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Flex pod minitheatre-orlando1

NetApp FlexPod is a converged infrastructure solution that lets customers reduce the deployment time and total cost of infrastructure by half! This is the CiscoLive session slide deck that provided an overview of this popular solution.

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Flex pod minitheatre-orlando1

  1. 1. Expanding Platform and Savings FlexPod Converged Infrastructure 1 Mike Harding
  2. 2. Why Converged Infrastructure? 1. Faster time to solution 2. Reduced total cost 3. Simplified IT 4. Reduced Risk 2 Top Converged System drivers, IDC, March 2013 This versus This
  3. 3. FlexPod® Converged Infrastructure Validated, Flexible, Unified Platform Unified management  Policy-based automation & Service Profiles  Self-integrating components Programmable infrastructure  Abstraction of bare metal server elements  Open API for automation Unified fabric  Virtualization awareness  High performance I/O  End-to-End FCoE Cisco Unified Computing System NetApp FAS with Clustered ONTAP Unified storage  Virtualize storage into pools  Non-disruptive operations Intelligent data management  Built-in storage efficiency  Integrated data protection Clustered Data ONTAP  Next Generation Vaulting  Quality of Service (QoS)  Enhanced Windows Support
  4. 4. Reduce Deployment Time, Space Expense  Speeds time to deployment, simplifies IT, reduces risk and reduces total cost  Efficiency across stack – Advanced server design – Unified fabric – Unified Storage  FlexPod reduces deployment time, Footprint by up to 50%!
  5. 5. FlexPod leads in Flexibility: Scales and Flexes Consistent architecture from entry to large configurations Scale up or down with minimal disruption Common structure for support and management 100s of users 1000s of users FlexPod® FlexPod Scales: Entry-level to Service Providers Develop and Test Starting Out Data Protection and Backup More Computing and Less Storage Less Computing and More Storage Deploy Entry System; Then Scale Up VDI Higher Performance Blades and More IOPS IOPS CPU Capacity Memory Production Balanced Infrastructure FlexPod Flexes: Based on Use
  6. 6. FlexPod Validated Applications Growing Portfolio of Popular Business Workloads  VMware® (vSphere™, View™)  Microsoft® (Exchange, SQL Server®, SharePoint® Hyper-V™)  Oracle® (Oracle RAC, JD Edwards, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM Server)  Citrix XenDesktop  SAP® applications  Red Hat Enterprise Linux® Secure Multi-Tenancy Validated workloads Performance-balanced server, network, and storage components VMware View MS Exchange MS SharePoint MS SQL Server Hyper-V Oracle VM VMware vSphere® Secure Separation Security options VM and Bare- metal options RedHatXenServer
  7. 7. Unified Management and Orchestration Server Network Storage Virtualization 1500 users Storage Pool Network Pool Compute Pool Service profiles Service Catalog  Medium-sized virtual machine  50 GB, high perf, hourly backup, daily DR  Red Hat Linux®  Physical server  100 GB, daily backup, weekly DR  Microsoft® Windows® Cloud Orchestration Tools APIs APIs Virtualization Server and network admin Storage admin openstackTM Open Ecosystem of Orchestration Partners Multiple management consoles
  8. 8. FlexPod Cooperative Support Vendor Coordination Speeds Problem Resolution  Coordinated support between NetApp, Cisco, VMware with a Cooperative Support Lab  Formal processes in place to expedite cross-company escalations when necessary  98% of support cases do not require escalations to other partners/vendors Hypervisor / OS Applications VMware Microsoft® Redhat Citrix SAP® Citrix Oracle® Microsoft VMware® FlexPod®
  9. 9. Global FlexPod Partner Network Assembling & Delivering FlexPod around the World 9 • Ensure fast and expert implementation of FlexPod • 62 FlexPod Premium Partners • Elite FlexPod certification and specialized practices • Virtualization practices and wide range of competencies • Over 900 FlexPod partners • Certified to resell NetApp storage and Cisco UCS and Nexus FlexPod Premium Coverage
  10. 10. Typical Gains with FlexPod Infrastructure efficiency Power and cooling Management Provisioning Backup and recovery TCO Consolidate servers 10:1 Use 50% less storage 80% fewer cables and ports 25%-50% less Manage 10x-20x more per FTE 25% to 50% savings Minutes Minutes
  11. 11. FlexPod Expanding its Success “FlexPod is one of the most complete private cloud architectures available.” (IDC)  New naming & categorization – FlexPod Express, FlexPod Datacenter  New FlexPod Unified Financing  2500+ FlexPod customers  70+ public references  Customers in 35 countries
  12. 12. FlexPod – Summary/Next Steps New validated designs for data protection, business applications and non-disruptive operations  Expanding platform – Mid-sized to Enterprise & Service Providers  More Reference Architectures - 16 new designs this year  New Unified FlexPod Financing program  New iPad app on iTunes App store  For more information: – Also new community page 12