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‘Market timing, ‘demand certain innovation and strategy to out master competition and a continuum to
be winner and market leaders. In a racing digital age it always about content: at the right time / at the
right place / to the right people to take action on it .If you could control this flow of information , tap on
interactions between Brand and consumers at local global level through a product will unlock new
avenues for growth in markets and sectors worldwide.
Orgapp Technologies was always an Advertisement / PR / Market research company. However to get
all odds into even, you have to Innovate. Hence, Phase 1:
Phase 1 is to get Brand and Consumer interactions, under a roof, directly through middle
men, Local Retailers and bring this whole experience through a cloud base online platform, in a web
savvy tomorrow market structure. If you could control this flow of information you out master
competition and have a say in how, what, when inform was exchange, acted upon and where. Than
unlocking new avenues for growth into markets and sectors worldwide:

Other Products :sector healthcare (under development)
It provide a platform for Patients / Doctors / Hospitals / Pharmacy to interact exchange information.

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Biz bol presentation_ Comprehensive Study

  1. 1. Understanding US
  2. 2. OrgApp Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Who are we? What We Do? The Gap How we go forward and fill this Gap ? What we did with this eco-system? How organized eco-system helps? What we found by using this eco-system? How we Earn? Why this Business model will work? Business Plan Trajectory Connect us
  3. 3. Who are we?• Company: OrgApp Technologies Private Ltd, Bangalore• Flagship Product:• Management Team: Raghwendra Mourya, Co-Founder and Promoter Raghwendra, engineering graduate from Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi, has 14+ years of rich experience in creating and delivering technology solutions for global customers. Has worked with SATYAM, TATA ELXSI, TYCO ELECTRONICS. Amboj Kumar, Co-Founder and Director Amboj has 13+ years experience in establish, running and managing Web Hosting and Computer Networking solution business. He has earlier founded LYD Technologies and LYD Hosting. Jyoti Prakash, Co-Founder Jyoti, Graduate from Delhi University, after which studied Media and Digital Cinematic Design, has 5+ years of rich experience in creating and delivering innovative and creative solutions in Content Creation and Advertisements. Prior to joining OrgApp he has worked with ShoBiz Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and Krypta Records.
  4. 4. Who are we? (Contd.)Ravi Mehta, Mentor Ravi , an MBA from McCOMBS School of Business, Texas, Austin; is currently working as Sr. Manager, in one of most prestigious Consulting Firm, has been continuously nurturing this team and guiding to achieve targets.Manish Chandra, Advisor Manish is Founder of Six Dee Telecom Solutions, which has grown its business in 25 countries with more than 300 employees under operations.Sanjulata Mourya, Investor and Director Sanjulata, M Phil from Delhi School of Economics, has been Mentor and Investor in starting this venture.
  5. 5. What We Do? We are here to use tech innovations and better network, to build a real Business that create value for Brand or Manufacturers, Retailers or Vendors and End Consumers. Vinod Khosla “ Any big problem is a big opportunity. If there is no problem, thereCo-founder SUN Microsystems is no solution and no reason for a company to exit ”.
  6. 6. The Gap Problem for Brand. Unable to understand Customer behavior and patterns.
  7. 7. The Gap Problem for Brand (Contd.). One Way System Drawbacks  Unable to retain Customer into your sale funnel
  8. 8. The Gap Problem for Retailer and Small Industries• They dont have an organized online marketing channel. Thus Losing Business and Profits.• With FDI and many Online Mega-Stores coming up. The market share they enjoyed is being threatened.• Small, medium retailers cannot assert their online presence or be part of the online discovery /search platform as they have no cost effective platform to do so.
  9. 9. The Gap Problem for Retailer and small industries (Contd.)Present Market Solution For Retailer:Just Dial: Only Business Address ListingMartJack: An Online platform with a monthly fee (Rs.5000 avg.)Build a Bazaar: An Online platform with a monthly fee (Rs.5000avg.) It is expensive and only for the rich Retailer, who havemoney and human resource to do so. No connectionswith Brand, no organized online marketing channel.No common search platform.
  10. 10. The Gap• Problem for Customer Statistics for India 2011 by JuxtConsult / Delhi According to Internet in India (I-Cube) 2011 report, from the universe of 90 million ‘active’ internet users, 50 million are strong online consumer base (searched products online). • 17 million, bought online. • 33 million, search for reference. • 95 % of the unorganized Retail sector information is not available for helping them in the process of purchase decision making; how, who, where to buy accordingly, that suits their lifestyle.
  11. 11. How we go forward and fill this Gap ? “ central powerhouse for content assimilation”• Brands (vertical sectors under a sole roof) may add their respected content on a platform or where any business may list itself.( product based or services base)• Respective retail partners may easily add Brand content (or custom products), creating impact and awareness for the Brand ( product listing / offers / coupons ) in their comfortable local geography of business operations and who’s products / services are indexed on Google and also listed on a common internal search engine platform, within a cloud having vertical sectors on And, they too get linked to the Brand’s organized online marketing channel, for the flow of Brands send advertisements.• Thus creating Multiple Plug-In e-Shop of vertical sector, Globally, Locally, two times over and an organized marketing network.
