Presentatie Cisco NetApp Proact over FlexPod


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Proact Seminar NetApp in ONE day, 14 maart 2013

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  • JHEIndustry leadership:General expertise: storage vs Servers & networking. Core competency is storage with FAS Product line & V-Series in front of 3rd party for NetApp (NetApp) and Cisco UCS servers and Nexus Switches for (Cisco)10GbE leadership – storage / serversFCoE leadership – storage/ servers & networkingNetApp #2 in capacity shipped, growing faster than the market. Unified architecture Multiprotocol w/ single storage OS / unified fabric. Multiprotocol storage architecture - Multiprotocol fabric architectureVirtualization innovationstorage/ servers & networking – together, first secure multi-tenancy solutionSimplified data management - Simplified network infrastructureAPIs to leading management tools. NetApp and Cisco both have a simplified management framework that plug into high level management tools.Storage Efficiency - Compute and Network EfficiencyVirtualization optimized - Virtualization optimizedChange Data Center 3.0 to Data Center Business Advantage
  • JHEKey points:Establish for the audience that this will be a transition, and the traditional model will have a place for some time, in most cases at least the next 5-10 years. At the same time, new models provide the opportunity to start the transformation of your data center into the future.Transition:The technology is available today to make this vision a reality…
  • JHEKey Point: NetApp and Cisco have introduced critical capabilities to make this data center vision a realityTransitionSo how do these technologies deliver the advanced data center functionality….
  • JHEKey Points: The technologies from Cisco and NetApp transform the physical infrastructure into dynamic pools of data center resources creating a shared virtualized infratructure that is flexible and efficient but still retains control and security of a dedicated environmentBuild 1 – Cisco and NetApp technology enables physical devices to be virtualized and abstracted as dynamic resources pool. These resource pools span multiple physical devices to 1000’s of servers and Petabytes of storage. Workloads can by dynamically and non-disruptively moved in the environment. The abstracted environment supports both bare metal and hyper-visor based deployments. Including multiple varieties of hypervisors. Build 2 – Resources are provisioned logically based on service catalogs. The application environments are isolated in this share virtual environment both to ensure data security and service level control while still enabling resources to be dynamically shared across those environments. Something we call Secure-multitenancyTransitionThis environment is ideal for a cloud infrastructure but not all companies are ready to move all of their environment to a cloud….
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  • JHEThe joint Cisco, NetApp, and VMware design for Secure Multi-Tenancy has been fully documented as a Cisco Validated Design (CVD). This is a major credibility factor because this is Cisco’s formal process for providing assurance that systems and solutions have been designed and tested to facilitate customer deployments. To qualify as a Cisco Validated Design, a design must meet the following criteria:Products that are incorporated in the design are generally available. Deployment, operation, and management of components within the system are repeatable processes. Designs have been validated through system-level testing. As future enhancements are made to the joint SMT architecture, Cisco, NetApp, and VMware are committed to continue this process in order to assure our customers with the highest possible confidence that validation has been addressed.
  • JHEPurpose of the slide: Secure Multi-tenancy (SMT) provides secure isolation of resources for each tenant (application, BU, customer) in a shared infrastructure. It provides the control offered by infrastructure silos (isolation, QoS) but with much better agility and efficiency.Key points: SMT takes virtualization to the next level, providing a bridge to cloud computing. SMT provides secure isolation for tenants in a virtualized environment to allow the broad sharing of resources across various applications and tiers of a typical IT infrastructure. It also works very well in a Service Provider model for the separation of customers in a virtualized, shared infrastructure. SMT creates isolated zones, or virtual silos, for each of the three sample applications (tenants) in the slide. Cisco, NetApp and VMware each provide unique capabilities, enabling secure isolation and service levels at each layer and for each tenant. Only Cisco, NetApp, and VMware can provide SMT from end-to-end, from servers to storage. SMT enables secure separation within a shared infrastructure so that users can share more – and save more. SMT increases agility through QoS and mobility. Server, storage and network resources can be moved from one tenant to another rapidly and non-disruptively. Resources for apps, BUs or customers can be scaled up or down, enabling dynamic service assurance for each tenant. Being able to rapidly respond to business needs enables organizations to transform IT from an expense into a strategic assetTransition: Secure multi-tenancy is a great example of how NetApp partners with other technology innovators to provide customers with innovative and integrated solutions for a shared IT infrastructure. Service Automation is another area where partnerships are required to deliver a true best-of-breed solution.
  • JHE => SSCFlexPod offers a broad choice of management solutions that deliver unique, differentiated value for FlexPod architecture and “built on” solutions.provides a broad choice of management solutions to address a variety of needs. From IT process management to self-service delivery, from virtual to physical infrastructure resource management, from operational automation to monitoring and analytics, fully customized to turn-key unified manageability.
