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  1. 1. JOURNAL : Many disruptive behaviors in the classroom can be alleviated before theybecome serious discipline problems. Such behaviors can be reduced by the teacher’sability to employ effective organizational practices. Such practices are at the heart of theteaching process and are essential to establishing and maintaining classroom control. As a student teacher, I had seek the permission of two English teachers of t SKSeribong, PuanNormahbinti Ibrahim and Puan Salina binti Ibrahim to do someobservations. The observations of the English lesson s were including watching themprovides instructions and interacts with the children, watching the whole class ofstudents, or watching individual students during various experiences they participate induring the mathematics class. I had saw evidence of disruptive behavior when the teacher was teaching. I hadlisted what I observed and comment how the teacher alleviated the disruptions as inthe Table 1.1 below: Table 1.1 No. Observations with specific disruption Actions of teacher The teacher told the The students were scramble when asking a students to raise their 1. question to the teacher. hand one by one and wait for the turn. The teacher told all the There were students who disturbing other 2. students to pay attention students. (hyperactive) to the lesson (high voice). There were student who likes to walk around The teacher gave a final 3. while the teacher teaching at the front. warning to him. The teacher gave a Some students teased their friends if they gave 4. motivation to the poor a wrong answer. students such as, “It is ok
  2. 2. dear, and at least you try”. While for the students who were teased were being scolded by the teacher. The teacher always asks There was a student who likes to isolate her to give the answer so5. herself. that she will not be in her own world.
  3. 3. During the observations, I also had observed some of the abilities of the teacherthat contribute to the effective handling of the class. Refer table 1.2 below :Table 1.2 Why do you think thoseNo. Qualities of the teacher in handling the class abilities are effective? i. It can avoid the students from making noise. The teacher told the students to raise their1. ii. All students can hands if wanted to ask a question. hear their friend’s problem and try to solve it together. i. It can avoid the noisy situation. Always reminding the students that disturb their ii. The other students2. friends to behave and pay attention. can learn in a conducive condition. i. Students become more attract to follow the learning The teacher relates the learning with the real-3. session. life of the students. ii. Easy for students to understand on the topic. i. Increase the Always encourages the students to ask a4. student’s question if they do not understand. understanding. i. The spirit of5. Always give the motivation and advice. learning of the
  4. 4. students will increase. ii. Easy to catch-up the learning if the students were in a good mood. i. The students will think creatively6. Always generate an interesting and new idea. themselves to solve the idea.
  5. 5. Then, I observed the tasks or activities that the pupils have done. I had recorded all theactivities and the students’ response to all those activities in Table 1.3. Table 1.3 No. Observed Activities Students Response i. Active involvement. ii. Question asked Question and Answer session (Q & A) related to the 1. 1.1 teacher ask, students answer topic. 1.2 students ask, teacher answer iii. Some students answered correctly while some others don’t. i. All students 2. Copy notes from the blackboard. copied the notes nicely. i. All students bring the exercise book and do it. ii. There were some 3. Do the exercise in the exercise book. students who trying to copy the answer from their friends. i. Everyone werecooperated Clean the classroom before the teaching and 4. very well while learning session. cleaning the area of the classroom.
  6. 6. i. The students were excited to answer but look worried at the same time. (maybe afraid of5. Do the past years question. can’t answer) ii. They really try their best to answer the question. i. All students seem happier. ii. They distributed6. Being in a group the task given among the members.
  7. 7. Deeply from my hear, in my own personal opinion, I think there are manyreasons why the students show disruptive behaviors. First is the way of teaching by theteacher. Many teachers did not realize that maybetheir teaching technique occurs in aone way communication. So the student will lose their attention to the learning process.Second, there are a group of intelligent students in the classroom. Maybe they havelearnt the topic that their teacher wanted to teach so they feel bored and started todisturb other students. Third, the condition of the classroom was not conducive forlearning. So the mood of the students will go down and did not want to follow thelearning session by the teacher. All the actions taken by the teacher effective in stopping the children frommisbehavior.The first method is the teacher has changed the style of teaching wherenow there was two way communications between the teacher and the students. So thestudents will pay more attention to the learning process. The second method is theteacher always reminding and warning the students to give their full attention in theclassroom. So the students will feel afraid to misbehavior such as disturbing theirfriends. The third method is the teacher told all the students to clean up the classroom.Only after the classroom, already in clean and tidy then the teacher will teach them. Inother words, we need a conducive area for learning process to take place. One of the misbehavior is the students are disturbing their friends during thelearning process. First of all, I will find out the reason why they disturb their friends. Ifthey bored with my teaching, then I will try to make it more interesting but if they disturbtheir friends just for fun,then I will give them a warning and always reminding them notto disturb they friend. If they still do not listen, then I will scold them. If they stillunchanged, then I will proceed this case to the school administrators.
  8. 8. Based on my observations, below are the list and comment on the activities the pupilsliked most while they werelearning. No. Activities Comment - it is a normal reaction by asking. When we do not know about something and we really want to know it so we Question and Answer session (Q & A) ask a question. Feel 1. 1.1 teacher ask, students answer need to know. 1.2 students ask, teacher answer - by asking, the students will be more understand about the topic and the teacher also will know the problems face by the students. -the students love to copy notes. 2. Copy notes from the blackboard - it will make easier for the students to make a revision after the class. -the students were really excited to do because they wanted to test their knowledge about the 3. Do the exercise in the exercise book topic. - they wanted to compare the answer with their friends.
  9. 9. -the questions were more difficult and attract the attention of the students to answer it. 4. Do the past years question. - the students love to insipid themselves to answer a more harder question. -safe time and energy because the task given was distribute among 5. Being in a group the members. - the potency to make mistakes was low. Besides, Not all the students were behaved and participated in all theactivities. Like I said before, there was a student that alwayslikes to isolate herself.When everyone were enjoyed do the activities, she just sat at her chair and do not doanything. She was a quite person. She just reacts after given order by the teacher for afew times. There were also a group of three students that always love to tease theirfriends. They just do it for fun. The teacher really worked very hard to control the wholeclass and success. During myobservation I conclude that there is a relationship between away of teaching and pupil’s misbehavior. From my observation, the teachers thatpracticed an interesting technique of teaching do not face any problems with theirsstudents. They can control their students very well. It is because the students find outthat the learning was so fun and enjoyed. But it is different with the teachers thatpracticed an old technique of teaching like “chalk and talk”. They faced a problem tocontrol their students. When the students feel bored on the teaching, then they startedto misbehavior. As a conclusion, the way of teaching affected the student’s misbehavior.