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Finalised Topic

  1. 1. AED 105: Lesson Plan for Student-led Tutorial (Group Seminar Presentation)Tutorial Group: TG10 Day/Time: Wednesday 1630-1830Topic: Tutorial 4 – The professionals in Education: Who are the teachers?Members: Carmen Chan, Cheung Man Wai, Ng Yu Juan, Joyce YeoTheme: Passion Vs Challenges – The NIE NOOSE (Entertainment News & Games reporting on teachers)Class organization: in their own groups according to topic presentationLesson Objectives: 1. Relate self-awareness and reflection to personal and professional discipline of being a teacher. 2. Explore challenges faced by teachers and brainstorm possible ways to overcome them 3. Invoke the hidden positive and negative attributes beneath the professionalism of teaching.Proposed Schedule: Presenter/ Resources Time Activity Rationale Facilitator Needed(MINS) Studio NIE ‘Noose’ telecast Trigger - introduction Carmen Powerpoint2-3 Introduction of group members, learning Allow student teachers have an Joyce objectives and the agenda for this lesson. idea of what to expect in today’s lesson. Man Wai(Newscaster) reports on recent2 negative reports of student teachers/ To illustrate the fact that teachers Man Wai Video showing teachers. are very closely scrutinized by the media reports of 1
  2. 2. media. That adds additional news on teachers pressure to the professional10 *Outdoor Interview challenge of teaching. Man Wai After presenting the news reports Man Wai Yu Juanappx. 2 will interview the following people: Carmenper 1. Young working mother in CBD Joyceinterview (Carmen) 2. Ms Graceful at MOE headquarters (Joyce) 3. Dr Ho Cin at NIE (Yu Juan) To clarify on the selection and 1. Young working mother is appalled by the rigorous training process for news and very worried about her child teachers. who is currently in school. She wonders how teachers are selected and trained. Powerpoint (to Response: show all the main 2. Ms Graceful explains the selection Linking the interview activity in points from process of teachers and that some of this lesson to readings in the text readings with them can gain valuable experience and the first learning objective. regards to through relief or contract teaching before teachers’ being recommended for teacher training at selection/training NIE. She emphasizes on the all rounded & V3SK) support given which helps in the development of professional values and attitudes for trainees and beginning teachers. 3. Dr Ho Cin provides information on the evolution of NIE’s ASK, VSK and V3SK framework, emphasizing a world class, holistic education for NIE trainees. She elaborates on NIE’s continuous effort in incorporating new values, skills and knowledge in teacher’s education over the years to ensure the pedagogy is current 2
  3. 3. and relevant. From the old ASK model (Attitudes, Skills and Knowledge) to the VSK (Value, Skills and Knowledge) Man Wai framework, moving on to 6 recommendations to further incorporate new Values, Skills and Knowledge to the 21st century teachers’ education.5 Man Wai summarizes the interview through reporting. She reminds the class the importance of upholding the standards of the teaching profession. It could be difficult to control anger, draw a distinctive line between personal life and private interest or lifestyle and relationships with students. Hence, It is important to practice self-awareness and reflection as part of their personal and Carmen-7 professional discipline. This activity enables our fellow presenter classmates to use real-life situations faced by beginning Facilitators Development teachers to work out possible Man Wai Outdoor Interview “LIVE”-NIE Campus – solutions. Yu Juan Powerpoint slides Roleplay They might realize that Joyce sometimes there are no perfect Camera Carmen reports from NIE Campus. solutions. Student teachers are tasked to re-enact a The activity helps to prepare Slips of paper with given scenario. them mentally to face such issues the scenarios for Student teachers will be grouped in their own when they are posted out to each group. seminar groups, they will be to. schools. Each group will have 7 minutes to consider the challenges and suggest possible solutions to the problems. (Commercial break when student teachers discuss about the role-play activity) • Case 1: 3
  4. 4. You are a new teacher who had just finished your degree in education. However, you soon20 to notice that you are struggling with the5 per schools system and culture. Your HOD wantsgroup you to be a form teacher of a graduating secondary 4 class where at the same time, your school principal wants you to take over 2 CCA. You find that you are not able to keep up to the standard or expectation that your HOD or Principal wanted. What would you do? Case 2: A teacher often led a busy lifestyle and finding it difficult to balance work and family. On a particular day, you had finished clearing all your work and decide to leave early for your child’s 1-year-old birthday party. Suddenly, your supervisor passes you a stack of un- marked paper and asks you to help complete it by tomorrow. As a beginning teacher, what will you do in this situation? Case 3: As a new teacher, you were shocked to realized that the school which you are posted to decide to let you teach subject which you are not specialized in. You are specialized in Chinese languages but your school principal wanted you to teach primary 6 mathematic instead. How will you deal with this situation? • Case 4: A teacher often has to play many role in 4