  12. 12. How Brand benefits in a networkedand linked eco-system?Massages send to linked Customers have the Local Retailer address mentioned
  13. 13. Why Brand Content at 200 Products X 50 Retailers = 10000 200 Products
  14. 14. How Brand Content at helpsRetailers?
  15. 15. How small Industries / Retailers benefit? Retailers gets a link to and become a part of an organized online marketing channel connecting Brands. No SEO / SMO / text messaging costs incurred to drive traffic and promote their business. Plug-In Shop with both website and content without much time or effort .View Video Presentation @
  16. 16. How small Industries / Retailers benefit?1. Most of them do not have their own marketing network • provides common and self growing network.1. Some generally have unique products and competitive rates • provides a platform for promotion and index their products on search engines.1. They also have to sell their products at throwaway prices due to their weak bargaining power (especially in dealing with middle men) and urgent needs of funds • They can publish offers to sell at lower cost but not at throwaway price.1. They also lack the resources and funds needed for effective sales promotion • provides a cost effective solution.1. They also fail to get adequate information about consumers choice, taste and preferences of the type of product • provides 2 way communication channel.
  17. 17. What Consumers get?Customer gets a more transparent view of the market;how, who, where to buy, according to what suits hislifestyle; like from Local stores or Online Mega stores. OR Other Online stores
  18. 18. What Consumers get?A P2P platform and gets feedbacks from friends, on forums,reviews on products / services before purchase or chat priorto purchase to know about products / services.
  19. 19. How we will create value with techinnovations and better network? Brand gets a channel network for promotion with a faster and efficient discovery module and a link to end customer, Globally with a Local reference. Retailer not only gets a website, but also Brand content suiting to his business, without spending much time and resources to gain or even add custom products and a platform to promote themselves or through the Brand. Consumer finds a more transparent view of the market and gets help in the process of purchase decision making and a more personal relationship as he is connected and updated from local stores he knows well, where he buys from and near his location to take quick purchase decision.
  20. 20. Why they will join our network? In an open economy the Consumers are bombarded with multi brand advertisements clouding decision making process. While Retailers now are sellers of multi brand products. Our services helps a Brand to advertise one to one to customer, Globally with a Local reference (Retailers who sell multi brand products) to narrow the process of discovery, competitions and purchase decision. Retailer gets marketed and promoted by the Brands on an one to one bases, apart from an online present with content, a custom platform to sell, promote and market his business to the world. Even if he adds Brands products, but does not update his price list, he may get quotation requests from Customer and by adding local customer to his business, gets promoted by Brand, Locally through your network. A win, wins situation.
  21. 21. Why Now? Global view. Source: Magento Open Source commerce
  22. 22. What we did with this eco-system?We put this eco-system to test in a Local Market community. Targeted Local Market: SP Road, Bangalore. Sector: Computer Hardware & Software Why this sector: Highly searched online
  23. 23. How organized eco-system helps?  Multiple Plug-In e-Shop ,two times over.Register Business in 5 minutes, get a website on BizBol. Add Brands products in 10minutes and get link to their marketing channel. Import / add customers in 2minutes. Send offers through email / sms . Let the world know you are online in 20minutes. Now imagine this globally in every market across vertical sectors .
  24. 24. What we found by using this eco-system?One Local Market statistic report : S.P Road, Bangalore; total business listed, 25.  10 Local stores added average 150 to 200 Branded products (20 to 30 Brands). As a result 200 x 10 = 2000 Branded products got indexed on Google / search engines with back links to  10 Local stores have average 250 to 400 Customers associated to their Business. As a result 300 x 10 = 3000 Customers now are associated to each Brand and
  25. 25. What else we did to help Retailers?We provided other supports to let the footfall Customers comingto the Local Market know that their Local Retailers are Online.  Shop’s Posters.  Shop’s Editable Flyers.
  26. 26. Other growth status.Natural Organic Growth Without Marketing; pan India Local Business & Retailers registered October 2012 status : 1375 Total Subscribes : 5280 Page index on Google : 9645 Daily unique visits : 150-225 Daily Page impression : 2000
  27. 27. How we Earn? Brand/ Manufacturers1. Will use our promotional tools and pay as use.2. Brands buy analysis and reports.3. Local market level advertisements focusing Brands’.4. In site advertisements.5. Other services as on Retailers1. Pay Yearly Fee for online order activation service and/or commission for transactions.2. Will use our promotional tools and pay as use.3. Custom Domain name and web hosting services / database integration.4. Coupons services ( services sector business).5. Local market level advertisements focusing retailers’ promotion.6. Other services as on
  28. 28. How our Franchisee / Area Agentstrategy helps?An Integrated Franchisee System for partnership and business development Any person in any geography may partner with us as an Area Agent, looking after business development of that locality and compensated with a percentage of profits earned.Help us to build a faster, larger, networked, Community Business Module.