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  • JHE => SSCSince Support is critical in cloud oriented engagements, Cisco, NetApp and Vmware have implemented a cooperative support model for Secure Multi-Tenancy.This is a global model and it includes 24 hour, seven days a week coverage. A single call can be placed with any of the three vendors and coordinated call routing will take place, should this be required. The Cooperative Support Model defines the process of engagement between Cisco, NetApp, and VMware. Should it be required, any combination of the companies will coordinate a real-time engagement with the customer for resolution.As indicated on this slide, it should be noted that customers do need a valid contract with all three vendors as the basis for this cooperative support model.
  • SSCOne integrated approach for Private or Hybrid CloudsAccelerate Business by Near Instant Activation of New ServicesPay per Use for cloud services delivered centrally or from your own premiseSingle Source Support services for IAAS built on FlexPodInstant Organizational Change with services covering the entire Stack
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  • JHE => SSCThe benefits are significant.FlexPod provides you with the data center efficiency you need to drive down both CapEx and OpEx. Because these solutions are optimized for virtualized environments, they will help you lower energy use and facilities costs—while maximizing resource utilization. And because all elements are designed to peacefully integrate with your existing data center ecosystem and management tools, they will also improve your technology ROIWhen it comes to business agility—Flex Pod provides you with a single proven platform that is designed to support a wide range of application workloads and use cases. You’ll be able to utilize an easy to use, flexible BOM configurations designed to help you scale up or out. And, the FlexPod solutions are designed to make it easy for you to transition to cloud computing models.Because these building blocks have been pre-designed ad validated—you dramatically reduce the guesswork and risk involved with new data center deployments. Instead, you’ll be able to grow your infrastructure predictably and quickly. Your data center will have improved resiliency and availability because simplified and cohesive management help you proactively and productively manage your infrastructure.
  • Presentatie Cisco NetApp Proact over FlexPod

    1. 1. “The Engine” FlexPodDe ultieme converged data center infrastructure Proact, Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute.
    2. 2. Wie zijn wij? Wessel Gans Consulting System Engineer, NetApp Jan Heijdra Product Sales Specialist DCV, Cisco Sander Schreven Pre-Sales Consultant, Proact
    3. 3. Agenda1 Infrastructure: Challenges & approach2 The FlexPod© partnership3 An introduction to FlexPod©4 FlexPod & Proact, a winning partnership Accelerating your journey to an agile cloud!5 Summary
    4. 4. Transform business: Next-Gen Data Centre Traditional Next-Generation Benefits Data Center Data Center Better Manageability Siloed Unified and Performance Server and Consolidated Lower OpEx and CapEx Storage Sprawl Increased Utilization Dedicated Virtualized and ROI Dramatically Improved Contained Cloud Business Agility
    5. 5. Next Gen Data Centre: Innovation vs Integration“Best of Breed” System Integrators Vendors Service Providers Innovation  Integrated Best of Breed  Best of Breed Integrated Solutions  You own or rent it Servers Network Software StorageSystem Suppliers Integrated “Good Enough”
    6. 6. NetApp: The Foundation of Agile ITApplications/DatabasesVirtualizationOperatingSystemsInfrastructureDataManagement Multivendor SAN
    7. 7. $1.6 billion revenue run rate + 20.000 CustomersCisco UCSMarket #3 market share in x86 blades; #2 in NL & USMomentum + 2600 Channel Partners > 64 world record performance benchmarks
    8. 8. A Decade of Joint Innovation VMware vSphere Entry Level built on FlexPod FlexPodFlexPod for FlexPod VMware vSphere built onVMware (Bare Metal) FlexPod (clustered ONTAP) 2010 2011 2012 RHEL built on FlexPod Validated FlexPod with MS Public Cloud Secure Separation FlexPod Validated built on FlexPod With MS Public Cloud 2.0
    9. 9. A Perfect ComplimentIndustry Leadership Storage Servers & Networking 10GbE leader EthernetEthernet Expertise 1st FCoE Storage Market LeaderProtocol Support Unified Storage Unified Fabric Leading StorageVirtualization Focus 1st Virtualized Severs Innovator Open API’s for Open API’s for Unified Management Unified Management
    10. 10. Vision for Data Center Infrastructure Management  Apps deployed on logically defined shared infrastructure Applications  Elastically scale resourcesCompute Pool non-disruptively Fabric Pool  Deploy new apps to meet Storage Pool changing business needs  Centrally orchestrated with self-service extensions
    11. 11. Key Innovations in Data Center TechnologyCisco Unified Computing System Programmable • Abstraction of bare metal server elements • Open API for automation Infrastructure • Orchestration through industry standard tools Unified • Policy-based automation & Service Profiles Management • Self-integrating components • Virtualization awareness Unified • Scalability without complexity Fabric • High performance I/O NetApp Clustered ONTAP • Virtualize storage into pools Unified Storage • Non-disruptive data motion Intelligent • Built-in storage efficiency Data Management • Integrated data protection
    12. 12. FlexPod: Next Generation Integrated Infrastructure Pool resources App App App App  Single server pool / storage pool App App  Service profiles for consistent Virtualization policy-based UCS deployments Bare Metal Abstract resources and Cisco UCS Servers ®  Virtualized servers and storage UCS Manager Virtualized Compute Pool  Stateless computing  Dynamic scalability; app and Cisco Nexus® Virtualized Network Pool Familymobility data Switches Consume resources NetApp Clustered  Service catalogs Virtualized Storage Pool Data ONTAP  Rapid resource provisioning in accordance with SLAs  Open APIs for self-service / user- driven resource consumption
    13. 13. Familiar Architecture?
