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Pekka Koskinen (Leadfeeder,Founder & CEO) "How to reach $150k MRR without salespeople: Leadfeeder case" SaaS Nation 2017


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"1. Building blocks of a high growth inbound marketing driven business model.
2. Acquiring users and keeping them paying.
3. Most important KPIs and tools."

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Pekka Koskinen (Leadfeeder,Founder & CEO) "How to reach $150k MRR without salespeople: Leadfeeder case" SaaS Nation 2017

  1. 1. How to reach $150k MRR
 without salespeople
 Case Leadfeeder
 Pekka Koskinen
 Founder of Leadfeeder
  2. 2. Marketing tools Sales tools
  3. 3. MY BACKGROUND 2001
 Web development
 4,3M rev
 60 employees
 Partial exit to OP 2012
 Web development
 2,3M rev
 30 employees 2004
 Web analytics
 3,5M rev
 50 employees
 Exit to Fonecta 2013
 Sales intelligence
 1,4M rev
 25 employees Sales by salespersons Automated,
 no-touch sales
  5. 5. 1.ACQUIRING USERS • Content marketing + SEO (own blog, guest blogs) • PR with (articles inTechCrunch, Forbes, • Adwords, Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn • Google, Pipedrive, partners, comparison websites and affiliate program • Viral loops (share to extend your free trial)
  6. 6. 2. CONVERTINGVISITORS • Instantly see what this is about • CTA with email field • Easy signup process, no credit card needed • Landing pages for top keywords • Welcome back page to market webinars
 GOOGLE ANALYTICS Setup utm-tags and
 goals with funnels Use GoogleTag Manager What to use for: • Traffic sources that convert • Campaign optimisation • Conversion rates and funnels • Dashboard
  8. 8. 3. COVERTING USERSTO PAID CUSTOMERS • Onboarding program with Intercom • Responsive chat support • 30min free online ”training” • Easy credit card payment (or invoicing) • Pay or share (or work)
  10. 10. 4. RETAINING CUSTOMERS • Aim for net churn less than 2% per month • Create a Customer Success position / team • 30min free online trainings • Webinars, support materials, case studies • Monitor user activeness with scoring model • Intercom campaigns to paid customers • Upsell and support with consultancy and education • Longer subscription periods
  11. 11. GOOGLE SHEETS + SUPERMETRICS • Automatically refresh and email data with SQL from our business database • Match data with Google Analytics information • Use pivot for analysis
  12. 12. TIPS FOR GROWTH • Use the high growth business model • Avoid sales costs, prefer inbound marketing, automated sales and partnerships • CAC < 12 month LTV • If you have high churn, keep working on your product- market fit • Monitor user behavior from landing page to sales • Use marketing and sales tools for automation and analytics
  13. 13. THANKYOU!