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Loyalty Program Management System for Retail


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Loyalty Program Management System for Retail

  1. 1. Loyalty program management system for Retail
  2. 2. • Maximize customer engagement • Improve customer retention • Segment customers and target the loyalty program • Personalize dialogue with customers • Manage and use a complete information base about customers’ behavior and habits Benefit from ScienceSoft’s loyalty management solution Beyond Discount
  3. 3. Example of a Loyalty program concept WithScienceSoft’sintegratedmulti-channelsolutionretailerscanoffertheir customersmulti-dimensionalloyaltyprogramswithdifferentiatedincentivesand rewards. Points Level Amount of purchases (during a period) Cross-category purchases Promo purchases Compensations (in case of company’s fault) Discount Gifts Special events Access to special offers Extended warranty Personal info provisioning A B C D And many others… A variety of custom loyalty mechanisms
  4. 4. Our solution supports all areas of the loyalty system operation, starting from customer acquisition, through rewarding customers with gifts, discounts, providing with partners’ offers, to loyalty program performance analytics. CRM back- end Website for members Loyalty analytics Mobile app • Web store • Call center • Assortment management system • Store automation system • Accounting system integration Gamification Our comprehensive solution
  5. 5. ScienceSoft’s services Consulting. ScienceSoft’s team helps reveal all the important aspects of a loyalty program to build a reliable solution. Solution design. We offer design of a full pack of loyalty platform components, that will correspond to company’s loyalty strategy. Implementation. ScienceSoft delivers a fully customized platform within approx. 4 months, based on determined customers’ unique issues, components and needs. Integration. We provide seamless integration of the loyalty platform with all existed systems to manage complete loyalty program lifecycle. Support. ScienceSoft offers reliable and operative support services to assist at the deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting of the solution.
  6. 6. We offer. CRM as a loyalty solution back-end show your awareness and prove responsiveness during the communication With CRM back-end, companies can build long-term relationship by delivering the right products and services to the right people at the right time Centralized information about all customers better understanding of customers’ needs and behavior All the customer’s history available at any time (important for call-centers) We offer loyalty management solution based on MS Dynamics CRM. You can confer a custom CRM solution with ScienceSoft’s consultants. If you already operate on any platform, we are at your service to upgrade and to support the existing one.
  7. 7. We offer. Customer portal • additional channel for communication with shoppers • a convenient place to promote special offers for loyalty members, and • entice new customers to sign up With the customers’ website your company can acquire and leverage rich customer insight to build meaningful communication. Separate loyalty program portal ensures easy members’ self- service and brings more convenience for them. Loyalty website is From the loyalty website members can • check their point balance • review awards available to them • get the information about special offers, additional opportunities, and • ask any question
  8. 8. We offer. Mobile application • A cutting-edge communication channel to enrich your loyalty program • An opportunity to identify, register, reward and engage your customers anywhere and anytime • Customers’ convenient way to use or access their loyalty accounts on the go More and more consumers are getting mobile. The loyalty program should follow this tendency.
  9. 9. We offer. Mobile application Interactive and location-based offers Virtual bonus card Integration with Social Media Profile management Surveys Catalogue of rewards True loyalty demands dialog
  10. 10. Basic reports for loyalty program: • members by levels / clusters • expenses (discounts, gifts, etc.) by levels / clusters • members’ purchases by goods category / SKUs / styles • members with a high growth potential • members with a high churn risk Additional reports can be easily created. ScienceSoft helps retail companies transform raw data into valuable insight to better understand their customers and discover hidden opportunities. We offer. Actionable analytics
  11. 11. Analytics solution with compound reports helps to • track consumers’ visits, frequency, money spent, etc. • measure consumer behavior across multiple channels • learn leading indicators of purchase intent, purchase frequency and buying patterns. To streamline a large quantity of customers’ data, ScienceSoft provides data management solutions. The data will be stored properly to be easily accessible for future analysis. We offer. Actionable analytics
  12. 12. Why use GAMIFICATION? Make your loyalty program much more than points. Gamification helps you deepen consumers’ engagement and further their activity. • Apply game based thinking to motivate and engage consumers • Leverage innate human motivations • Drive user behavior • Connect actions with an actual person • «Fire» a customer • Integrate the loyalty program with Social Media
  13. 13. System integration With accurate system integration • call-center employees get all the information about customers’ position in the loyalty program to provide appropriate consulting on-demand • omni-channel retailing is organized, considering all the transactions in web store and brick and mortar retailing • retailers can conduct joint promo with vendors without concerning about any data loss Manage data exchange with other systems and platforms for multi- channel interaction and valuable customer data. We ensure smooth integration with existing systems, including ERP system, billing and accounting system, E-shop, data warehouse and others.
  14. 14. Key benefits • Flexibility. When you decide to change some processes, rules, etc. within the loyalty program, our team is next to you to optimize and adjust your current management solution • Personalization. Leverage detailed information, that system collects about each member, by delivering right benefits to the right customers at the right time and place in a highly personalized manner • Integration. ScienceSoft’s team provides fully integrated solution to manage the complete loyalty program lifecycle
  15. 15. Let’s keep in touch! SCIENCESOFT Finland Myyrmäenraitti 2 01600 Vantaa, Finland Phone: +358 92 3163070 Email: Web: SCIENCESOFT USA 5900 S. Lake Forest Dr., Suite 300 McKinney, TX 75070, USA Phone: +1 214 306 68 37 Email: Web: