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Dell - Storage 12sept2012

  1. 1. Dell Fluid DataMarius PURICENext Generation Data Center Solutions ConsultantSouth Eastern Europe
  2. 2. Data growth is the #1 data center infrastructure challenge today More growth in storage capacity in next 2 years than prior 5!1 With continued growth in unstructured Fueled by: data, file-based storage is one of the most critical drivers of storage1 • Newer applications 90 80 • Virtualization 70 60 File based • Electronic document (CAGR=60.3%) stores (Exabytes) 50 Block based (CAGR=22.5%) 40 30 • Document sharing 20 10 • Web 2.0 technologies 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 • Retention of digital1 IDC, Worldwide File-Based Storage 2010-2014 Forecast Update, #226267, December 2010 records2 Leung, Andrew et al., “Measurement and Analysis of Large-Scale Network File Systems Workloads,” UC Santa Cruz, June 20082
  3. 3. How we deliver a Fluid Data architecture:design tenets help customers achieve more D D D D D F F F Production Offsite Archive Backup recovery D Content-aware deduplication and compression F Integrated file services based on clustered file system Dynamic Better Maximizing Native cloud tiering together efficiency integration Consistent Innovative Self ownership Scale out licensing protecting experience designs3 #DoMoreIT
  4. 4. Our strategy in action:Building a Fluid Data architecture throughstrategic acquisitions EqualLogic Perot Exanet Compellent AppAssure Next generation Virtualized iSCSI SANS Systems Scalable file system Multi-protocol, auto-tiered data protection IT services enterprise storage software 2007 2009 2010 2011 2012 Ocarina RNA Networks Networks Dedupe and Memory virtualization compression Force10 Scalent Data center networking Virtualization management software4 #DoMoreIT
  5. 5. Dell Storage: delivering the right solution forthe right customer Primary Unstructured data Backup/ DR Archival Store less Manage less Duplicate less Archive smarter Compellent EqualLogic FS NAS DR4000 DX Object Platform Storage Center Archival storage Industry’s only scale-out Single scalableMulti-protocol unified storage solution for data Ideal for massive scaleenterprise storage Ideal for mid-size and smaller reduction and digital records deployments with growing data recoveryIdeal for highperformance, complex needs Ideal for theworkloads growing enterprise EqualLogic PS series Compellent FS NAS PowerVault LTO Tape Drives PowerVault TLHighly virtualized storage Reliable, cost-effective backup Expandable & affordable tapeIdeal for small to WSS-Based unified storage Ideal for organizations of all automationmid-sized and consolidated sizes with PowerEdge servers Ideal for small business that Ideal for pure CIFSenvironments have outgrown environments autoloader needs PowerVault MD series PowerVault NX NAS PowerVault DL PowerVault ML High-performing, easy-to-use Disk-based backup for virtualHigh-capacity, easy expansion Modular tape library network attached storage and physical environmentsIdeal for small-scale Ideal for smaller scale Ideal for smaller-scale storage Ideal for large amounts of datavirtualization and tape archival needs consolidation and long-term archivalconsolidation projects 5 Dell Storage Forum 2012 June 11–13, 2012 | Boston, Massachusetts
  6. 6. 2010 100% of customers would buy Compellent again6
  7. 7. 2011 Dell wins 1st or 2nd in all but one category7
  8. 8. Gartner Magic Quadrant Gartner Magic Quadrant for Midrange and High-End for Midrange and High-End Modular Disk Arrays, 2010 Modular Disk Arrays, 20118
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. Converged infrastructureIndustry-leading converged server/storage/networking M1000e Converged Blade Data Center + + + First quarter Industry leading First enterprise- Integrated chassis, height blade 40GbE DCB class storage storage and (M420) blade switch blade MXL management (MXL) (PS-M4110) All-in-one 10G networking, compute, storage
  11. 11. Dell is leader in iSCSI growth segment IDC WW Storage Tracker IDC WW Storage Tracker Revenue Share - iSCSI Q3 2011 Unit Share - FC/FCoE/iSCSI Q3 201160,000 EMC, 19% FC50,00040,000 iSCSI HP, 14%30,000 Dell, 30%20,000 IBM, 5%10,000 0 FCoE NetApp, Other 11% Suppliers, 15% • iSCSI segment of block storage growing at three times growth of Fibre Channel • Dell clear iSCSI market leader with 30% of revenue and 28% unit share in Q3 2011 Storage Marketing
  12. 12. Converged Blade Data Center Specifications• Up to 24 compute nodes – Up to 4.6TB total RAM – Up to 384 processor cores• End-to-end 10GbE network – Fully DCB compliant (including iSCSI TLV) – All switches in chassis managed as single device – 40GbE inter-switch links and uplinks• Enterprise-class iSCSI SAN – Redundant arrays, each with redundant controllers – Advanced data management ….. – 25TB* of storage – Total of four 10GbE links*Based on 10K SAS drives 12 Dell Storage Forum 2012 June 11–13, 2012 | Boston, Massachusetts
  13. 13. Due to a spate of acquisitions, strong software and hardware integration, and higher R&D budgeting for system solutions, Dell has the functionality to deliver good, integrated fabric based infrastructure solutions.13
  14. 14. Gartner Impacts and Top Recommendations for Dells Data Center Strategy
  15. 15. 15 Dell Storage Forum 2012 June 10–13, 2012 | Boston, Massachusetts
  16. 16. Fluid Data delivers a unifying storagearchitecture that constantly adapts to change Automatically and intelligently optimize your data from client to cloud File, Block, Store, Tier, Data Replication/Disaster Backup Archive Cloud Object Data Load Balance Protection Recovery AppAssure brings critical business continuity capability to the Fluid Data architecture16
  17. 17. IT organizations are asking: Unify virtual and physical machine data protection under Eliminate backup one user interface? windows? Recover applications in seconds? What if we could… Be certain your Use any machine applications are fully to recover? Support your applications recoverable? around the clock and around the globe? Recover from any location, including the cloud? What if you could do all of these things in one product?17
  18. 18. How AppAssure works – Live RecoveryTM Protected Servers AppAssure Core Disaster Recovery Site SAN or NAS Repository VM Cloud SAN/NAS VM 7 In the event of a server or application loss, AppAssure Live Recovery™ enables near-instantaneous access to critical business data, while the full rebuild occurs in the background18
  19. 19. How AppAssure works – Universal RecoveryTM SAN or NAS VM AppAssure Core Identical Dissimilar Bare Metal Virtual Cloud hardware hardware Restore Server 8 AppAssure Universal Recovery™ allows users to recover from a virtual, physical or cloud image to any environment needed or available – including bare metal restore. The ultimate flexibility for disaster recovery.19
  20. 20. What can Dell Storage do for customers? Systems & Software • 80% cost savings with automated tiered Services storage Advanced Integration • Up to 80% reduction in storage costs Storage Ecosystem • 72% faster storage deployments 20 Dell Storage Solutions
  21. 21. Thank you