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Mbm short pitch v2.0


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Crowdsourced Social Commerce

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Mbm short pitch v2.0

  1. 1. SOCIAL SHOPPING….LITERALLY! Be part of the next social wave! Making shopping more empowering! INVESMENT MEMORANDUM mobBuy Me CREATE! BUY! SHARE! SOCIALIZE!
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Social Marketplace PRODUCT The 1st Social Commerce Marketplace where Sellers compete for deals &demand created by Buyers . Prototype is functional and ongoing development is underway $ TEAM Self sufficient, multifaceted and young team based out of CA & TX, USA +100 years of cumulative and diverse experience Experts with a proven track record of launching & starting up national level companies OPPORTUNITY Social commerce is a $30B market growing @ 26% yearly Current competition does not cover the entire cycle, instead only parts of our model LAUNCH & EXPANSION Alpha launch in Dallas, TX and SFO, CA in the US Expansion plan to include Indian and Chinese markets FUNDRAISING Seeking $0.5M for launch & 6 months of operations Projecting $2.5M, $20M, $50M & $100M revenues in 4 years
  3. 3. Quick Facts about Social Commerce • Top 500 retailers earned $3.3 bn in 2014 • 26% growth rate from 2013 to 2014 • Social commerce increased Ecommerce referrals by 200% in 2014-2015 • 50% of social referrals are generated via FB • More than 50% of shoppers quoted price as the top factor for making a social shopping decision • By 2016, 85% of digital shopping will be done via mobile Successful Backs : $1.87 bn 85% used are pre orders$ : $1.58bn UGC contributors – between 20 to 54 years old 60% of millennials use UGC to make purchase decisions 80% of all content is UGC • Retailers are actively seeking to combine Social Commerce capabilities to drive ecommerce • Lack of a unified platform that seamlessly connects Suppliers and Buyers organically • A platform where buyers create their own deals (Price/Volume/rich data) – Proxy Suppliers • Smart demand aggregation that translates to sales UGC – User Generated Content Demand Aggregation The Opportunity
  4. 4. Solution mob’ Buy me x@y “Democratizing shopping- Socially and Literally!” YOUR DEALS Tell us what you want! SHARE TO SAVE Volume pricing model BUZZ! Shopping is a social affair CONSUMERS LOWER COST Our organic growth model brings in demand at ~0 cost REPEAT BUYS Lower costs and savings means repeat buying VOLUME SALES You decide minimum orders for a different price points Problem Can we create our own deals? Can we influence prices as a group? Can we engage with suppliers in real time? Can we sell items in bulk? Can customers be natural evangelists? Can we engage with consumers in real time? ENGAGAMENT SUPPLIERS CONSUMERS SUPPLIERS
  5. 5. Competition MORE VOLUME TRANSACTIONS LESS VOLUME TRANSACTIONS MORE UGC Over 600 million valuation Over 70 million raised in funding Growth rate of 252% since 2011 LESS UGC 10 mn + User Base 70% active User Rate Over 6bn in user savings Over 5mn operating revenue Photo Sharing webstore for luxury products Crowd sourced coupon site from 3rd party sites such as Amazon. Affiliate Marketing model Pre negotiated coupon site High Cost of Acquisition & Transaction Does not encourage repeat buying 48.1 million active user base Generates 54% of social referrals and 64% of social revenues Poor Click through Rate for commerce UGC + Demand Aggregation + Fulfillment The largest Social Network sees opportunity in Social Commerce
  6. 6. Close Competition 1. Social Marketplace for Gadgets 1. 1 million active users 2. 80% direct traffic 1. Raised $8M series A on launch in 2012 2. Raised $40M series B in Aug 2015 3. Positions itself more as a group buying site as opposed to a Social Commerce platform 4. No social networking features such as user follow, back or ping and hence no stored network value
