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M tarnow hw410_u4_exercise

  1. 1. HW410: Unit 4 ExercisesMelanie Tarnow<br />Exercise 7.5 Your Personal Value System<br />My core values that would go in the inner circle are:<br /><ul><li>Love
  2. 2. Health
  3. 3. Trust
  4. 4. Confidence
  5. 5. Happiness
  6. 6. Wealth
  7. 7. The supporting values to me are:
  8. 8. Wealth has 2 supporting values: family and growth. My wealth comes from the support that I get from my family, and that I give to them in return. We grow together as we sometimes fall together as well.
  9. 9. Happiness has 2 supporting values: peace and fulfillment: Life has its fulfilling moments for me, which can promote the resiliency of stress. If I am at peace with my life that must mean that I have no stress at that particular time. Peace can mean relaxation, and taking the time to create peace for myself also decreases my stress. To be fulfilled to me, comes from my family, my occupation to some extent, ability to neutralize the good and the bad from my day to day experiences.
  10. 10. Confidence has 2 supporting values: Strength and validity. Strength is symbolized for me by how I support myself through tough times. If I don’t let a situation get the best of me and I am able to overcome it somehow, perhaps I have won. In order to be confident I have to be valid…accurate with my decisions that I make based upon what is best for me, or whoever I am making the decision for. I have to have a lot of confidence, therefore strength and validity for my job as a health care provider. My patients depend on me for this.
  11. 11. Trust has 2 supporting values: Honesty and insight. To me if I don’t have trust in someone or something, there is nothing. So I give that trust in return, because I want people to know that they associate me with trust. In order to gain that trust, I feel that I must have the proper insight to validate myself. They tie into each other very nicely.
  12. 12. Health has 2 supporting values: Sense of self and dominance. Not dominance in the sense of conquering, but in the sense to overcome things that affect my health, my state of mind, my peace. To have a true sense of self means to me that I know my boundaries and my values, and know when to use my values for the betterment of myself and others that are close to me.
  13. 13. Love has 2 supporting values: Courage and determination. To love is courageous. To truly be susceptible to love a person must set aside their barriers and let down their walls. In love lies determination, in the sense that it is not easy. My interpretation of love may be different than that of someone else, but that is what makes my love different. Love can be a huge stress in my life. Sometimes I feel that I love too much, and I have had that come crashing down on me, as I’m sure that many have. You let someone into your life that you give it all to, and it turns out it was the wrong person. That stinks, and it scars. Love is one of the biggest universal stressors in the world as far as I’m concerned.
  14. 14. Exercise 7.6 Your Meaningful Purpose in Life
  15. 15. Now: To provide the best means for my family
  16. 16. Age 60: To begin thinking about ending a lifetime of work, and begin enjoying life with my husband and doing things that we potentially hadn’t had the opportunity to do up until that point.
  17. 17. Age 50: Recognition of the accomplishments that I have had in my life-maybe a time of reflection, trying something new.
  18. 18. Age 40: Establishment with my career.
  19. 19. Age 30: Starting a family, buying a home, starting family memories
  20. 20. Age 20: Doing the things that I wanted to do. I wasn’t ready for school at this time. Get a job, become more mature in my life, determine the path I wanted to take.
  21. 21. Age 16: Get my drivers’ license and in turn a sense of freedom.
  22. 22. Exercise 7.8 Distractions of the Human Path
  23. 23. Organization: Sometimes I feel that I am too organized or picky with things. I feel that it can distract me from the simplicity of situations.
  24. 24. Body Image: This is a huge distraction for me. I do not have a very good feeling for my body image, in other words, I don’t like my body. But I need to tell myself, that I can’t have my bodybuilding physique every day of my life, because that simply isn’t healthy. But when you see yourself in what you would term as a “state of perfection” it is hard to picture yourself any other way but that. Having kids can distract that sense and really get you off the path, which it has for me. I need to get back on the path!
  25. 25. Certain friends of mine are distractions: I used to work at a bar…for 7 years. I feel that when I was around them I had to have a drink in my hand. Not that I was an alcoholic by any means, but it meant that when I was done with work I had to sit down and have a drink, and sometimes I didn’t even want one. I haven’t worked there in a while and I am glad for that. I think that type of job can lead a person down a road with some bad tendencies.