Optimizing your marketing funnel with Growth Hacking Tactics


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This slideshow goes over a few points:
1. Why your marketing funnel is important
2. Quantitative and qualitative ways to refine your buyer personas
3. The appropriate CTA's for each stage of the marketing funnel
4. Solutions: What to do about low conversion rates, high churn rates, and low referral rates

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  • About meSay that you're a web marketer, can apply to all businessesWill explain it!Focus on on page optimization, not acquisition
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/5/14 17:01) -----This talk is about buying cycles, not customer acquisition
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/5/14 17:01) -----could be months, could be 10 minutesImpulse buys/flash sale sites vs enterprise products----- Meeting Notes (3/6/14 10:06) -----Retention increases the lifetime value of that customerClear CTA from each stage to the next
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/5/14 17:01) -----People are already going through this marketing funnel whether are optimizing for it, and working to make it more efficient If you have any customers at all,
  • If you don’t know where your customers are coming from or which stage of the buying cycle they’re at, then you’re flying blind
  • As start up founders and small business owners you know how easy it is to get side tracked from this
  • Before you can optimize for your customers buying cycle, you need to know who they are
  • Not every company needs analysisQuantitative and qualitative ways
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/5/14 20:50) -----Create an incentiveOnce you have all your feedbackFix: Example of buyer persona----- Meeting Notes (3/6/14 10:06) -----Figuring out how your custmers speak about the product
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/5/14 17:01) -----CALL TO ACTION Analytics----- Meeting Notes (3/5/14 20:50) -----Use analytics to figure out how many times people are coming to your site before converting----- Meeting Notes (3/6/14 10:06) -----How to sell to customers at the right time
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/5/14 17:01) -----Low committmentPeople are scared of committment
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/5/14 20:50) -----This company has no search and no advertisingUse their content and social channels to attract visitorsUse yourself as a case study
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/5/14 20:50) -----Download this worksheet at my websiteMeeting customers at evaluation and conversion stage is an expensive and precarious place to beCPC's can go down over time, but there will always be some cost associated with it in the future.Like "to do list app"Investing higher or lower in the funnel are an investment in the futureIf CTAs are blank, thats problem.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/5/14 20:50) -----Put example CTAs here:Create an accountFollow on TwitterFeedback= use your most successful customers
  • ----- Meeting Notes (3/5/14 20:50) -----Offering incentives on both sidesevery time a conversion is completed on your site, the refering site makes some $$. Incentivise other websites to hussle for you. Low commitment on your part.
  • Optimizing your marketing funnel with Growth Hacking Tactics

    1. 1. Growth Hack Your Marketing Funnel Meagan French MeaganFrench.com Freelance growth hacker @mkfrench @mkfrench
    2. 2. What happens when someone comes to your website ? ? Buy Now! Visitors ? Profit ? @mkfrench
    3. 3. What’s a Marketing Funnel? @mkfrench
    4. 4. Why take the time to visualize your marketing funnel? @mkfrench
    5. 5. Because you can’t grow what you can’t see @mkfrench
    6. 6. What is a growth hacker? Growth hackers drive sustainable growth above all else. Using data, success metrics and customer feedback to optimize acquisition channels and each stage of the marketing funnel. @mkfrench
    7. 7. = Attract and retain more customers @mkfrench
    8. 8. Buyer Personas • Start up founder • Male, 37 • Challenges – Managing project efficiently – Too much to do scattered – Focusing on growth – Follow through on projects @mkfrench
    9. 9. Know Your Customers Your own internal data: @mkfrench
    10. 10. Quantcast: @mkfrench
    11. 11. Feedback @mkfrench
    12. 12. Aligning your CTAs Awareness = Contact us!! Buy Now!! @mkfrench
    13. 13. Bye customers! @mkfrench
    14. 14. When your CTA’s are not aligned Source: iacquire.com @mkfrench
    15. 15. Visitors are afraid of commitment @mkfrench
    16. 16. Clear CTAs Awareness = Sign up for email list Discovery = Sign up for a free plan Conversion = Sign up for paid plan Retention = Log in Referral = Invite friends, save 25% @mkfrench
    17. 17. @mkfrench
    18. 18. Idonethis.com = 50,000 Email Subscribers 5 million users @mkfrench
    19. 19. How to find the leaks (Get this worksheet at MeaganFrench.com) @mkfrench
    20. 20. Low Conversion Rates: • Create micro-conversions for visitors • Try a/b testing your site content • Give customers the info they need to evaluate your product • Ask for feedback from customers who converted • Use remarketing ads @mkfrench
    21. 21. High Churn Rate • Try a/b testing different onboarding processes • Ask for feedback from customers • Improve your product @mkfrench
    22. 22. Low Referrals • Try adding social share buttons/hooks • Create double incentive referral programs • Turn brand advocates into affiliates @mkfrench
    23. 23. Growth Hack Your Marketing Funnel Meagan French MeaganFrench.com Freelance growth hacker @mkfrench @mkfrench