machine learning artificial intelligence deep learning data mining classification natural language processing neural networks feature selection artificial neural networks sentiment analysis ontology genetic algorithm ant colony optimization linear regression prediction clustering information retrieval artificial neural network data augmentation computer vision convolutional neural networks segmentation neural network fuzzy logic stemming image processing feature extraction twitter ai convolutional neural network expert system ann big data arabic knn anfis random forest regularization opinion mining autonomous uav text classification swarm intelligence generative ai faster rcnn decision support system generative adversarial network explainable ai object detection nlp transfer learning. human-robot interaction image classification xgboost transfer learning collaborative robotics reinforcement learning q-learning genetic fuzzy system agents artificial intelligence. expert systems frascati guideline anomaly detection recognition esb support vector machine. predictive maintenance machine learning (ml) artificial intelligence (ai) naive bayes classifier affective computing recurrent neural network hidden markov model blended learning data extraction arduino computation computer troubleshooting ridge regression decision tree semantic web ontologies meta heuristic multi-agent systems reasoning social network analysis semantic similarity wikipedia. document clustering phoneme recognition. subtractive clustering occam razor hypothesis homoscedasticity dimensionality reduction linear and non-linear models elastic net overfitting bayes ying-yang machine gaussian mixture models signature verification ams arabic opinion mining. lexical recourses subjectivity lexicon handwriting recognition travelling salesman problem attention rough set theory pso distributed control mini unmanned aerial vehicle mobile sensor network cooperative uav question answering multi-objective optimization tracking kdd automatic control artificial intelligence tools & applications performance classifier natural language processing (nlp) supervised learning metaheuristics pattern recognition product labels test classification text recognition natural language processing (n neural network (crnn) convolutional recurrent machine vision optical character recognition function optimization adaptation search bayesian function recursive genetic algorithm fuzzy c-clustering ensemble methods employee attrition ai advantages ai challenges risk-benefit models transformer model text summarization classification time feature extractions stacking classifier cyberbullying detection stacking ensemble learning ecg signal svm cardiovascular disease wavelet scattering transform narrowband analysis classification filter submerged target target analysis passive sonar human language technologies neural information processing social sciences computational linguistics tolstoy generative pre-trained transf transformer nlg dl artificial neurons ml digitalization strategy maturity model industry 5.0 modulation recognition automatic modulation classific resampling techniques imbalanced class data convolutional neural network ( face recognition (fr) disease classification ecg cvd gpt ai detection political decision-making indicbert indic languages transformers indian national congress bharatiya janata party karnataka elections self-organizing map kernel method growing neural gas stereotypes arts & design history multidisciplinary independent component analysis linear discriminant analysis ( principal component analysis ( semantic segmentation cancer diagnosis logic dlv clingo asnwer set programming regression multi-task learning uncertainty estimation model pruning model ensemble yolov5 weapon detection blind deconvolution writing stylefeature single-genre single-topic cross-genre cross-topic authorship identification u deep learning architectures cryptocurrency anomaly detecti style tran cnn bay complement of probability applications of technology dev technology trends driving triggers diffusion technology adoption ensembling audio features audio classification healthcare insurance regression model data standardisation trust game robots tflite tensorflow real-time videos mask detection tiny-yolov4 yolov4 bat cuckoo spam directed acyclic graphs causal structure learning bayesian networks wasserstein distance risk management bank credit risk bagging algorithm filter feature selection feature reduction obesity forged character detection deep learning forgery character detection dataset rural community covfilter covid-19 prediction throughput. radio base 3g mobile phone process model educational applications educational process mining process mining representational harm allocative harm ai ethics algorithmic bias societal implications of machine learning fairness in machine learning facial recognition sales prediction process engineering statistical significance. movie success time series model clustering techniques regression models human intention prediction neural centroid category batch tree home-based screening. biomedical signal processing classifier combination mutual information obstructive sleep apnea otter. 