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Describes the innovations within the recently released Data ONTAP including the Clustered ONTAP capabilities.

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  1. 1. Clustered ONTAPProduct UpdateMichael HardingData ONTAP Product Team 1
  2. 2. Data ONTAP Highlights #1 Storage operating system 8.1.1 now GA – Flash Pool, Infinite Volume, 6 Node SAN Released Data ONTAP Edge Announced Flash Accel VMware integration – vSphere 5.1 support, VSC 4.1 Clustering manageability – OnCommand Unified Manager 5.1 2
  3. 3. The Agile Data Infrastructure Only NetApp delivers a single integrated platform for an agile data infrastructure that is…Data Management Data Availability Data Scaling AchieveDeliver Impact Grow Business Nondisruptive Faster Without Limits Operations 3
  4. 4. Agile Data Infrastructure Buying Criteria  Service Automation & AnalyticsIntelligent  Storage Efficiency  Virtual Storage Tiering  Nondisruptive OperationsImmortal  Embedded Data Security  Integrated Data Protection  Seamless Scaling Infinite  Unified Architecture  Secure Multi-Tenancy 4
  5. 5. Traditional Storage Infrastructure Doesn’t Keep Up with Infrastructure DemandsWindows® VMware® Cluster UNIX® Future  Inflexible capacity silos  Performance bottleneck  Complexity at large scale  Insufficient availability 5
  6. 6. The Foundation of an Agile ITInfrastructure ERP Messaging VDI Dev & DB Test Hypervisor Clustered ONTAP 6
  7. 7. Non-Disruptive OperationsERP Messaging VDI DB These stay vSphere online!  Move data off old nodes Clustered ONTAP  Upgrade Data ONTAP software  Scale and load balance 7
  8. 8. Seamless Scaling Address data growth Non-disruptive growth Grow from small to largeERP Messaging VDI Respond immediately Simple, consistent management vSphere Scale in 3 dimensions Clustered ONTAP 50PB PBs per admin Capacity a l tion ra Ope Linear Performance 8
  9. 9. Flash Pool Benefits A Flash Pool consists of: – An aggregate of 1 or more HDD RAID groups; Plus a RAID group of SSDs Performance acceleration with aggregate- level, read and write cache OLTP use case - moved entire workload from SAS to SATA Performance Capacity – 46% lower cost per TB – 50% more storage capacity + – Similar IOPS ((± 2%) HDD Only vendor offering this approach in the Flash Pool entry-level storage market Easy to implement with no disruptions Lowers cost per IOP 9
  10. 10. Introducing NetApp Flash AccelFlexible DeploymentSoftware only, compatible with anyserver PCI-e flash or SSD driveChoose your own flash deviceSustainable High PerformanceIntelligent data coherency: block-levelinvalidation rather than flush entire cachePersistent and durable cache acrossVM / server rebootsDeep ONTAP integrationExtend ONTAP footprint in the server 10
  11. 11. Data ONTAP Edge Primary Data Increases staff productivity Center – Consistent, reliable backup Branch Office Superior storage efficiency RoBo Flexible: operates on leading servers from HP, IBM, Dell, Cisco, Fujitsu RoBo Data center affinity – Offers central management for backup / DR for ROBO RoBo network Branch Office Extending Data ONTAP from Edge to Core 11
  12. 12. Clustered ONTAP Adoption• Deployments growing rapidly• Averaging 60% QoQ growth, Worldwide• Business Critical workloads• VMware, Oracle, Microsoft, NAS, SAN• Content repositories• Non-disruptive Operations• Service Provider Cloud… 12
  13. 13. Agile Data Infrastructure at PeakColo Build a turnkey, self-service cloud service model from the ground up:  Delivers 100% availability SLAs  Provision a virtual SAN in 4 hours  2 hour self-service IaaS using vCloud PeakColo specializes Director in high bandwidth and local access solutions  2 FTE’s managing 2PB of NetApp as an enablement for storage our customers to take  73% reduction in capacity advantage of Infra- structure-as-a-Service requirement with NetApp storage solutions. efficiency“As soon as IT executives run applications on the WhiteCloud Services network infrastructure,they’re absolutely blown away by the speed that NetApp delivers.” – Luke Norris, Chief Executive Officer, PeakColo 13
  14. 14. Summary Agile Data Infrastructure & Data ONTAP Validating Agile Data Infrastructure and Data ONTAP 8 Clustering adoption Proving value for business critical applications Enabling Partners with  differentiated innovation     14
  15. 15. “Simply put, NetApp Data ONTAP 8 Clustering is a game changer.”Luke Norris, CEO, PeakColo 15