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2.9 Technical and Customer Support


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2.9 Technical and Customer Support

  1. 1. 2.9 Technical and Customer Support Momina
  2. 2. Click for more>>> Examples of What happens at What is the Business using a call centre? function of CTI? Call Centres What are the two Why are call What is CTI? forms CTI works centres set up in? aboard? How does the First Party What is the system work? features of CTI? Third Party Back to contents
  3. 3. 1. Large office space2. Has about 100 operators3. The operators take and respond to requests for help4. Operator sits at a computer.5. This computer is connected to a telephony server by the company’s phone line.6. Each computer has an integrated headset7. The operators computer MUST be fitted with a telephony card8. Each computer is linked to a telephony communications switch9. There are many operators accessing the same line at the same time… what type of software is required? Back to contents
  4. 4. How does the system work? Phone calls are processed by the IVR (Interactive Voice Response).- The IVR does not require any human assistance. It is an automatic service that can be accessed by the caller. The caller then connects to the system database using the IVR software. Back to contents
  5. 5. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) Software • Integrates all aspects of the system together. • CTI sends commands from the operators computer to the telephony server • Operators computer has NO direct connection to the phone. • Any computer can control any phone in the telephone system.More On CTI Back to contents
  6. 6. What is the function of CTI?• Allows the computer to direct the call to : a) An appropriate operator b) Another solution• The system MUST also have the ability to transfer calls to a person with the appropriate expertise. (Can’t direct a call for the Human Resources Department to the Medical Centre Department)Features of CTI Back to contents
  7. 7. What are the features of CIT1. It combines data and voice input to the system2. Displays the caller’s number3. Allows for multiple dialling techniques: a) Fast dial b) Preview c) Predictive dial Back to contents
  8. 8. What are the two forms that CTI works in?1. First Party Control: – This allows the operator to have direct connection between their computer + phone set. – This allows the operators computer to control the functions of the operators phone. – Only suitable for the smallest of call centres. Back to contents
  9. 9. 2. Third Party Control: – Requires a dedicated telephony server to connect the telephone network and the computer network. – Operators phone communicates directly with the server, allowing the server to control all the phones. – Any computer can be used to control any phone in the system; allowing supervisors to intervene if the call proves to be too complex for the operator. Back to contents
  10. 10. Examples of business’s using call centres:1. Utility companies : Use call centres to give customer support. Helping the customers who want to pay for their bills or change details of their account.2. Mail order catalogues : Helps customers in the form of payments or account information.3. Computer hardware and software suppliers: offer technical expertise and help customers whose computers are not operating as they should. Back to contents
  11. 11. Why are call centres offer set up abroad?Advantages:• Can pay employees lower wages• The cost of buying/renting premises is lower• Calls can occur at a more suitable time (it may be 7 pm in one place but may be 9 am at the other place)• Company does not have to pay higher wages for unsociable times.Disadvantages:• Difficulty in understanding different dialects• Workers abroad may be less flexible in their approach (they will have a ‘script’ and they will stick to it, this script consists of possible advice that can be given to the caller depending on their response. Back to contents