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President jimmy carter(d) 39th


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President jimmy carter(d) 39th

  1. 1. President Jimmy Carter(D)-39th1977-1981• Only U.S. President tohave received the NobelPeace Prize after leavingoffice• Had been a peanutfarmer and governor ofGeorgia before beingPresident• Strongly emphasizedhuman rights asPresident• Has been a very activeformer President
  2. 2. Presidential Accomplishments• Created two new cabinet-level departments-- theDepartment of Energy and the Department ofEducation• Declared amnesty to Vietnam draft dodgers• He encouraged energy conservation andinstalled solar panels on the White House• Signed a treaty with Panama that would givecontrol of the Panama Canal back to Panama onDecember 31, 1999• Started SALT II talks but ended them afterUSSR invaded Afghanistan in 1979• Boycotted the 1980 Summer Olympic Games inMoscow due to the invasion as well
  3. 3. Camp David Accords-”Land forPeace”
  4. 4. Problems as President• Had to deal with high inflation andunemployment during his four years• Iran hostage crisis (1979–1981)• 52 US citizens were held hostage for 444 daysfrom November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981• A group of Islamic students and militants tookover the Embassy of the United States insupport of the Iranian Revolution• Carter was blamed for not freeing the hostagesand many consider it the reason he lost the1980 election
  5. 5. Ayatollah Khomeini
  6. 6. Three Mile Island Nuclear Accident• The accident began on March 28, 1979• It was a core meltdown at the Three MileIsland Nuclear Generating Station nearHarrisburg, Pennsylvania in 1979• It was the most significant nuclear poweraccident in the history of the US
  7. 7. 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens
  8. 8. Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan-1979• The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan inDecember, 1979• The purpose was to help out thecommunist gov’t that had been in placethere since 1978• Western countries(US, UK, France, etc)conspired to help get rid of this gov’t• We sent military aid to themujahideen(“people doing jihad”)
  9. 9. • While the Soviets took control of the cities and thetransportation and communication center, themujahideen resorted to guerilla tactics• The Soviet were hoping that their invasion would pacifythe country against the “insurgents”• Their invasion had the opposite effect and more andmore people joined the mujahideen• The Soviets pulled out of Afghanistan in February, 1989• Afghan deaths vary from 1-to 2 million• 5-10 million Afghans fled to Pakistan and Iran• Another 2 million Afghans were displaced within thecountry• Along with fatalities were 1.2 million Afghans disabledand 3 million maimed or wounded• Many consider Afghanistan to be the Soviet Unions’Vietnam
  10. 10. 1979-80 Energy(Oil) Crisis• Occurred in the US during the Iranian Revolution• Protests severely disrupted Iranian oil production• Exportation of oil was stopped• Widespread panic resulted driving the price of oilfar higher than it had been• Oil prices were $15.85 per barrel (42 USgallons) before the crisis and rose to $39.50 perbarrel during which was only topped in 2008
  11. 11. Ronald Reagan(R)-40th1981-1989• Was a radiobroadcaster in Iowa,an actor andGovernor of California
  12. 12. Reagan’s Assassination Attempt-March 1981• Survived anassassination attemptby John Hinckley Jr.
  13. 13. Presidential Accomplishments• "Reaganomics"1. advocated reducing tax rates to spureconomic growth2. control the money supply to reduceinflation3. deregulate the economy4. reduce government spending.
  14. 14. • 1983 invasion ofGrenada• 1986 bombing of Libya• Publicly described theSoviet Union as an "evilempire”• Supported anti-Communist movementsworldwide• Opposed to détente• Ordered a massivemilitary buildup in anarms race with theUSSR
  15. 15. Reagan and Gorbachev-Ending theCold War• Had numerous meetings with Soviet leader MikhailGorbachev which helped bring an end to the Cold War
  16. 16. • INF Treaty-1987– The treaty eliminated intermediate nuclear andconventional ground-launched ballistic and cruisemissiles• Reagan Doctrine-provided aid to anti-communist resistance movements inAfrica, Asia, and Latin America• US was instrumental in training, equippingand leading Mujahideen forces against theSoviet Army in Afghanistan
  17. 17. Discussion• Why did the US win the Cold War?• Why did the USSR lose the Cold War?
