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Sarah Evans Presentation

  1. 1. @prsarahevans@jjhilleb_19 and @wastetimewithmeApril 14, 2012 “Social media is a conversation. Maybe we should talk.”
  2. 2. Who Is @prsarahevans? Meet Sarah Evans... Sarah was an early personal brand builder (@drockdc09 possible case study? #MPMCSM) and social media thought leader who used her large Twitter following to launch #journchat, a weekly Twitter conversation about issues surrounding social media, public relations, and journalism. She also administers something called Commentz, a “daily electronic recap of hot topics and blog posts most likely to generate lots of conversation (or comments).” Today, you can find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook, Slideshare, Flickr, Pinterest, USTREAM, Instagram, and her latest blog, www.sarahfav.evs.
  3. 3. Leveraging the Personal Brand Evans leveraged her personal brand, built largely on Twitter, to launch Sevans Strategy, which “offers a comprehensive complement of public relations and new media services to meet the unique needs of our clients. From traditional media and new media influencer outreach to comprehensive bootcamp trainings, to online content creation, we identify the appropriate tactics to reach your audience.” Forbes’ 14 Power Women to Follow on Twitter and Entrepreneur’s Top 10 Hot Startups.
  4. 4. Recent History In December 2011, Evans announced that she would be shuttering her original blog,, in favor of a new site,, which she has dubbed “All my geeky favorites, in one nerdtastic place.” uses the credibility of Evans’ personal brand to promote products, services, giveaways, and events, all in the areas of social media, tech, and communications.
  5. 5. The Downside of Social Media Celebrity?  In a February 2010 Vanity Fair article about “America’s Tweethearts,” Evans and her Twitter colleagues were treated to a somewhat snide profile.  “Twittering all the time—the act of text- messaging the world (why wouldn’t you talk to everyone, if you could?)—is the essential feat of a twilebrity. And because Twitter uses simple technology, it’s a utilitarian vehicle for ambitious extroverts, without any previous distinction, to become digital superstars.”  Evans was quoted as saying, “There’s no money in Twitter yet, it’s true, but that’s O.K. The validation of having so many people listen to you is reward enough.”
  6. 6. The New ROI Is ROE
  7. 7. How Much Is Too Much? seems underutilized—the last speaking engagement posted under on the Speaking tab is from March 2010. She hasn’t posted on Tumblr since January 2012. Her brand Facebook timeline is simply automated posts from She hasn’t checked in on Foursquare since February. Question: As a social media thought leader and “Twilebrity,” should @prsarahevans be a bit more strategic about tending her social media garden?