  7. 7. Business Model Innovation Network effects Lower acquisition costs Organic growth model Expanding Supply sources Aggregating pre-orders Less chance of returns Repeat purchases Why MBM? MBM DifferentiatorsMarket & Growth (2015) $ 20 bn 120% / Year 1. Full Customer Autonomy – 100% UGC 1. Platform enabling Consumers to post deals (Select Price – Volume) 2. Consumers bring in deals (Proxy Suppliers = Lower Deal Acquisition Cost 1. In Built Social features such as comments, ping and follow help demand aggregation 2. Deals Cracked = Bulk Transaction 3. Interaction between Consumers and Suppliers 4. Potential Gamification of the platform 200 mn referrals from Social Network
  8. 8. Business Model How we make money We charge Suppliers a 25% transaction fee Local Suppliers Transaction $50.00 Supplier $37.50 MBM $12.50 Social Fabric (Comments/Sharing/ratings) Organic Deal Curation 100% UGC Volume driven Pricing Demand Agg FulfillmentCC retention+ + Deals Suppliers Buyers Creates AggregationDeals are ON
  9. 9. 2. SHARE TO GET A PRICE 1. CREATE YOUR OWN DEAL 3. IT’S SOCIAL! • Found a cool deal? • Ping it to your friends • Win their love, win MBM points! • Share to save! • Volume pulls price further down! • Group of friends planning a night out? • Select your venue, move the slider to meet your number, GO NOW! Current Product
  10. 10. Current Suppliers- Social Marketplace for Perishables MORE PERISHABLE LESS PERISHABLE LESS SUNK COSTSMORE SUNK COSTS Health Restaurants Senior Living Beauty Services 3000+ products 400+ brands 35+ beauty procedures $60B market Market study complete In talks with a facility aggregator Part of expansion phase Quick Facts about Our ALPHA Launch • 4 lucrative sectors identified • ‘GO NOW’ feature for Restaurants • Meetup groups seeking group discounts • University Students as early adopters • All marketing avenues are Identified based on inputs from user groups • Potential gameification of the platform
  11. 11. AprilFeb March May Product W1 W2 W3 W4 W1 W2 W3 W4 W1 W2 W3 W4 W1 W2 W3 W4 Prototype Team Core Team Measure/Iterate June W1 W2 W3 W4 Tech Partners Interns Include users right from the prototyping phase Market and customer validation throughout the development phase Connected market (users & sellers) seeded before alpha launch Alpha Roadmap Mobile
  12. 12. Team Joy Sengupta CoFounder 10+ years of IT Product Architecture and IT consulting with eBay, Apple and Cisco Manoj Pillai CoFounder 20+ years of Service Delivery with P&L ownership (North America) Melvin Jose CoFounder 10+ years of Operations, Service delivery & Consulting IE MBA Entrepreneurship and Business Model Innovation Russell Halderman CMO Cofounder RawFusion 25+ years in Sales and Marketing, Service Solutions (US, Canada, China) Kelly Brcka CBDO 20+ years in Business Development, Contract Negotiations and branding (Singapore, France, US) Harmeet Singh UED/UX 15+ years in UED/UX with eBay, HP and Visa Vinod Nair Advisor 20+ years of corporate business development and managing Technology, Unified Communications & Outsourcing Founder Stratacom Solutions (I) Pvt. Ltd. Uday Bhaskar Chief Advisor 25+ years of managing country level organizations Set up Pacific Internet’s Pacfusion Mergers/Acquisitions & Alliance expert Strategy formulation and Acquisition
  13. 13. Seeking $0.5M for 6 months of Operations Year Revenue Cost Income (Loss) 2017 $2,500,000 $2,610,250 $(110,250) 2018 $20,000,000 $21,078,000 $(1,078,000) 2019 $50,000,000 $44,956,535 $5,043,465 2020 $100,000,000 $89,913,070 $10,086,930 $2,500,000 $20,000,000 $50,000,000 $100,000,000 $2,610,250 $21,078,000 $44,956,535 $89,913,070 2017 2018 2019 2020 Financial Projections Revenue Cost
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