 4: Recycled Construction Materials Pavement produced  Recycled concrete aggregate can be using slag, recycled used in the concrete mix and as a concrete and/or ground tire rubber base beneath surface paving.  Slag, a by-product of steel production, can be used as a component of the concrete mix, reducing industrial waste.  Ground tire rubber can be used in porous asphalt and reclaimed asphalt pavement in nonporous asphalt.  Benefits:  Reduces waste hauled to landfills  Reduces the need to extract natural resources Sub-base containing  Develops new technologies and saves recycled concrete money
  25. 25. South district: Green Infrastructure - Alleyways  Technique 5: Dark Sky Compliant Light Fixtures  Light fixtures are specially designed to direct light downward, focusing light where it’s needed.  These fixtures can also incorporate the latest technologies in energy efficiency while maintaining adequate light levels. Conventional Lighting Dark Sky Compliant Fixture
  26. 26. South district: Green Infrastructure – Alleyway Example
  27. 27. South district: Green Infrastructure – Existing Example
  28. 28. Healey Basin
  29. 29. Proforma  General info (mix of uses, etc.)  Phases  “Green TIF” district
  30. 30. A Day in the Life…
  31. 31. Questions?