  18. 18. 1. We had close ties with our Alliesand the USSR didn’t.2. China started siding with us after1972.3. The Soviet economy was inshambles whereas the US’s wasflourishing.1. Huge deficit2. High inflation3. Corruption4. Social problems5. Shortage of basic needs(food, housing)
  19. 19. 4. The strong anti-communist presidency ofReagan.5. Gorbachev’s willingness for change andreform.1. glasnost and perestroika2. admitted Soviet mistakes3. took blame for the Cold War4. communist system had failed**5. allowed Eastern Europe to do whatthey wanted**6. Arms Reduction Talks1. SALT, INF, Reagan-Gorbachevmeetings
  20. 20. 7. Soviet Mistakes1. invasion of Afghanistan2. ignoring social concerns3. spent everything on military
  21. 21. Space Shuttle ChallengerExplosion
  22. 22. War on Drugs• Reagan announced aWar on Drugs in 1982due to crackepidemic.• Nancy Reagan “JustSay No”• Anti-Drug Commercial
  23. 23. Iran Contra Scandal-1986• US used the $$ fromsecret weapons salesto Iran to fund theContras(anti-communists) inNicaragua whichCongress hadoutlawed• The goal was to freeseven US Hostagesin Iran at the time• The InternationalCourt of Justice ruledthat the U.S. hadviolated internationallaw in doing so• Reagan said he knewnothing of this action• Eleven people withinthe ReaganAdministration weconvicted
  24. 24. Oliver North
  25. 25. George H.W. Bush(R)-41st1989-1993• Served as the VicePresident of the UnitedStates under RonaldReagan (1981–1989)• Was a Congressmanfrom Texas• Was Ambassador of theUS to the United Nations• Director of the CIA• Currently the oldestsurviving formerPresident
  26. 26. 1988 Election
  27. 27. Berlin Wall Comes DownNov. 9, 1989
  28. 28. Persian Gulf WarAugust 1990-February 1991• August 2, 1990, IraqInvaded Kuwait
  29. 29. Persian Gulf War• Why did it start?• Operation Desert Shield• Operation Desert Storm• Results:– Coalition Force victory, Iraqi withdrawl fromKuwait, destruction of Iraqi/Kuwaitiinfrastructure• Coalition-482 dead, Iraq-20,000-35,000• 1991-2003– No-fly zone, weapons inspectors, WMD’s
  30. 30. No Fly Zone
  31. 31. • How did the Persian Gulf War eventuallylead to 9-11?
  32. 32. • Signed the Americans with Disabilities Act of1990 which prohibits discrimination based ondisability• He worked to increase federal spending foreducation, childcare, and advanced technologyresearch• Signed the Clean Air Act requiring cleanerburning fuels• Signed the Immigration Act of 1990 whichincreased legal immigration to the United Statesby 40 percent
  33. 33. • Took down ManuelNoriega in Panama• Tried to help with theSomali Civil War withUNITAF• Signed North the NorthAmerican Free TradeAgreement (NAFTA)-eliminated the most tariffs onproducts traded among theUnited States, Canada, andMexico, to encourage tradebetween the countries
  34. 34. Why did President Bush losethe 92 Election?• “It’s the economy stupid.”• “Read my lips, no new taxes.”