  5. 5. this teaching profession. During the “meet the parent session”, you are shocked to find out that the parents started blaming on you for their child poor academic and CCA performance. As a beginning teacher, what would you do if you have to handle difficult parents and student?3 Facilitators and presenter assist each group in their planning. Class acts out the scenarios and suggest possible solutions. Carmen summarizes the activity by reporting that there are many ways to deal with difficult situations and teachers puts in their best effort to overcome all sorts of difficulties. Indeed this group of positive and passionate teachers of the future would find it easy to5 overcome the difficulties. However, if you Presenter - were really in the situation for a long period of Joyce time, what will happen? Moving on to a fun and engaging Team Anagram cut outs Question is, will the passion last them game with the purpose to members as for 4 groups throughout the next 10 years? symbolize the hidden attributes, facilitators to both positive and negative, guide the Construction beneath the professionalism of groups in the paper to record Studio ”NIE Prof” – Anagram Game teaching. class the words and Presenter will explain rules and instructions phrases formed for the class to play this game in their Some of the words found may respective groups. invoke conflicting thoughts on the passion towards Online stopwatch Purpose - They will arrange alphabets found in head phrase “Professionalism’ to form with the purpose to symbolize the words and phrases used in teaching and hidden attributes, both positive Visualiser 5
  6. 6. education arena. and negative, beneath the Expectation: professionalism of teaching. 1) Minimum word length for one of the word List of words, or phrase should be 6 letters Some of the words found may which found from5 2) Each alphabet should be used only one ie invoke conflicting thoughts on the there should be a maximum of 15 letters in passion towards teaching. head phrase5 the word or phrase. ‘professionalism’ 3) The word ‘professional’ is disallowed to using online encourage efforts to look beyond the obvious. anagram solver.5 4) Groups are to record on the construction paper provided and share findings at the end Powerpoint slides of the session. 5) Groups have 5mins to work on this task. Groups work on this task. Using the visualizer, groups present their words/phrases found with the class. Presenter summarizes results of activity by highlighting good examples of words/phrases given by the groups and also those missed out. • Emphasize that the word ‘passion’ can be found in ‘professionalism’, so is the phrase ‘passion or lies’. • Provide 30seconds for class to self reflect if passion will last. • Highlights that passion may not be long lasting, instead it is power of conviction that enable one to last through an extended period of time, • Reiterates links of game to third learning outcome and the conflicts between a role model and a ‘holistic’ 6
  7. 7. teacher as mentioned in the text book readings. Closure Studio -”NIE Live” – Video clip The video clip provides a good “Passion VS Conviction’ opportunity for new student Yu Juan Video clip of a5 teacher to reflect upon and teacher from YSS Video clip of interview with a teacher will be understand on how is it like to be shown in class. in the teaching profession. The clip reflects the possible problems and It also presents the possible challenges that the school teacher problems that new student encountered and how she eventually teachers might encounter in the overcame those hurdles in the teaching future and serves as a arena. consolidation of the meaning of professionalism. The videos also share with us how she continues to nurture the passion to teach The tips that the teacher shared despite all the ups and downs of her teaching in the videos will be helpful in career. guiding student teachers and better prepared them in the future. Presenter mentions that there are another 2 videos, which they can view on the Facebook page.5 Facebook page Conclusion Carmen Studio - NIE NOOSE Joyce Re-emphasize objectives: Passion VS Reiterates the conviction for Conviction teaching and the importance of - Important that teachers are intrinsically having a support group for TG10. motivated - Passion dies off eventually, but how are we going to persevere on? - NIE NOOSE has created a Facebook 7
  8. 8. group (Teachers Support Group Tr10)for all beginning teachers in order forteachers to encourage and learn fromeach other. 8