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English 9R final review!


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A quick set of review questions in preparation for the final exam.

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English 9R final review!

  1. 1. English 9R Final Review!
  2. 2. Nothing But the Truth
  3. 3. What did Philip Malloydo to get into troublewith Miss Narwin?
  4. 4. What is the name ofthe man running forschool board?
  5. 5. What is the surprise atthe end of the book?
  6. 6. Most Dangerous Game
  7. 7. Who owns the island?
  8. 8. Who gets stranded onthe island?
  9. 9. What is the “game”that the two men play?
  10. 10. The Scarlet Ibis
  11. 11. What is brother’sprimary motivation?
  12. 12. How is the scarlet ibissymbolic?
  13. 13. What kind of conflict is atplay when Doodle has totouch his own coffinbefore he can get downfrom the loft?
  14. 14. Through the Tunnel
  15. 15. Name the threesymbolic placesin the story
  16. 16. Why does Jerry gothrough the tunnel?
  17. 17. What happens to Jerrywhen he staysunderwater for toolong?
  18. 18. Breathing Underwater
  19. 19. This person abuses hisgirlfriend
  20. 20. What is Nick’s secret?
  21. 21. This character alsoabuses his girlfriend,and ultimately killshimself.
  22. 22. This person had a lot ofrules in his angermanagement class.
  23. 23. Grammar!
  24. 24. Which of the underlined areas hasat least one prepositional phrase?I can eat 500 chocolate bars A Bin one sitting if I put my mind to it. C D
  25. 25. Is the underlined clauseindependent or subordinate?I lost the cartwheel contestbecause I got sick halfwaythrough it.
  26. 26. What literary device is beingused here?:The sun was smiling on me asI got out of bed this morning.
  27. 27. What literary device isbeing used here?:You look like an injuredcamel when you run.
  28. 28. What literary device isbeing used here?:I can eat 500 chocolate bars inone sitting if I put my mind toit.
  29. 29. Romeo and Juliet
  30. 30. Several people are onstage and only one isspeaking so everyonecan hear them…
  31. 31. One person is on stageand he is talking tohimself and theaudience…
  32. 32. Jumbo shrimp, coldfire, and happy deathare all examples ofwhat?
  33. 33. This person had a lot ofrules in his angermanagement class.
  34. 34. This person had a lot ofrules in his angermanagement class.