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M tarnow hw410_u3_exercises

  1. 1. HW410: Unit 3 Exercises<br />Exercise 5.1 Anger Recognition Checklist<br />When I feel angry, my anger tends to surface in the following ways:<br />*anxiety<br />*trouble sleeping<br />*use of sarcasm<br />*muscle tension <br />*easy irritation<br />*busy work<br />*upset stomach<br />I would say on average, the number of stressful episodes that I have during one day may be 2-3, but mostly very mild stress.<br />Exercise 5.4 Anger: The Fight Response<br /> <br /> I think that my most dominant style of anger is underhanding, because I am definitely not any of the other three. I get most irritated at the stupidity of others. It can be as simple as the way others drive. I get some serious road-rage sometimes, and it usually depends on my mood that day as to the severity of it. I have a tendency to swear to myself about situations, contemplating to myself why I think what others are doing is to stupid, and I try to rationalize out to myself why they must be thinking that what they are doing is so ridiculous, but in all actuality, it is really moronic. I guess that is how I try to deal with my anger correctly as well. As I have just explained, I try to imagine why someone would be thinking the way that they would. If I can draw a rational explanation to myself that may possibly make sense, the anger will pass. If I can’t, the anger leads almost to humor if the situation happens to be that stupid. Take for example…I was coming out of the grocery store not long ago, and I am walking right along the handicap parking. All of a sudden this young punk comes flying in, parks in one of the handicap places, and runs in as his car is still running. Now I am thinking to myself, “You are a moron, and I should call the cops on you right now, even if you are just running in for a pack of gum or cigarettes.” I don’t tolerate that type of stupidity or ignorance, because how did he know that someone who really needed to park there wasn’t 10 seconds behind him? I don’t understand some people…<br />Exercise 5.7 Fear This!<br /><ul><li>Does one of the basic human fears tend to dominate your list of stressors? If so, why?
  2. 2. I think that the fear of loss of self-control would be the one that sticks out in my mind. I think that because I feel that I am very in control of my life. I am a very organized person who thinks very logically about 99.9% of situations and doesn’t tolerate very well people who don’t. I feel that I lack the common sense as well as the “book” intelligence to make it very far in this world, and I don’t like the thought of failing in any aspect of my life. I struggle when I feel that something is getting the best of me. Sometimes it takes me a little extra time to snap out of that way of thinking, but it usually isn’t too long before I am pushing to makes things right for myself mentally again.
  3. 3. How do you usually deal with fear? Are you the type of person who hopes the circumstances surrounding these fears will go away?
  4. 4. In order to deal with my fears, I have to make the situation right in my mind first. Making my inner peace with myself in the situation. And I will do that however it takes. Some things it takes quite a while, but sooner or later I will find that peace. To a point I hope that the circumstances just go away. If it is a fear on a timeline, like the anticipation of a certain date, there is nothing that you can do but wait for that date to pass, without problems.
  5. 5. What are some practical ways that will help you deal with some of these major
  6. 6. fears?
  7. 7. Being rational has always been a strong suit for me. I have to force myself to be realistic about the thoughts or circumstances and rationalize them to myself. What may be a fear may be my personal expectation of a situation, and not necessarily realistic. I must force my mind to be realistic. That usually puts me at ease with things most of the time.
  8. 8. Exercise 5.9 Emotional Well-Being
  9. 9. My least favorite emotion is jealousy. Because somewhere in mind, some aspect of me is telling me that what I am or what I have (materialistic or not) is not as good as someone else. And I know that is simply not true. In my mind, I am the best and I have the best things (again, materialistic or not). I find that one of my best qualities is that I am confident, not arrogant, and there is a huge difference.
  10. 10. I can’t say as I remember a certain instance where I felt humility or someone
  11. 11. me specifically how to think or be. I always remember my dad saying to me “You shouldn’t do that” or “That’s not the way to do things”. I think that’s why today NO ONE tells me what to do (except my clinical manager of course). I am not afraid to tell people what I think and I truly think that is why I have a lot of the respect that I do today.
  12. 12. My favorite emotion is love. From my experience, especially now having my son
  13. 13. and my husband, I never really and truly knew what love was until they came into my life. It is an indescribable feeling. I feel love all the time during my day….
  14. 14. I know that I express my emotions. People tell me that I do. Sometimes I wished that I expressed my emotions less, because I don’t want to be predictable. It’s kind of like playing poker in a way. No reason to give up the hand before you’ve laid down the cards.</li></ul> <br /> <br />