VMware PEX Boot Camp - The Future Now: NetApp Clustered Storage and Flash for the Enterprise


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Business drivers affect the performance expectations of enterprise applications. Data infrastructure must be flexible and agile to support these emerging performance and availability requirements. This session will show you how to build a data infrastructure using NetApp's flash and clustering technologies that is flexible enough to accommodate those changing demands. The session will cover how to combine NetApp's enterprise flash technology (including host-based flash, controller-based caching, hybrid disk shelves, and all-flash arrays) with NetApp's Clustered Data ONTAP to allow dynamic re-optimization of application performance, with an eye on how workload characteristics drive architectural decisions.

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  • Note that this may be different from what some of the audience have seen before. You might get asked why Fusion IO ioDrivePCI-e support is delayed. The answer is that ioDrive is a block device (which is different from other PCI-e cards which uses a SCSI driver). So Flash Accel needs to develop a workaround in order to be able to connect to ioDrive
  • The NetApp flash portfolio addresses this full range of customer requirements. We offer multiple options in each of the major storage and flash categories thus providing the flexibility to deploy the right technology based on workload, budget and infrastructure type.
  • VMware PEX Boot Camp - The Future Now: NetApp Clustered Storage and Flash for the Enterprise

    1. 1. The Future Now: NetApp Clustered Storage and Flash for the Enterprise Larry Touchette Chittur Narayankumar (Kumar)NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 1
    2. 2. Virtual Storage Tiering Intelligently place “hot” data Server Flash on the highest performing media in real time  Efficient Use of Flash Virtual Storage TierData-driven  Real-time  Self-managing  Simple to install  Self Managing Array Flash  Non Disruptive Operations  Caching vs. Data Migration  Minimize HDD I/O’s  Highly Granular  Real Time Responsiveness HDD Storage NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 2
    3. 3. NetApp Server Cache • NetApp server caching software Flash Accel • Software only, uses supported PCI-e or SSD • Turns server flash into cache for Data ONTAP • Validates partner hardware for use with Flash AccelServer Caching • Validates partner software compatibility with ONTAPPartner Alliance • Enables broad use case coverage • Resell of hardware and software productsFusion-io Resale • Enables complete server caching solution purchase Program from single source 3
    4. 4. Data Center Architectures Transitioning AppsServersNetworkStorage Shared Infrastructure Dedicated Infrastructure 4
    5. 5. NetApp Flash Portfolio AppsServersNetworkStorage Shared Infrastructure Dedicated  Flash Cache Infrastructure  Flash Pool  EF540  Flash Accel  FlashRay TM Flash Across the Entire Ecosystem 5
    6. 6. NetApp Flash Portfolio AppsServersNetworkStorage Shared Infrastructure Dedicated  Flash Cache Infrastructure  Flash Pool  EF540  Flash Accel  FlashRay TM Flash Across the Entire Ecosystem 6
    7. 7. NetApp Shared Infrastructure Flash Tiers App App App 7
    8. 8. NetApp Shared Infrastructure Flash Tiers App App AppFlash Accel Fusion-io Virtual Storage Tiering Partners Real Time • Data DrivenFlash Cache Flash Pool 8
    9. 9. NetApp Shared Infrastructure Flash Tiers App App AppFlash Accel • Dedicated Application Acceleration Fusion-io • Integrated with NetApp features and value Virtual Storage Tiering Partners Real Time • Data Driven • Shared across aggregates and volumesFlash Cache • Dynamically allocated • Enables SAS/SATA drives in read heavy workloads • Enables SAS/SATA drives in read and write heavy Flash Pool workloads • HA Persistence, Write Caching • Dedicated per aggregate, manageable per volume 9
    10. 10. Agile Data Infrastructure Agility  Efficiency  Non-disruptive OperationsMigrate individual VMs between hosts & datastoresMigrate datastores across performance tiers – Address changing performance requirements – Correct over/under provisioning issues – Change SLA’s over tenant lifecycle – Non-disruptive hardware & software refreshes NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 10
    11. 11. VMware vMotion & Storage vMotion 11
    12. 12. NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 12
