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Function Mix Buildings


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Function Mix Buildings

  1. 1. function mix buildings
  2. 2. v e r t i c a l
  3. 3. LINKED HYBRID steven hool 24 h urban life ground level-public-to go inside building, go out intermediate levels, quiet levels midle gardens, the views of apartments top wonderful perspective 5 months for different periods of life CITY WITHIN A CITY
  4. 4. SCALA TOWER BIG program: -health club -hotel -conference centre -bibliotheque -shops24 BASE.related to the urban space and life unfolding near the building SLIM STEEPLE. reach towards the sky and becomes part of Cph skyline
  5. 5. TOUR DE LA CHAPELLE Iñaki Ábalos Large-scale urban infrastructure Spatial complexity: mix-use Condense vertical density cities and activities Fantasy: to live in high MIXED PROGRAM Public-private character. university+commercial+office+hotel+housing Creating public space around them: paved and garden Privacy vertical gradient program ICON Character ambiguous: -monumental architectural structure -natural geographical form MANAGEMENT FEASIBILITY SIZE Living positively metropolitan density and height SPACE OPTIMIZATION SUSTAINABILITY Open balconies: indoor and outdoor garden setting fubliales water use: water sheet wastewater use: irrigation Solar panels URBAN ORGANIZATION Building a structure that excites and promotes singluar Highly urban conglomerates in the area Acting locally and throughout the city Create a system of high-density towers
  6. 6. 111 STREET OMA Public transportation network train station ferry stop heliport 1,2 million square 415000 m2 apartments 210000 m2 hotel 160000 m2 artist work 19000 m2 gallery 240000 m2 parking VERTICAL CITY Each component of the program is analyzed for optimun layout and concentrated into individual blocks. Making different BLOCKS optimizes views dynamics relationships between buildings and it’s sur- roundings Open spaces at the junctions of the blocks. Shared residential terraces adjacent to each terrace is a public space that activates in during the day gallery+spa/gym/pool+restaurant in during the night cabaret+bar+restaurant
  7. 7. MIAMI DADE COLLEGE Oppenheim Architects It is urban turned into superbuilding. Apartments+offices+educational facilities+art exhibition
  8. 8. MUSEUM PLAZA Rex 214 m high 3700 m2 art institute 2300 m2 university 2500 room hotel 1900 m2 offices restaurants shops 800 car parking total: 141800 m2
  9. 9. TORRE S y V Rubio & Alvarez_Sava New icon for the city 236 high Sustainability and eco-efficiency Auditorium+hotel+services+offices
  10. 10. DUBAI RENAISSANCE OMA A new begging_renaissance Functionality_THE BUILDING ROTATES to reduce the energy the building use for heating or conditional air. Single monolithic volumme Office+business+forum+hotel+residential suite+art spaces
  11. 11. h o r i z o n t a l
  12. 12. MERCADO BARCELÓ Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos The market is attached by a walkway to the nearby school, they will use as a playground The cover is a great forum viewpoint Rooms+studios+shopping+entertainment+sports+walking+resting
  13. 13. BRYGHSPROJEKTET OMA The road croise the building In the lowest ground different activities New urban district NO SPATIAL DEFINITION No distinction is made between road, car park and urban plaza MEETING POINT A strong building to give the waterfront definition URBAN DEFINITION With the square footprint sorrunding areas are reformed BUILDING Introduce a new impulse to the area HARBOUR MODERNISM CONCEPT VOLUMME HEIGHTS MIXED-USE BUILDINGS URBAN PASSAGE Oportunities to connect ‘Urban motor’ to activively PROGRAM The program ‘heap’ can create unexpected and unpredictable situations where each program is made aware of its coexis- tence with the others DAC PROGRAM SEQUENCE Each program is given a unique position and quality making a varied progression through the building DAC AUDITORIUM Looking out over the city LABORATORY OFFICES Facade to DAC atrium provides internal relations to other building us- ers and the public
  14. 14. EWHA CAMPUS COMPLEX Dominique Perrault The program: -Academic program: classroom+library+sports -Administration -Commenrcial -Parking Landscape more than architecture
  15. 15. TONI AREAL Em2n Milk processing factory into a platform for education and culture Urbanistic and programmatic hypothesis, a working model for a new kind of urbanism The task is to develop a concept for a built a structure which is almost as large as entire neighbourhood Create interfaces to exchange with the public several acess points and public spaces to maximize the integration into the city network Vertical boulevard connecting all parts of the buildind Three dimensional patx system Large public buildings need specific spaces
  16. 16. VANKE CENTER Steven Hool Hotel+offices+culture house+public park+conference center+parking Floating: to create views+to pass throungh the building Breaks away from the usual distribution of uses in different volumenes One single container promotes Interaction of uses with it’s semi-public indoor walk that different programmes