  35. 35. Bill Clinton(D) 42nd1993-2001• Law Professor atArkansas• Elected ArkansasAttorney General in1976• Elected Governor ofArkansas in 1978• Only 2ndPresident toever be impeached bythe House ofRepresentatives
  36. 36. President Carter and Governor Clinton
  37. 37. 1992 Election Bush vs. Clintonvs. Perot
  38. 38. 1996 ElectionClinton vs. Dole vs. Perot
  39. 39. Accomplishments as President• NAFTA was passed into law• Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993-required large employers to allowemployees to take unpaid leave forpregnancy or a serious medicalcondition.• Lowered taxes for low income families andraised taxes for the wealthiest Americans• Under Clinton, the United States had a federalbudget surplus for the first time since 1969
  40. 40. • Brady Bill– started federal background checks on firearmpurchasers in the United States• “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy in US Military• Set up first official presidential website• Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)– defines marriage for federal purposes as thelegal union of one man and one woman– allowed individual states to refuse torecognize gay marriages performed in otherstates• U.S.–China Relations Act of 2000
  41. 41. Challenges• Failed to get his universal health care planpassed• Whitewater Scandal• Troopergate• Paula Jones-Settled $850,000• Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia• Osama bin Laden-al-Qaeda bombings inAfrica• Kosovo Crisis in Yugoslavia• Bombed Iraq(Saddam Hussein) frequently from1998-2001
  42. 42. Impeachment• Due to lying underoath about his“relationship” withMonica Lewinsky• The Senate voted toacquit Clinton
  43. 43. Clinton’s Approval Rating
  44. 44. George W. Bush(R)-43rd2001-2009• His father was the 41stPresident of the US• Governor of Texas1995-2000• Went to Yale andHarvard• In the oil business• Co-owner of theTexas Rangers 1989-1994
  45. 45. 2000 Election Bush vs. Gore vs.Nader and the Chad’s
  46. 46. • The closeness of the Florida vote led to a machinerecount• The initial recount also went to Bush, but theoutcome was tied up in courts for a month untilreaching the U.S. Supreme Court• On December 9, in the Bush v. Gore case, the USSupreme Court stopped an ordered statewide handrecount• The machine recount showed that Bush had wonthe Florida vote by 537 votes out of six million• Although Bush received 543,895 fewer individualvotes than Gore nationwide, Bush won the election,receiving 271 electoral votes to Gores 266
  47. 47. 2004 Election-Bush vs. Kerry vsNader
  48. 48. Accomplishments• Bush Tax Cuts– Passed after US gov’t had three straight yearsof budget surpluses– “The surplus is not the government’s money.The surplus is the people’s money.”• No Child Left Behind Act– aimed to measure and close the gap betweenrich and poor student performance– provide options to parents with students inlow-performing schools– target more federal funding to low-incomeschools
  49. 49. • Medicare Act of 2003• Bush Doctrine– policy that the United States had the right tosecure itself against countries that harbor orgive aid to terrorist groups– which was used to justify the 2001 invasion ofAfghanistan and the 2003 invasion of Iraq
  50. 50. The Capture, Trial andExecution of Saddam Hussein
  51. 51. Challenges• 9-11 and the War on Terror• War in Afghanistan-2001 to present• War in Iraq-2001-2011• Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse• Enhanced interrogation techniques-waterboarding• North Korea• Hurricane Katrina• Bank Bailout-Emergency Economic StabilizationAct of 2008• The struggling US economy• Stem Cell Research• Immigration
  52. 52. 9-11-2001
  53. 53. Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda
  54. 54. Abu Ghraib Prison Abuse
  55. 55. Waterboarding
  56. 56. Hurricane Katrina
  57. 57. President Bush’s Approval Rating
  58. 58. 2008 Election-Obama vsMcCain
  59. 59. Barack Obama and JoeBiden(D)
  60. 60. John McCain and Sarah Palin
  61. 61. 2008 Presidential Election Map
  62. 62. Barack Obama-D• Born in Honolulu,Hawaii in 1961• Married his wife,Michelle, in 1992• Has two children-Malia and Sasha
  63. 63. Michelle Obama
  64. 64. The Obama Family
  65. 65. Professional Background• Graduated from Columbia College and HarvardLaw School• Was a community organizer in Chicago in mid1980’s• Was a college professor at the University ofChicago Law School in early 1990’s• Was a civil rights lawyer from 1993-96• Has been an author of several books• Was a state senator from 1997-2004• Was a US Senator from 2005-2008• Has been the 44thPresident of the United Statessince 2009
  66. 66. Major Accomplishments ofPresident Obama’s First Term 2009-2013• Stopped the use of “enhanced interrogationtechniques”• American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of2009-aka Economic Stimulus Package• Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act-aka Obamacare• Ended War in Iraq in 2010• Ending War in Afghanistan in 2014• Killed Osama bin Laden• Ended “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”
  67. 67. • Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act– Equal pay for women• Instituted part of the Dream Act byExecutive Order in 2012• Helped topple Muammar Gaddafi in Libyain 2011• Passes the GI Bill 2.0 in 2011• Race to the Top
  68. 68. Issues of President Obama’s FirstTerm• The bad US economy• The huge national debt• The War in Iraq and Afghanistan• Ending enhanced interrogation methods• Obamacare• GM Bailout• Obama’s a Socialist
  69. 69. • Supporting gay marriage• Gun control• SOPA/PIPPA
  70. 70. 2012 Election-Obama vs Romney
  71. 71. Barack Obama and JoeBiden(D)
  72. 72. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan(R)
  73. 73. 2012 Presidential Election Map