8 puzzles generated clauses given-clause algorithm paramodulation automated reasoning complexity security finance outliers. cognitive approach sales-forecasting time series automotive radiation error detection cancer treatment plans radiation safety oncology video processing image analysis clustering analysis facial expression advanced driver assistance systems deep cnn model acceleration qa systems information extraction human-system interface explanation anti-drone uav stemborers resnet maize crop precision farming egyptian cotton leaf worm african army worm fall army worm convolutional block attention module fabric defects detection semantic web. search engine nearest neighbour regular spiking neuron time delay chaos control coupling synchronization chaos theory stdp spike timing dependent plasticity adaptive exponential integrate and fire (adex) neu chaotic spiking neural network competitive hebbian learning tweets covid-19 education key performance indicator long short term memory software testing unsupervised methods supervised models crime pattern analysis knowledge graph embedding negative sampling search engines r hadoop feature selection. software defect prediction lending club heloc protodash anchors shap girp brcg credit scoring complex networks. mknn core periphery structures graph mining data sampling. ensemble classifier meta-classifiers imbalanced data roadway traffic safety spatial pooler. parallel actor programming model htm cla cortical learning algorithm hierarchical temporal memory logistic regression. decisiontreeregressor pre-trained models log messages oversampling supervised kaggle hashtags 2019-ncov unsupervised machine learning geometric shapes. non-destructive testing quality assurance denoising deep neural network air-coupled ultrasonic regression. statistical learning performance prediction and classification computer hardware and linear regression. k-means cluster microarray inception network. faster r-cnn object detection algorithm interactive approach. quadratic programming weighting method multi-objective problems support vector machine (svms) algorithms in prolog. legal argumentation logic fallacy business intelligence. strategic marketing cassandra kpi tabu search& simple random sampling. maximum relevance minimum redundancy medical data mining parkinson’s disease neighbourhood overlap edge strength complex networks network analytics centrality maximal cliques social networks simulated annealing algorithm. multi-depot periodic arc routing problem load and stress testing performance engineering semi-supervised learning optimization. hybrid algorithms grey wolves optimization algorithm invasive weeds optimization algorithm linguistic creativity capsules networks navigation autonomous road accidents maps images common good. humancomputer interaction emerging technology deep machine learning fourth industrial revolution chlorophyll-a remote sensing deep learning estimators feature-based object recognition descriptors arduino. arabic spelling game based learning electromyography emg electroencephalogram eeg brain computer interface (bci) brain control interface amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als) smart brain controlled wheelchair (sbcw) convolutional neural network (cnn) iris biometrics atmospheric measurement big data analysis active robotic prosthesis human-machine interface intentions prediction wireless body area network traffic priorit energy efficiency evolutionary computing based routing decision node-trustworthiness manet elderly people fall lstm acceleration gyro digital expectation maximization algorithm. regression curves arabic handwritten characters shape recognition random forest (rf) and probabilistic neural networ phishing prediction module runtime checker smart toy improving communication speech disorders multi-level feature fusion & deep learning person re-identification false alarm rate detection rate adaboost weka nsl-kdd decentralized control decentralized control. job market economic development human future summarization bert discovery and generalization mechanism adaptive learning diagnosis and management of viral hepatitis answer set programming & logic programming a–prolog games psychiatric diseases symbolic reasoning rules medical diagnosis clinical assertion bilstm topic modelling resume classifier application dynamic classification ensemble learning association rules. calculus engine knowledge and information processing data and information networks information system architecture double-blind crowdsourcing device network beacon and semantic web. machine translation (mt) instant translator homographs and homonyms smart electricity metering smart grid power theft non-technical losses (ntls) density-based spatial clustering of applications w principal component analysis (pca) mean shift clustering algorithm distributed systems multi-agent software engineering (mase) power distribution system multi-agent system agent biometric system trimodal training learning clbffnn use case point effort forecasting fuzzy neural networks recommendation system. dialog generation remaining useful lif industrial iot the ability to "read and write learning in a group health management prognosis diagnosis fault analysis aircraft fuel system biosignal analysis. classification algorithms feature extraction & selection emotion