  29. 29. Why this Business model will work?(Contd. on next page). Social Mind Set: India is witnessing a transition period and being slowly exposed to online shopping and large percentage of customer socially will till prefer Local store . However big the e- commerce sector turn out ,our product will have a part to play in it, providing a platform for medium / regional / small retailers to see through their fast, easy, cost efficient transition toward the online mindset of marketing and sales. Political Mind Set: Good politics means bad economics: Regional politics play a vital role in Indian political power game. Small businesses and local retailers make large contributions and donations to regional parties and have a larger say to deciding regional policies making , which in turn reflects on Central Policies and will general be pro local businesses.
  30. 30. Why this Business model will work?(Contd.). Economic Mind Set : The Alternative. Plan B.Moreover this business model in all odds will provide a cushion to the falling of it’s business structure. If we create a brand around this (promoting retailer) we will earn their loyalty and partnership. And as a result: 2014, we are a brand, a house whole brand, with the help of local retailers and their consumers . 2016, as a result of big retail giants and Online Mega store, Local Retailers dry out:1. Now, we are a Brand, having a large pool of customer base with intelligences (knowing their likes and dislikes with product hotspots).2. We have associations to Brand and small industries through our network .3. Our Local Area Agent module will act as a delivery network module.4. NOW A HOUSE WHOLE NAME WITH LARGER EVENLY SPREAD CUSTOMER BASE WITH LINKS TO BRANDS AND MANUFACTURERS AND LOCAL DELIVERY MODULE.Prefect stage for ecommerce launch_2015 either as or a new global launch or even chain retail outlets .
  31. 31. Target Sectors and MarketsStatistics for India 2011 by JuxtConsult / DelhiPresent Target Sector: India Highly search sector on web: Computers / Mobile / Electronics / Groceries / Furniture and Décor. And free listing for any sector business Quotation services sector: Manufacturing / Machinery and Plants / Small Industries with unique products Services base sector : Spa / Hotel & Resorts / Travel / Restaurants.Present Market Size : India 33 million who search for references, of the 50 million strong online consumer base (searched products online). 95 % of the unorganized Retail Sectors Brands, Manufacturers, Small industries and Retailers, pan India.By advertising to the 33 million who search for references or even the 50 million, to try our platform we will not only get a large users base, but also a long way gain partnership with Brands / Manufacturers / Retailers to join our network to mutually benefit and form better networks.
  32. 32. Business Plan Trajectory 2012 – 2014:1. Build a Brand name and a Team, local operations setup, open regional tele call centers for customer support and upgrade the Platform and interface with custom themes design.2. Get more Brands and Manufacturers content listed and logically allowing to get their channel partners ( Local Retailer ) into the Network.3. Marketing through print / web / local promotion.4. Build a mobile app with location alerts / search results 2014 – 2016 :1. Scale it Internationally, into larger markets, TV ads
  33. 33. Future Plans. Mobile App with location based alerts & local search results, P2P forums, QR code discovery and ordering interface Regional Tele calling centers for customer support Local Market information centers Establish a delivery module with a linked Area Agent network Local Markets Monthly Magazine/ e-book, city wise.Other services as on
  34. 34. Yes, everything is a Remix! All Business model innovate itself to attuned to ‘Market timing’. Remix to fit demands and needs. With the growing fear and frenzy in the market and capitalizing on it, for small industries and retailers as a cost effective platform, providing both website, content with an organized marketing network linking retailers / Brands, respectively. The fear and a cost efficient alternative, in all logic make BizBol magnetic, to the segment of the target market that presently collectively control larger market share. Moreover we have a simple belief that the more people you involve and more value you create, the more the system is designed to reward you. Like Google, “Don’t be evil.”
  35. 35. Creating Value!  True value is when you use tech innovation and better networks in ways that it humanizes technologies to encourage behavioral transformation. For a Local Retailer or Small Manufacturer in a city like Jamshedpur where internet penetration is low and computer literacy minimal;  What value you create, reflects on what value you gain.1. A website by listing his business.2. Adds Brands content by a click and become a part of an organized marketing channel connecting Brands allowing them to locally promote him or visor versa for Manufacturers. No SEO / SMO / text messaging costs incurred to him.3. If online is not his thing, use the platform to print editable flyers / posters on demand to promote his business to the local community.
  36. 36. Connect us: OrgApp Technologies (P) Ltd. Yelahanka, Bangalore (India) - 560064 Board line No. – 080 2856 1335 / Fax No. – 80 2856 1273 Email: Mobile: +91-9738059666 / +91-9880114521Visit us at:
  37. 37. Thank You “Risk come from not knowing what you’re doing”. "The business schools reward difficult complex behavior more than simple behavior, but simple behavior is more effective." “Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken”. “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get”. Warren Buffett. Have a wonderful day.