    13. 13. NetApp Flash AccelServer Caching for VMware vSphere NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 13
    14. 14. Server Cache for Data ONTAPIncreased server Improved app Leverageutilization and performance shared storagethroughput and density • Bring server• CPUs spend more • Reduces app flash under time working, less latency up to 90% management of time waiting on IO • More workload on Data ONTAP Optimize• Increases server existing • Availability and Key Metrics throughput by up infrastructure reliability $/GB to 80% • Reduces demand • Data coherency on backend with ONTAP $/IOPS storage Performance of Flash, Data Management of ONTAP 14
    15. 15. Introducing NetApp Flash AccelFlexible Deployment Software only, compatible with server PCI-e flash or SSD drive; choose your own flash deviceSustainable High Performance Intelligent data coherency: block-level invalidation rather than flush entire cache Persistent cache across VM / server rebootsExtend ONTAP value into the server Mechanism for deeper ONTAP integration in the future 15
    16. 16. Flash Accel Architecture3 Key Components Flash Accel ESX Host Agent Flash Accel Windows Agent (OS Driver and Web Service) Flash Accel Virtual Management Appliance and VSC Plug-in Available in VSC 4.2 16
    17. 17. Data Coherency Implications with CachingWhat is data coherency? Physical Server Storage Array Consistency between data in cache and data on disk ApplicationWhy is data Cachecoherency important? Caches that don’t recognize 0100100100101 0100100100101 0101010101101 0101010101101 changes to the primary 0101010010100 Data 0101010010100 100010010 data copy (e.g. via 100010010 Coherency SnapRestore®) will cause data corruption issues • When does the cache invalidate data? Key criteria include • Is the cache a write-through or a write back cache? • Does the cache retain data across a reboot etc? 17
    18. 18. Flash Accel: Snapshot CoherencyStorage Operation Flash Accel OperationTake snapshot • Store metadata of cache state at point- in-time along with snapshot in ONTAPRestore snapshot • Read metadata stored with snapshot• Offline - Unmount • Compare snapshot state metadata with device and current cache state metadata disconnect from VM • Invalidate changed blocks between the• Online – via two states and rollback cache to SnapDrive snapshot state NetApp Confidential – Internal Use Only 18
    19. 19. Benefits of Adding Flash Accel to Storage Cache - Preliminary FAS + FAS + Storage Cache Flash Accel 9 8 7Latency (ms) FAS Only 6 FAS +Storage Cache 5 + Flash Accel 4 3 2 1 0 1.0x 1.3x 1.9x 2.2x IO/s  Adding Flash Accel enables a much greater IO level without increasing latency  Setup – FAS3270 with SATA Drives, Micron P320 PCI-e card on ESX host NetApp Confidential – Limited Use 19
    20. 20. Flash Accel Demo10 Mins NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 20
    21. 21. Upcoming Flash Accel Release ContentFlash Accel 1.0 Limited Availability (currently available) Production capable administered via PVR Targets virtualized environments with random reads (e.g. MS-SQL, Exchange) Persistent, and ONTAP coherent cache, compatible with NetApp mgmt product Enable, disable, and resize cache at VM and VMDK levels Up to 2TB of cache per server, up to 32 cached VMs (no limit on total VMs) vSphere 5.0 and Windows 2008 only Caching of virtual disks over iSCSI, NFS, FC, FCoE. Note - No iSCSI in the VM ONTAP 8.1+; 7-mode and c-mode; earlier platforms can be added by request LSI Nytro, server SSD supportFlash Accel 1.1 Posted to NOW (Feb 28, 2013 FCS) Adds Micron P320 supportFlash Accel 1.2 Posted to NOW (Apr 18, 2013 FCS) Adds vSphere 5.1, full vMotion / DRS / VMware HA, iSCSI in the VM support Adds FIO ioDrive support NetApp Confidential – Limited Use 21
    22. 22. NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 22
    23. 23. NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 23
    24. 24. NetApp Flash Portfolio Server Flash All Flash Array Hybrid Array Traditional Storage Cache storage  Persistent storage  Intelligent caching  Persistent storage Fastest access  Submillisecond  Submillisecond access  Slowest access Lowest capacity access for cached data  Scalable, cost-effective  Larger capacity  Leverages HDD capacity for capacity Complete Portfolio of Offerings for Any Workload Flash Accel EF540 Flash Cache Fas/V-Series Server Caching FlashRay Flash Pool E-Series Partners Flash Aggregates SSD Cache NetApp Confidential - Internal Use Only 24