recognition knowledge representation. argumentation theory argumentation semantics stable semantics abstract argumentation framework mobile computing. mobile profiles behavior-based security motor pir sensor ir sensor arduino uno adaptive algorithm captcha mlp neural network. artificial neural networks (ann) industry 4.0 knime ensemble clustering. image clustering robotic sorting autonomous robotics nilm non-intrusive load monitoring identification of residential equipment chromaticity moments color histograms color texture classification sea turtle shell feature weighting recommendation system ranking canny. fuzzy c-means (fcm) t2 mri multiple sclerosis visualization recommendation systems data analysis heart attack failure conditions. building information modeling design simulation augmented reality ir thermography energy router neurochip graphics processing unit (gpu) field programmable gate array (fpga) central processing unit (cpu) artificial neural network (ann) application specific integrated circuit (asic) head estimation gaseous petroleum model radial basis function network (rbfn) electrical submersible pump(esp) r2 values. modal properties damage detection artifical neural networks (anns) organized industrial zones (oizs) multilayer perceptron (mlp) multi criteria decision analysis (mcda) approach of logarithmic concept (aploco) quantitative analysis 8c framework regression experiments heuristic evaluation e-commerce website evaluation index. moving average method dynamic model static model typhoon moving path backpropagation. multilayer perceptron rule base algorithm clinical decision support system elastic net . the lasso estimate intelligent agent. webos www world wide web web 5.0 web 4.0 web 3.0 web 2.0 web 1.0 web generations kernel estimation function. arabic language arabic social media look-up table general source condition penalty balancing principle learning theory neural fuzzy arabic social media. knowledge-based systems cad design & testing music emotion recognition social user tags crowdsourcing emotions question answering system (qas) marathi natural language qa system (nlqa) test case generation test suite reduction simulink/stateflow model model based testing dynamic analysis self-organizing prolog rc knowledge based systems metro rail passenger information system speech database phonemes text- to- speech question answering systems the agm model the logic pac multi-source belief revision belief revision paraconsistent belief revision non-prioritized belief revision and classification. ensemble attribute moodle logs learning management systems moodle time series prediction electricity consumption recursive neural network coherence chinese discourse entity infertility childlessness jess inferencing knowledge-base support local binary pattern (slbp). completed local binary pattern (clbp) histogram geometric mean of squared errors geometric regression knn classification. learning algorithm text mining text data genetic approach vehicle type recognition night-time recognition centrist centrog day-time recognition markov chain & forecasting grain storage condition learning difficulties heg memory eeg signal fmri rehabilitation neurofeedback training cognition zernike moments neural network. offline signature verification online arabic script classification. section merge section finding learning analytics student achievement moodle data prostheses pattern recognition algorithms electromyogram myoelectric control schemes self organizing maps biomechanical analysis textual inference textual hypothesis semantic inference textual entailment sina weibo storage systems smart grids energy management renewable resources robot communication robot agent infrared decision-making. collective behavior swarm robotics ir communication word2vec automatic taxonomy induction distributional semantics taxonomy facetedsearch web-crawl personal semantics data modified vortex search algorithm. vortex search algorithm numerical function optimization hand written and printed character recognition (hw topmiddlebottom layer (tmbl) layer bottommiddletop layer (bmtl) artificial neural network (ann). optical character recognition (ocr) detection fraud experimentation function approximation cross validation evolutionary computation least squares support vector machine multiagent boolean students polynomial predictive modelling ontology tree classification learning hocs features cross dataset evaluation leaf recognition petrobras stock exchange self learning knowledge based system support vector regression named entity recognition batch gradient method penalty& convergence pi-sigma neural network autoregressive models & linear models stock exchange prediction feed forward comprehensibility. extraction machine translation dialogue systems forecasting rmse sugarcane yield bpnn the need of starting extensive research on quantum securing sensitive and important information from details of the need to research on quantum cryptog traveling salesman problem co2 emissions transport environnemental impact index system graph database orient-db. comparison evaluation neo4j electrostatic force van der waals force proteins active site docking workflows ai planning extract-transform-load (etl) sentential noun phrase conditional random field