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Mobile app promotion strategy


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Full mobile apps promotion strategy with sure success

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Mobile app promotion strategy

  1. 1. Mobile App Promotion Strategy Platform Used:
  2. 2. Mobile Apps -> Fast Facts • Total iOS downloads = 50 Billion (source) • App Store and Google Play have over 800,000 apps each (source) • Over 1.2 Billion App users Worldwide (Dec 2012) • Expected Annual Revenue (in-app purchase, paid apps, subscriptions) = $25 Billion Yet 1 in 4 mobile apps, once downloaded, are never used again.
  3. 3. Index 1. Define Success 2. Claim Your Social Accounts 3. Create Content 4. Record a Demo 5. Launch a Dedicated Site or Landing Page 6. Content Planning: SEO, social, blog, SMS, alerts 7. Targeted Paid Ad Placements
  5. 5. Who Uses Apps.. and Why?
  7. 7. Metrics to Measure App Effectiveness Recommended KPI starter kit 1. Active Install Rate – the number of users who install the app and don't uninstall 2. Number of ratings the app receives 3. Average Rating in the app marketplace Setting a few benchmarks, most free apps have a higher active install rate during the first month, around 50%, after which it levels off around 30%. Average Rating = 3 (out of 5) Our Goal is to Strive for higher to maintain a healthy active install rate.
  8. 8. Tactical Metrics to be Consider in Mobile 1. Total App Downloads 2. Contest or Sweepstakes Entries 3. Social Shares / App Reviews 4. Web Traffic – new vs. return visitors 5. Social Engagement / Channel Growth 6. Unique Leads Collected 7. Accounts Opened 8. Revenue Generated
  9. 9. What Keeps the User Engaged? • Rewards points • Push notifications to let users know of the new • Contest or Sweeps Entries • Product Demos & Feeds • University – learn & earn • Ideas – help us improve • Affiliates – save via Referrals
  11. 11. Claim Social Accounts & Use social media to… 1. Feature a showcase of the app while it is fully developed 2. Solicit feedback and ideas from your future users Visual channel = Great place to show product in final stages, and snag good suggestions for UI/UX improvement Remember, our immediate goal isn't web traffic – but want to drive app downloads first.
  12. 12. Create & Distribute Content Spend time in creating content that clearly explains how to use mobile app. - Blog posts - Press releases - Social media content - Website copy - Email marketing copy Schedule to check periodically in social during launching month to provide real- time updates on: 1. Support issues 2. Reviews 3. Respond to user recommendations
  13. 13. Record a Product Demo – Video Format
  14. 14. Launching a Dedicated Landing Page To complement social promo efforts, launching the current page even if your app hasn't yet hit the market.  Direct users to this page of your site  Let them view your demo or video  Include sign-up for email / SMS alerts when app launches or updates
  15. 15. Content Planning After Development (3-6 mo.) - Focus on one initial app store - Landing page design - On-page SEO for landing pages / blogs During App Testing (1-2 mo.) - Demo – push to YouTube & landing page - Content aligns to App Store SEO Checklist - Promote launch date in PR, blog, social - Add to Social Calendar & Email Newsletter - Set up App launch alerts & email trigger(s) Launch (1-2 wks) - Feedback from teams, BETA users, media - Cross-promo placement - Paid media planning
  16. 16. Targeted Paid Ad Placements With Google algorithm's freshness rule remaining consistent, gain SEO traction for the mobile app launch - Complement SEO presence with paid advertising during launch week - Run AdWords campaigns to mobile search users only – use landing page for SEO / SEM Set up paid, targeted ads on Facebook to drive users to your Facebook Page or the Mobile App Download - Greet them with a welcome screen encouraging sign up for your mobile app -Sponsored Tweets and paid YouTube (with link to app) also strong promo opportunities
  17. 17. Keyword trends
  18. 18. Online Mall
  19. 19. Stock take
  20. 20. Strip Words
  21. 21. IOS Simulator