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Cross-channel User Engagement and How Tokopedia Does It Right


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Tokopedia, founded in 2009 is a unicorn company and is Indonesia's largest online marketplace with a user base of over 75 million+ active users. Learn here how Tokopedia streamlined Cross-channel user engagement and improved first-month user retention by 60%.

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Cross-channel User Engagement and How Tokopedia Does It Right

  1. 1. Cross-channel User Engagement and How Tokopedia Does it Right
  2. 2. Meet Today’s Cross-channel Customer
  3. 3. A Seamless Cross-channel Customer Experience is Critical Negative cross-channel experience John Doe Looks at office chairs on your app Receives an email with 50% discount on apparels, he does not click Visits your website to look at office chairs but does not buy Receives a push notification on the app with generic unrelated offers Buys the chair from a different brand on your site Still sees your retargeting ad for discounts on chairs - but he’s not interested anymore.
  4. 4. A Seamless Cross-channel Customer Experience is Critical Positive cross-channel experience Jane Clarke Visits your website to find out more about Platinum cards Receives a push notification giving her more information and also recommended cards for her usage Starts an application for the card online, does not complete Receives an email reminding her to complete her application - telling her she’s already pre- approved Comes to your app and completes application for the card Receives a thank you push notification - asking her to download the credit card app for better tracking
  5. 5. Crowded Digital Marketing Space • Competitors fighting for attention • High churn rates • Low attention spans of customers
  6. 6. Getting Cross-channel Customer Experience Right • Behavior-based targeting to deliver relevant offers • Event-based triggers to engage users during micro-moments • Automate customer journeys to offer a seamless brand experience • Go local - language, geo-targeting, time-zone optimization • AI to humanize automated conversations Right message at the right time
  7. 7. Meet Tokopedia Pros in Customer Engagement 100+ million products listed 2600+ categories 93% districts in Indonesia reached 75 million active users
  8. 8. Tokopedia’s Challenge: App User Engagement Tokopedia wanted to improve • First-month user retention • Activate and engage new app users The mobile app industry plagued with high user churn. Nearly 2/3rds of the users uninstall the app within the first few months.
  9. 9. How Tokopedia Nailed New User Onboarding • Automated their User Onboarding process via MoEngage flows. • Identified the various steps in a new user’s journey to brand discovery, and delivered the right message at the right time at every stage in a users lifecycle to eliminate possible chokepoints or reduce user ambiguation. • Created a series of campaigns that targeted users with messages across owned and paid channels such as Push, Email, SMS and Ad-retargeting. Stages in new user onboarding
  10. 10. How Tokopedia Nailed New User Onboarding Stages in new user onboarding Channels
  11. 11. New User Engagement Skyrockets! 20% Boost in first- purchase rate 72% uplift for cart abandonment via Push and Email. 12% of repeat purchase contributed by MoEngage 60% improved new user retention
  12. 12. Questions?
  13. 13. Write to us at, if you would like to speak to our Mobile Engagement Specialist Want to know more? Read the complete case study here. Download Case Study