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This Fall, FlexPod, the #1 Worldwide Integrated Infrastructure, is releasing new validated designs for large multi-tenant Clouds and enterprise Business Continuity, and is enhancing the ways to automate FlexPod management. Also for the first time since program inception, FlexPod is expanding the Cooperative Support program to include Citrix.

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  1. 1. Fall Announcement Mike Harding Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute.
  2. 2. FlexPod Business Continues to Grow • Coming off great Summer - Expanded platform now with Big Data - 60+ articles, 3M social media impressions • Customer growth Total FlexPod Customers 3000 2500 - 2800+ total customers 2000 - 372 new customers this qtr 1500 1000 - 117% more than last year 500 0 FQ1-2013 FQ1-2014 NetApp fiscal quarters ending July 2 2
  3. 3. FlexPod #1 in Integrated Infrastructure • Worldwide leader in Integrated Infrastructure* - Shared IT infrastructure platform for enterprises and service providers - Includes major converged infrastructure platforms • FlexPod #1 in Revenue* • The most cost efficient and flexible solution on the market * Source: IDC, Worldwide Integrated Infrastructure and Platforms Tracker, Q2-2013 3
  4. 4. What’s new with FlexPod this Fall FlexPod for the Cloud • 2 new validated designs • FlexPod Datacenter with Cisco Virtualized Multiservice Data Center 2.3 Cloud Management for the Service Provider and Enterprise Data Center - FlexPod Datacenter with NetApp MetroCluster software Validated Multisite Continuous Availability for FlexPod • Cooperative Support expanding to include Citrix • Management News - Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform on FlexPod - UCS Director 4.1 New enhancements for Data ONTAP 4
  5. 5. New Validated Designs • FlexPod Datacenter with Cisco Virtualized Multiservice Data Center 2.3 • FlexPod Datacenter with NetApp MetroCluster software 5
  6. 6. FlexPod Datacenter with Cisco Virtualized Multiservice Data Center 2.3 Cloud Management for Service Provider and Enterprise Data Centers • Cisco VMDC is a network blueprint and guide for cloud deployments - Multi-service/multi-tenant, End-to-end architecture - Network, compute, storage, orchestration • For service providers or enterprises acting as service providers • FlexPod solution value with VMDC - Significant FlexPod content within guide - NetApp Workflow Automation automates storage provisioning and allocation • VMDC 2.3 Validated Design published Sept 30 - Supports clustered Data ONTAP for non-disruptive operations • NetApp WFA Implementation Guide due out Nov 22 - Storage automation for service catalogues; Tech info, Workflows 6
  7. 7. FlexPod Datacenter with NetApp MetroCluster software Validated Multisite Continuous Availability for FlexPod • MetroCluster completes hypervisor-based site failover, ensuring data is seamlessly available at the failover site via synchronous replication • Horizontal, differentiated solution with wide appeal - Over 2/3 of enterprise apps are business critical • MetroCluster enhances the FlexPod offering - Adds Business Continuance to FlexPod solutions - Enables zero data loss and near zero downtime for virtualized environments • Validated Design due out Nov 18 7
  8. 8. New FlexPod Program Enhancements 8
  9. 9. Cooperative Support Expansion – Citrix • Extending simplified support for more workload vendors, now including Citrix • Three-way effort between NetApp, Cisco and Citrix • Citrix being added to joint escalation procedures • To become part of Cooperative Support Lab Green = Cooperative support Blue = Coordination via 9
  10. 10. Cooperative Support Workflow: Citrix Example Citrix works with customer to resolve issue Citrix Case 123 Customer Case Resolved If issue isolated to Citrix components Opens case with Citrix Suspects Cisco® component might be cause of issue Citrix collects customer entitlement information and initiates engagement with Cisco Citrix and Cisco work jointly with customer through resolution If appropriate, cases with other vendors might need to be opened Cisco Case # ABC Cisco works with customer to resolve issue; Citrix available for consultation If issue isolated to Cisco component Customer agrees to close Citrix and Cisco case(s) All Vendor Cases Closed If issue is determined to be related to multiple components Utilize Cooperative Support Lab for FlexPod® customer reproductions Cooperative Support Lab Customer must have appropriate support entitlements 10
  11. 11. Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform (RHEL-OSP) on FlexPod Published as a NetApp Technical Report Description of how to use OpenStack features in conjunction with FlexPod Unified Architecture Keep VM images, objects, and application data on the same shared, fault-tolerant, & efficient data center infrastructure Secure Multi-tenancy Keep tenants secure and isolated Service Automation Automate management and expose control through OpenStack tools 11
  12. 12. Cisco UCS Director 4.1 With Enhancements for FlexPod On-Demand Automated Delivery Secure Container Network Compute VMs Policy-Driven Provisioning UCS Director Storage Single Pane of Glass Domain Managers OS and Virtual Machines VM VM Bare Metal Virtualized and Bare-Metal End-to-End Automation and Lifecycle Management UCS Compute Enhanced support for NetApp clustered data ONTAP Fabric Compute and Hypervisor Nexus A B C Network and Services FAS cDOT Tenant Tenant Tenant A B C 12
  13. 13. Resources and Summary 13
  14. 14. Recent Customer Wins Customer Results • Toyota Tsusho Africa used FlexPod with Microsoft Private Cloud to decrease hardware footprint and power requirements by 85 percent • Group Mutuel, Swiss healthcare provider, deployed FlexPod to double application speed, reduced provisioning times from days to hours, four to twelve-fold reduction in restoration time, zero downtime across more than 500 servers for three years. • UK Logistics company used FlexPod to reduce downtime to practically zero, server deployment to 20 minutes, energy reduced by 55 percent • Kazakhtelecom deployed a FlexPod cloud infrastructure for easier deployment, high data availability, improved scalability and price/performance 14
  15. 15. FlexPod Fall – Summary & New Resources New validated designs support Journey to the Cloud • • • • • • Two new FlexPod validated designs – VMDC, MetroCluster FlexPod Cooperative Support expanded to include Citrix FlexPod management – new OpenStack TR, UCS-D version Updated collateral, sales tools, new success stories FlexPod #1 Integrated Infrastructure news For more information: - Community page: - Updated web page: 15 15
  16. 16. Thank You