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4.5 Documentation


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Published in: Education, Technology
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4.5 Documentation

  1. 1.  There are two types of documentation: 1. Technical Documentation: produced for systems analysts and programmers. It helps when the system either needs to be further upgraded or developed. 2. User Documentation: helps the users to operate the new system. It could be a tutorial that helps the user through the system Back to contents
  2. 2. Click for more >>> Developing elements of technical documentation Developing elements of user documentation Back to contents
  3. 3.  This consists of: 1. Systems Documentation 2. Program Documentation Back to contents
  4. 4. • Provides a detailed overview of the whole system. It includes things like: 1. Test plans and test results 2. Results of the systems analysis; including things like dataflow diagrams 3. What is expected of the system 4. The overall design decisions; things like choice of hardware and software, file input and output structures. Back to technical documentation Back to contents
  5. 5. • Produced for the piece of programming code that is written. It includes: 1. Description and purpose of the software explaining what the software does, its features, and reasons as to why certain pieces of software were chosen 2. The input and output data formats that have been used 3. The program flowcharts that were produced at the design stage 4. The program listing; copy of the code used with annotations explaining what the code does 5. Notes that may help any future programmer to make modifications to the system Back to technical documentation Back to contents
  6. 6. • This is produced in order to actually help the user use the system.Why does the programmer need to produce this?i. Since the user of the system will not be familiar with the system, they will need help with various parts of the system until they are familiar with it.ii. It will save the analyst time in the long term. They will not have to be contacted on regular basis to show users how to do certain things. What does user documentation include? Back to contents
  7. 7. 1. Screenshots; and how to use the software2. The purpose of the system3. Input and output formulas4. Hardware and software required to run the system5. Examples of the sample runs of the system6. What to do when an error occurs7. Troubleshooting guide or list of FAQ’s Back to contents