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Driving Growth With Omnichannel Marketing


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Today’s consumers live in a hyper-connected world. They switch between mobiles, desktops, using multiple channels and platforms. This presentation covers the strategies and best practices to implement omni-channel user engagement to drive growth for your company in 2019.

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Driving Growth With Omnichannel Marketing

  1. 1. Driving Growth with Omni-channel Marketing in 2019 Presented by Nalin Goel, VP - Product, MoEngage Akshatha Kamath, Head - Content, MoEngage
  2. 2. In Today’s Webinar We’ll Discuss: • The need for an omni-channel marketing strategy. • Single view of customer - A single view of the user’s lifecycle. • Drive significant ROI through omni-channel marketing – Industry examples and best practices. • How AI and machine learning can boost your omni- channel campaign performance.
  3. 3. Today’s Digitally Connected World and Your User Users switch between screens to complete tasks, using an average of 3 combinations every day. Source: Google Consumers regularly use more than four touch- points with a brand before purchase. Source: Marketing Week Customers think brands need to put more effort into providing a seamless experience. Source: Zendesk Higher lifetime value for omnichannel shoppers than those who shop using only one channel. Source: Google 90% 50% 87% 30%
  4. 4. What is Omni-channel Marketing? Jane Clarke Visits your retail store and looks at shoes. Downloads your app. Scans QR code and buys using your app to claim 25% discount. Visits your website and looks at t-shirts but does not buy. Receives a push notification on her mobile about offers on t-shirts. Clicks on the notification and lands on the app.
  5. 5. Need for an Effective Omni-channel Marketing Strategy 89% higher customer retention in companies with an effective omni- channel engagement strategy. Source: Invespro 71% of in-store shoppers say that smartphones are important for their in-store experience. Source: Invespro Only 1 out of 26 unhappy customers complain – the rest might just leave. Source: Esteban Kolsky
  6. 6. Single View of The Customer Customer View on MoEngage CRM Website & App Call-centre DataOffline Data Website App Push SMS Email Social and Display Ads PPC
  7. 7. Single View of The Customer: A Single View of The User’s Lifecycle Prepaid Customer John Doe Lifetime Value INR 20,053 Avg. Value 67 Total Transactions EUR 20,537.00 Transaction History (LTV) DORMANT SINCE 5 days ago LAST SEEN ON Feb 2, 2018 FIRST SEEN ON Feb 4, 2015 User Credentials John’s Devices EMAIL +1 - 234511671 MOBILE NUMBER • iPhone 7 • iPad 2 • Safari on mobile • Galaxy S7 • Google Chrome on • Windows Mobile Tariffs LAST PACKAGE VIEWED Smart home Starter Package LAST PACKAGE PURCHASED Mega Deal of the Week LAST PACKAGE SEARCHED Navi Mumbai CITY LOCATION More About John John’s Top Activities Package Viewed Package Purchased Recharged
  8. 8. Driving Significant ROI with Omni-channel Marketing in 2019 Industry Examples, Use Cases, and Expert Tips
  9. 9. The need for omni-channel engagement across the 4 stages in a user’s lifecycle Acquire Activate Retain Revenue
  10. 10. How Oasis Enhances In-store Shopper Experience Using Digital Tools Oasis is a U.K. fashion retailer that fuses their ecommerce site, mobile app, and brick-and- mortar stores into a simple shopping experience. Sales associates armed with iPads. Provide on-the-spot, accurate, and up-to- date product information. Acts as a cash register. Place instant orders for out of stock items delivered to shopper’s home. Plus, shoppers can download Oasis' app to supplement their in- store (or online) shopping experiences. Source: Hubspot
  11. 11. Starbucks: Makes Ordering Easier and Boosts Revenue Order their coffees while they’re in line or even earlier. Pick up once in store and easily pay for it with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Also use their Apple Watch to order, pay, and track their Starbucks rewards. Mobile payments reached 29% of transactions. The Mobile Order & Pay app is also growing every quarter, getting to 8% of a quarter’s transactions. Results
  13. 13. Web Push Push Notification In-app NATIV Ad Network Retargeting Email Omni-channel Marketing With MoEngage
  14. 14. Marketing That Proactively Engages Users Across Channels • Create, visualize and deploy omni-channel lifecycle campaigns. • Deliver personalized recommendations to users, increasing engagement and revenue. • Reach users at the right time through their preferred channel.
  15. 15. 20% Uplift in Revenue via Telecom Selfcare App Omni-channel user engagement across channels to drive usage and transactional revenue on the self-serve app. Upsell Products Recharge Reminders Cross- promotion User Onboarding User Reactivation Install First- purchase Reactivate Retain
  16. 16. Tokopedia Improves First- month User Retention by 60% Automated User Onboarding – identified the various steps in a new user onboarding to brand discovery and delivered the right message at the right time at every stage in a user's lifecycle to eliminate possible chokepoints or reduce user ambiguity.
  17. 17. AI and Machine Learning in Omni-channel Marketing
  18. 18. How AI and ML Can Help Marketers Maximize Campaign Performance • Facebook and Google ad platforms use machine learning and artificial intelligence to map target audiences. • Google AdWords’ automatic auction-based system helps advertisers in bid optimization. • AI-powered chatbots remember customers’ visits, past chats, ensure hassle-free experience. • 1:1 personalized marketing content for thousands of users at scale across touch-points. • Predictive marketing uncovers the most impactful insight by understanding consumer behavior and activity.
  19. 19. AI and Machine Learning in Digital Marketing Eliminate the guesswork from your marketing campaigns with AI and machine learning.
  20. 20. SHERPA: Powerful Machine Learning for Campaign Optimization Content Optimization 22% Higher clicks Send-time Optimization 35% 10% 14% Higher conversions Higher clicks Higher conversions
  21. 21. 30% Growth in Revenue for a Leading Hospitality App • Purchase propensity mapping to define target segments. • 1:1 communication personalization across channels (push, SMS, email). • Delivery time optimization to maximize reach. • Combine offline and online user experiences. Results: 30% Growth in revenue. 10% conversions when call-center enquiry users were engaged via SMS. India’s leading online booking and hospitality app leverages AI
  22. 22. Omni-channel Marketing Best Practices for 2019 Take a data-driven approach. Place customer experience at the center of your marketing strategy. Understand the role of each channel in your customer’s journey. Leverage technology and make your marketing ‘Intelligent’. Measure in real-time.
  23. 23. Omni-channel Marketing Best Practices for 2019 Strive for consistency. Empower your in-person representation. Digitally replicate in-person experience. Stay agile and be prepared to make adjustments along the way. Realize that it’s an ongoing effort.
  24. 24. Any Questions?
  25. 25. Thank You Write to us at, if you would like to speak to our Omni-channel Engagement Specialist.