    14. 14. The FlexPod Solution Family NEW Data ONTAP™ 8 Clustering NEW ExpressPod Consistent architecture from entry to large configurations Scale up or down with minimal disruption Common structure for support & management
    15. 15. Reduce RiskFlexPod Prescriptive Deployment Cisco Validated Design Guide FlexPod Deployment Guide Deployment Guide for Virtual Data Centers Step-by-step instructions for repeatable high-quality infrastructure deployment Solutions Guide Wide range of FlexPod partners Joint Roadmap Operational Guide 20+ Validated workloads
    16. 16. Securely Sharing Infrastructure At PROACT Validated Reference Architectures  Enhanced security  PCI & FISMA certifications  Multi-tenant workload profiling  Manage each resource pool independently  Integrated, tenant-specific backup and DR Secure separation for a shared IT infrastructure
    17. 17. FlexPod Management SolutionsProacts focus vCloud Director Free choice OnCommand CIAC
    18. 18. The Value of Validated Management Solutions
    19. 19. Is it Automation or Management? Automated Manual I need stuff Resource Management Request Compute Network Automation delivers:  What to offer  Speed  How to deliver  Consistency  Who’s using what? Storage
    20. 20. It’s about Manageability Management I need stuff Compute Network  What to offer  How to deliver  Who’s using what? Storage
    21. 21. Cloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller Automation & Service Orchestration Self-Service Delivery Secure Cloud Container Model-based Management VM vFiler Manager A B C Storage Network Compute VM’s Plug-ins Virtualization Policy-Driven Provisioning Single Pane Compute Cloupia Unified Infrastructure Controller of Glass Manager Compute End-to-End Management Network A B C and Manager Network Automation• Unified Model-based Management Tenant Tenant Tenant Storage• Delivering Secure Multi-tenancy Manager A B C Storage
    22. 22. PROACT Cloud Services Powered by FlexPod Service Service Request Available Many Weeks or Months Traditional Design and DC Procure Detailed Deploy Test Size Planning Design X X With FlexPod  PROACT Consulting  PROACT Integration > 50% Faster  Reference BoM DC  Validated design Procure Deploy Test Planning Service  Precise deployment Available  Standard test plan BenefitsPROACT IAAS  Agile service delivery Rapid deployment of applications  Higher productivity Shared pools meet most requirements  Faster deployment  Higher quality  Simpler planning DC Procure Deploy Test Service Planning Available
    23. 23. Simplify Your Journey to the Cloud Share SQL Exch ® ® VDI Point Server 2010 Validated Enterprise MS Designs VDI Secure Multi-Tenancy Apps Apps Apps Joint PathwaysServersNetwork HybridStorage FlexPod® Validated Data Center Design PROACT Services and Support
    24. 24. Cloud Models WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? THE RIGHT CLOUD? DIFFERENTIATORS? Public Private Enterprise Secure Secure Available Secure Flexible Secure Available Available Available Flexible Flexible Flexible
    25. 25. Cloud Models PROACT’S HYBRID CLOUD Buy or You host, You manage, buy as a we host, we manage, Service? co-host? co-manage? HYBRID
    26. 26. Proact Cloud Portfolio PROACT’S MCS PORTFOLIO
    27. 27. FlexPod Support Customer Chartered to resolve interoperability issues Cooperative Support Model Process alignment for If Development or Engineering Required cooperative support Joint Support Lab Coordinated real-time engagements for Cisco NetApp customers on supported products Engineering Engineering
    28. 28. PROACTive infrastructure Service Pay Management per use >350 24x7 engineers Support Hybrid MCS Pan European Location independent Application Migration Integration Services Orchestration Flexible Standard Converged Infrastructure
    29. 29. FlexPod Customers by PROACT
    30. 30. NetApp – Sauber F1
    31. 31. FlexPod Benefits Summary Data Center Business Agility Reduced Risk Efficiency Simplify the journey to  Predesigned, validated  Flexible platform adapts to virtualization and cloud infrastructure a wide range of with one platform from removes guesswork and application workloads and three industry leaders speeds deployment use cases Reduce OpEx and  Provide proactive,  Flexible infrastructure increase resource predictive, can grow and utilization centralized management scale to meet Gain transparent cloud computing  Identify and resolve integration with existing requirements problems with technology 24-hours-a-day cooperative support Gain open integration with third-party management tools  Delivered as product or as a service, location independent Why Proact?  Experienced Proact engineers and consultants  Proact as one-entry support partner
    32. 32. Thank You