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  • Social media presentation

    1. 1. +Social MediaTeddy Lord and Liz Leinbach
    2. 2. +What is Social Media?“Social media is the collective of onlinecommunications channels dedicated tocommunity-basedinput, interaction, content-sharing andcollaboration.”
    3. 3. +Every Minute of the Day:
    4. 4. +Types of Social Media Forums Micro Blogging Social Networking Social Curating
    5. 5. +Consumer Data
    6. 6. +Trends in Social Media MarketingMaking the switch from traditional to socialmedia “According to a survey of 468 U.S.-based chiefmarketing executives… social media’s share ofmarketing budgets, about 8.4% percent of thetotal spend now, is expected to rise to 11.5% inthe next year and grow steadily to about 21.6%over the next five years.”- WWD “Prediction of a 2.7% drop in traditionaladvertising over the next year”-WWD
    7. 7. +Social Media In Fashion MarketingGoal of social media: interact not broadcast Engagement is KEYFashion and Social Media go hand in hand Reversal of roles in dictating trends
    8. 8. + Type: Social Networking A social networking service site Launched in February 2004 Now boasts over 1 billion users
    9. 9. +& Fashion Fashion companies and brands can launch several differenttypes of ads Able to customize the demographic that their ads reach They create their own Facebook pages to promote productsand styles
    10. 10. + Advertised a new line of "natural luxe" makeup in 2011 Urged viewers to go to their Facebook page The line was very successful and their page became muchmore popular&
    11. 11. +& Integrated Facebook ads into itsmarket strategy Offered free samples throughtheir own page Saw instant results Gave away 25,000 samples in 3days
    12. 12. + Type: Social Curating “Humans process visual information much faster thanwe process text.”-WSJ
    13. 13. + “The best thing on the business side about Pinterest isthat it makes it so easy for brands to humanize theircompanies.”
    14. 14. + Type: Micro Blogging A real-time interconnected information network Launched in July 2006 Now boasts over 500 million users
    15. 15. +& Fashion Fashion companies, designers and brands are able to be“followed” They tweet announcements and things relevant to theirmarketing strategies Offers the most “instant” form of marketing “Customers can feel like they are part of the brand’s extendedfamily, and therefore the brand itself, while the interactiveelement further deepens that relationship” -Alex Bolen, chief executive officerof Oscar de la Renta.
    16. 16. +& Charlotte Ronson Fashion designer based in NYC that uses Twitter Successful in gaining attention and new customers 10% of traffic on her retail site originates on Twitter 93% are new visitors
    17. 17. + Type: Visual Social Networking Brands can create personalprofiles and upload photos ofproducts or ones that relate totheir brand image
    18. 18. +Luxury brands includingGucci, Burberry, andTiffany& Co. are widespreadon Instagram
    19. 19. +& In 2012, Levi launched a Instagramcampaign to cast their next modelsfor their new September Ads #IAMLEVIS“The new Levi’s collection was designedwith you in mind. And we would like youto represent it”
    20. 20. +Pros of Social Media Large reach High frequency Immediacy Cheap Measurable feedback Creating transparency
    21. 21. +The Cons Too focused on “immediacy” Can lead to some marketingdisasters that are in plain view ofthe public Some companies can over-do itand become overbearing Lack of feedback control
    22. 22. +& Social Media “The viral marketing capabilities of re-tweeting by a targeted group issomething an advertising budgetcannot buy.”- reps of DvF In 2010, DvF pushed for a greatersocial media presence On Twitter and FB DvF the Blog Results: Online traffic to theirhome site increased 13% alongwith sales
    23. 23. +& Social Media Creating a “Buzz” YoutTube page has categories including H&M Conscious H&M Life- Fashion Inspiration David Beckham Bodywear for H&M H&M Fashion Events H&M Campagins H&M Guest Designers Collaborations
    24. 24. +What’s Next for Social Media??F-Commerce It can be defined as any sale that takes place on Facebook withthe help of applications on Facebook business pages Great way for fashion companies to increase sales IF they execute it correctly Only 26% of consumers think Facebook storefronts are secureagainst fraud Analysts say F-Commerce will become a $30 billion industry by2015
    25. 25. +F- Commerce
    26. 26. +What’s Next??? Social Care Customer service through social media “Today’s customers choose when and where they voice theirquestions, issues and complaints. They don’t care if a companyis set up to answer customer questions on Facebook, or if ithas an actual Twitter handle for customer service.”- Gadi BenMark,VP of NM Incite’s Advisory division
    27. 27. +
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