current marketing trends


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This is the presentation current trends of marketing is given like we have green marketing , social marketing , relationship marketing. In new scenario of marketing.

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current marketing trends

  1. 1. STAGE 2Present Marketing Situation
  2. 2. Present MarketingIn the present scenario of marketing. It has changedthe world and it self now it is not like earlier that bygiving advertisement on television and newspaperwill increase the sales and awareness of the product.It has come a long way to this situation. There is ahuge decline in newspaper and television marketing.Compare to Modern marketing.
  3. 3. • Production orientation era• Product orientation era• Sales orientation era• Market orientation era• Customer orientation• Relationship orientation• Social/mobile marketing orientation
  4. 4. 21st century way of marketing• Social Marketing• Relationship Marketing• Green Marketing
  6. 6. Social Marketing•Social marketing is a umbrella term that define thevarious activates that integrate technology , socialinteraction and the construction of word and picture.For social marketing we need to have creative ideawhich attract other people to the product.
  7. 7. Social Market• Talking about today world there is 96% of Millennial have joined thesocial network.• The fastest growing segment on facebook is 50-55 years old.• 76% of people trust consumer recommendation of purchase decision.• There is also a small segment of people in the world which trustcelebrities.• It is seen in research that companies who havent worked on socialmarketing is facing down sales.
  8. 8. Size of social market• The size of social market is as big as you can think of thereare zillion of social networking website.• Now a days average people spend more than 1hr a on socialnetworking website.• Website like Google ,Facebook , Youtube their main in comeis from the advertisement on their website.
  10. 10. What is Relationship Marketing• A long term Stagey to built relationship with individual customers.• Relationship Marketing is a philosophy of doing business, a strategicorientation that focuses on keeping and improving current customersrather than on acquiring new customer.
  11. 11. Work of Relationship Marketing• The consistent application of up to data knowledge of individualcostumer to product and services design in order to develop acontinues long term relation.• The focus enhancing the relationship with existing costumers that isto retain existing costumer.
  12. 12. Background to relationship marketing• Most companies marketing effort is focussed on getting coustmerwith little attention paid to keeping them.• The average company loses between 10% to 30% of its coustmer eachyear
  13. 13. It is developed by• Satisfying costumers• Trust• Adding Values• Privileges• Costumer orientation• Quality product
  14. 14. Example of RM activities• Examples• Supermarket loyalty• Museum ,theatre and concert seasonal tickets• Provision of technical support• After sales service
  15. 15. Summary of RM marketing• Regular contact• Quality and customer satisfaction• On going relationship rather than one off transaction• Costumer retention rather than attraction• Work towards partnership
  17. 17. Green Marketing?It is the marketing of products that are presumedto be environmentally safe. Thus green marketingincorporates a broad range of activities, includingproduct modification, changes to the productionprocess, packaging changes, as well as modifyingadvertising. Other similar terms usedare Environmental Marketing and EcologicalMarketing. And some Example
  18. 18. People are tryingContrary to popular belief—it’s not so easy being Green. Organizations,governments, and individual consumers are all struggling to adapt to aworld in which the planet’s health and dwindling natural resources areat the center of a global conversation.The good news is that everyone seems to be trying to be some shadeof Green, and experimentation usually leads to innovation.
  19. 19. How it is workingGreen” is perhaps one of the biggest trends to hit the modernmarketplace.• Wal-Mart is going Green.• Hollywood celebrities are eco-evangelists.• The 2008 Olympics set the new gold standard for sustainable events.• Religious leaders are making the environment a moral issue.
  20. 20. Green cretificateToday, many organizations’ environmental strategies revolve aroundmarketing campaigns and repackaging offerings to tout Green claims.Consumers are generally confused about what’s what, as companiestoss around the word “Green” with little agreement as to what it reallymeans.Though many certifications exist today—many environmentalistscomplain that they are not robust enough to create lasting change.
  21. 21. ©Future Think LLC | New York, NY | AllRights Reserved30GE: EcomaginationIn 2007, GE invested more than $1 billion oncleaner technology R&D, moving the companycloser to its goal of investing $1.5 billionannually in Ecomagination R&D initiatives by2010.In 2007, GE achieved approximately 15%growth in Ecomagination revenues over 2006,from $12 billion to $14 billion. Due to theprogram’s overwhelming success over the pastfew years, GE forecasts it will surpass $20billion by 2009 and is consequently raising theannual Ecomagination revenue goal to $25billion by 2010.Company which are growing towardgreen
  22. 22. • Banks are investing their lot of money to stop the physical use ofmoney.• Many shopping store are taking money for the use of poly bag.• Many paper company is using old paper and recycling them.• A lot of paper bags are used in the store.Continued….
  23. 23. Conclusion• It is the new trend which is now taking up in the market. All the bigcompany in the world are going green to capture the market . It is thebig player who can only help to make the changes other wise it wouldbe hard to make it.