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The Top 10 Pay-Per-Click Advertising Hacks of All Time

The pay-per-click advertising landscape is ever changing. Google alone adds hundreds of new features each year, not to mention the dozens other emerging and existing PPC platforms. So how do you know which campaigns to prioritize, what new features to try, and where to cut back for the most success?

Join Larry Kim, founder and CTO of WordStream and voted the “Most Influential PPC Expert” two years running, for an exclusive webinar where he will divulge the top 10 PPC advertising hacks you need to optimize your PPC strategy today.

In this webinar, Larry will expose 10 key tactics to help you:

- Hack Google’s Quality Score metric to improve your ad rank while spending less
- Optimize ad copy with one counterintuitive but insanely simple approach
- Leverage mobile ads to cut out stages of the funnel where you are losing clicks
- Capitalize on the first mover advantage with Gmail ads, mobile call buttons, and more
- Analyze campaign performance to build an informed remarketing strategy

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The Top 10 Pay-Per-Click Advertising Hacks of All Time

  1. 1. The Top 10 Pay-Per-Click Advertising Hacks of All time! August 13, 2014 Larry Kim, founder and CTO at Wordstream
  2. 2. Join the conversation on Twitter @thuelmadsen #KISSwebinar
  3. 3. Larry Kim – WordStream - @larrykim! ! Larry Kim, founder and CTO of WordStream, has over 10 years of PPC experience, was voted the “Most Influential PPC Expert” two years running by the PPC Hero Blog and the “Most Influential Search Engine Marketer” according to marketing agency 3QDigital. Larry has been cited in over 10 thousand publications with over 10 million views, is a columnist at Inc. Magazine, and is the #1 author for Search Engine Land journal in 2013. Your Presenter
  4. 4. Join the conversation on Twitter @larrykim #KISSwebinar
  5. 5. Agenda: Top 10 PPC Hacks of All Time 1 Quality Score 2 Insane Ads 3 Bid Multipliers 4 Mobile 5 Remarketing 6 RLSA 7 In Market Segments 8 Gmail Ads 9 YouTube Ads 10 First Mover Advantage
  6. 6. Poll Question How much are you spending on paid search per month?
  7. 7. Quality Score 1
  8. 8. Impacts Ad Ranking Quality Score
  9. 9. Impacts Cost-Per-Click Quality Score
  10. 10. Impacts Impression Share Quality Score
  11. 11. Impacts Cost-Per-Conversion Quality Score
  12. 12. So… Get a High Quality Score! Quality Score
  13. 13. It’s Not All That Complicated. Quality Score
  14. 14. Just Beat Expected CTR Quality Score
  15. 15. Quality Score Crazy PPC Hack to Raise Quality Score • Add 10% Branded Terms to Raise Account Average Quality Scores • Delete the Bottom Third of Your PPC Account and Move the Budget to Remarketing Instead
  16. 16. Example Crap Account Quality Score Mix of above and below average keywords
  17. 17. Example Crap Account Quality Score Notice how the account has no high QS keywords!
  18. 18. Example Awesome Account Quality Score Mostly above average CTR, some below average
  19. 19. Example Awesome Account Quality Score Notice how the account has only high QS keywords!
  20. 20. Quality Score
  21. 21. How Quality Score is Calculated Quality Score
  22. 22. Insane Ads 2
  23. 23. Most Ads Suck Insane Ads
  24. 24. Insane Ads Don’t Suck. Instead, Write “Emotional” Ads
  25. 25. This Ad Gets 6x Above Average CTR Insane Ads
  26. 26. Because Everyone Else Sucks Insane Ads
  27. 27. These Emotions Make People Click Insane Ads
  28. 28. Insane Ads
  29. 29. Bid Multipliers 3
  30. 30. Segment By Time… Bid Multipliers
  31. 31. Location… Bid Multipliers
  32. 32. And Device… Bid Multipliers
  33. 33. Be Super Picky With Bid Multipliers Bid Multipliers
  34. 34. Mobile 4
  35. 35. OMG! A Call Button. Mobile
  36. 36. Call Button Changes Everything Mobile Mobile Conversion Funnel 1. Sees Ad 1. Sees Ad 2. Clicks On Ad Desktop Search Conversion Funnel 3. Visits Website Landing Page 4. Lead Captured 2. Calls Business 3% Avg. Conversion Rate 3. Lead Captured!! Calls to businesses are worth, on average, 3x more than clicks to websites!
  37. 37. Forget Mobile Sites Mobile
  38. 38. Search Impression share, by device Search Impression Share 100% 78% 55% 33% 10% 1 3 5 7 9 Ad Position Desktop Mobile Tablet Key Mobile Tip! Mobile Much less likely to show on mobile vs. desktop
  39. 39. Remarketing 5
  40. 40. Typical Conversion Rates Suck Remarketing ~97% of people who visit a website leave without completing the actions marketers want them to take Your Site Your Ad 70% of people abandon their shopping cart without completing a purchase
  41. 41. How Remarketing Works Remarketing
  42. 42. Remarketing
  43. 43. Massive Reach Remarketing Reach more users Reach them frequently On various pages Of the typical remarketing audience, find Reach them on between As they visit 20 or more pages on a typical day across 10-18 days ! …or more out of the month 84% ! …within a month 5-10 !sites … of which all pages and sites have ad space available to Google Display Network buyers
  44. 44. Audience Definition Strategy Remarketing
  45. 45. Example Ads Remarketing
  46. 46. Impact on Repeat Visitor Rate Remarketing
  47. 47. Impact on User Engagement Remarketing
  48. 48. RLSA 6
  49. 49. How Remarketing Works RLSA
  50. 50. Bring an Audience Dimension to Your Search Campaigns RLSA With remarketing lists for search ads you can… Segment past site visitors Optimize ad text, bids, and keywords to those segments Convert these site visitors as they’re searching for your product or brand on Google > >
  51. 51. In-Market Segments 7
  52. 52. Target People Ready to Buy! In Market Segments
  53. 53. Gmail Ads 8
  54. 54. Gmail Ads
  55. 55. Subject Line & Teaser Gmail Ads
  56. 56. Email Ad Gmail Ads
  57. 57. YouTube Ads 9
  58. 58. YouTube True View Ads YouTube Ads
  59. 59. In-Video Ads YouTube Ads
  60. 60. Suggested Videos and Video Search YouTube Ads
  61. 61. First Mover Advantage 10
  62. 62. First Mover Advantage Hundreds of New Features Per Year
  63. 63. First Mover Advantage Benchmark Your AdWords Campaigns and Landing Pages Grade Your AdWords Account Grade Your AdWords Landing Pages
  64. 64. Questions? Thue Madsen! Marketing Associate! KISSmetrics! @thuelmadsen! Larry Kim! Founder and CTO! WordStream! @larrykim!
  65. 65. THANK YOU Larry Kim! WordStream