recognition system neural system simulation optimization stimulants mathematical model sequential pattern pattern matching protein fold recognition memetic algorithm feed rate control estimated electromagnetic torque position control serial verb contruction thai wordnet automatic classification factual density text informativeness diacritics kashida robustness &imperceptibility capacity call tool meaning postulates logical form & arabic preposition. diagnostic complex systems task resolvers optical flow. leukocyte dynamics mechanism of inflammation multi-label classification structured support vector machine k-nearest neighbors emotion analysis multimedia mining audio analysis verb morphology morphemes postposition causatives soft computing. capacity problems fuzzy rule landmines matlab membership function risk assessment fuzzy inference system possibilistic decision theory data fusion moral graph min-based possibilistic networks optimistic criteria. pca phog ga lda gaussian low-pass filter gain ratio. information gain learning disability reduct business intelligence strategic scanning system network cooperative multi-agent system cyber crime intrusion detection intelligent cyber defense methods virtual environments semantic modeling virtual human information fusion abduction inference most probable explanation (mpe) bayesian belief networks hough transform peaks orientation histograms face recognition distortion structural crossing-over technique optimization; multimodal optimization; particle sw xml query processing preference-based retrieval conditional preference evolving systems. bacterial conjugation forecasting system wimax traffic ann model quadrocopter quadrotor directivity side lobe suppression meta-heuristic gain side lobe level (sll). mutation. satisficing exploration sudoku exploitation simulated annealing evolution particle swarm adaption shortest path algorithm. heuristic function informed search techniques multilevel link list classification system. incremental data dimension reduction dynamic reduct real-world deli very problem dijkstra’s algorithm traffic answer set s wap protocol planning logic programming. wireless network oepa-optimal expression specific parts accumulatio fer-facial expr ession recognition ica-independent component analysis load curve prediction improve performance silhouette plots model checking verification uppaal unreachability confliction rule computational semantics semantic representation vietnamese language processing intransitive choice; preference reversals; recomme man-machine interaction 3d printing open technologies neighbour selection & prediction recommender systems collaborative filtering protein structure interaction network microstrip coupler design bat algorithm metaheuristic algorithms intelligent user interface preprocessing & feature extraction offline recognition online recognition distribution automation volt/var control. conservation voltage reduction isolated power systems fuzzy inference systems semantic search spreading activation mobile robots; path planning; avoid obstacles; ant real time motion collision avoidance. motion planning algorithm hill climbing human detection quadcopter flying robot edge detection variable selection and random forest. sign-magnitude transform modified local binary pattern (mlbp) fraud detection low-voltage electric power distribution offline character recognition; segmentation; skele ai algorithms bioinformatics multinomial . naïve bayesian paragraph level classification chaotic spiking neuron eigen space nonlinear dynamics rössler chaos global-local vision & documents recognition transparent neural network “tnn” multi-layer perceptron “mlp” university grants commission (ugc) logical clusters local clusters globalization datamining tools concept. synset suspicious word slang word discriminative model cross-lingual imbalanced training sentence similarity urdu ir vector space model hybridization tsp. ant quality estimation naÏve bayes back propagation network. vehicle route selection and direction road traffic analysis cloud compression ugc. survey university clustering policies data mining methods malware malicious codes malware detection information security sentiment dictionary rule-based approach sentiment grammar modified lesk (ml) word sense disambiguation (wsd) bag-of-words (bow). appearance vision clustering and hierarchy models sliding mode control nonlinear time-delay nonlinear sliding surface discrete-time system stability. fuzzy control combinatorial optimization job shop scheduling problem. ontology information; visualization; natural langu user consumption action micro-blog user dbscan clustering method selforganizing random immigrants genetic algorithm finite impulse response (fir) filter multiplier-less filter hardware cost differential evolution (de) statistical machine translation task. alignment phrase translation table risk behaviors hedonic context coalition formation trust frensh sign language hmm sign language recognition latent semantic automatic medical image annotation bag-of-words & feature detection feature extraction. monte carlo back propagation vector contour digital document library xml conversion table of content detection decision tree.
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