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Beyond Retail with Amazon Media Group


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When you think of Amazon, you probably think eCommerce. With more than twenty years helping millions of customers find, discover and buy the products they want, that’s understandable.

In Caleb Hill’s Beyond Retail discussion, we will look at how Amazon innovation launched Amazon Media Group, or AMG, our advertising arm. At AMG, we focus on developing new and exciting innovations that delight our shoppers and advertisers alike. 

Please join us to learn more about how we innovate across Amazon, as well as engaging ways to grow your brand’s presence and reach customers.

Speaker: Caleb Hill, Advertising Sales Director, UK & Spain

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Beyond Retail with Amazon Media Group

  1. 1. © 2017, Amazon Web Services, Inc. or its Affiliates. All rights reserved. Caleb Hill, Director, Advertising Business, UK & Spain 31st October, 2017 Retail and Beyond: Advertising with Amazon
  2. 2. Retail has changed
  3. 3. The linear customer journey
  4. 4. Shelf space was the battleground where the largest brands won the last mile conversion
  5. 5. The Internet enabled search and e-commerce
  6. 6. All brands have equal opportunity There is now an infinite online shelf
  7. 7. Adapt or… A New Marketing Challenge
  8. 8. Fight them… You’re probably fighting the future Embrace them… And you have a tailwind When trends emerge, businesses have a choice: Jeff Bezos, 2016 Shareholder Letter
  9. 9. ..and consumer expectations are higher than ever before. Technology is reinventing consumer experiences in virtually every industry…
  10. 10. Amazon starts with the customer and works backward. Amazon retains top spot for satisfied customers – 4th year in a row! 12th July 2017
  11. 11. Connected TV Mobile and Tablet Amazon Go Live TV Partnerships Original Content Automotive What’s next for customers? Voice Services Providing consumers with easier access to more selection of products and services at lower prices Amazon Fresh Pickup
  12. 12. Beyond Retail Sales
  13. 13. We delight our customers by working with brands to build engaging experiences and relevant offers. What is Amazon Advertising?
  14. 14. 34% of US Millennials will use a voice-enabled service in 20175 VOICE 82% of digital consumers say they search for and read reviews and ratings prior to purchase SEARCH Amazon is the 4th most visited mobile property, reaching 77% of the total smartphone and tablet universe2 MOBILE Source: (1) Feedvisor - United States, 2016 (2) comScore, July 2016 (#4 ranking and 77% includes mobile web & app on phones and tablets) (3) YouGov, “Online Reviews,” May’2016 (4) Anatomy Media, “The Young and the Brandless,” Jun’17 (35) eMarketer, Apr’17 (4) Forrester Data, Web-Influenced Retail Sales Forecast, 2015-2020 (US) VIDEO 71% of digital Millennials claim to watch TV content via digital and OTT streaming devices4 SOCIAL 34% of digital consumers say they ”always” read reviews and ratings before buying3 5 key trends every marketer should know
  15. 15. Define marketing objectives
  16. 16. Main Objective Build Awareness Drive Consideration Drive Purchase Build Loyalty Target Audience Success Metrics Reach & Frequency Page views Purchases & Return on spend Subscribe-and- Save
  17. 17. National Advertising Branding orientated, targeting wider audiences & consumers (incl video) Amazon Event/Specific Sales Bursts Capitalizing on high sales traffic days/ occasions (consumer & buyer audiences) Always-on Base-line Display incl. Test and learn Focused on converting latent (low- hanging) demand, within category. Always-on Search Convert active product searches Retail Merchandising Convert in-category browsing (n/a) Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Putting it into practice Building from base up Activity Goal Scale
  18. 18. Find your audience
  19. 19. Enthusiast segments Shopper segments
  20. 20. Targeting Advertising Audiences Reach EXISTING customers Reach LOOKALIKE customers Reach NEW customers
  21. 21. Seize the moments
  22. 22. Wrapped Amazon Lockers
  23. 23. Online media to drive awareness
  24. 24. CustomLandingPage Exclusive content on custom landing page
  25. 25. Social media campaign
  26. 26. CustomWinnersLandingPage Winner tweets
  27. 27. Branding | Philadelphia cream cheese case study Reach of 13M+ unique users in the UK over 6 weeks Increased brand favourability from 76% to 87% Increased purchase intent from 69% to 85% Challenge: Shift customer perceptions for the Philadelphia brand of over 75 years Solution: Associate the brand to innovation through the use of an Alexa skill shortly after the UK Amazon Echo release Results: Increases in favour and purchase intent over 10x the benchmarks for CPG Purchase Intent Reach Brand Favourability We wanted to reach as many people as possible when they are about to cook, delivering engaging content within the right context... Amazon is best placed to influence users through that entire [shopping] journey, from awareness to downloads, and eventually purchase. Jack Rosevear – Global strategy partner at Carat ”
  28. 28. Campaign elements Custom landing page Mercedes-Benz | TV case study Source: Amazon Internal, 2016 Unique Reach premium audiences e.g. Mercedes-Benz owners, Golf enthusiasts, Overseas travellers (Asia, Australia) Generate awareness for Mercedes’ line of compact cars through “custom” video storytelling Addressable TV