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Promotional Magazine Poster


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Promotional Magazine Poster

  1. 1. This is the mid-shot that we are going to use for our promotionalmagazine poster, as we felt that the facial expressions reallyintrigue the readers of the magazine. To ensure that we werecorrect, we did a tick sheet for our target audience where theychose which one they felt was best, resulting in the image on theleft (this is currently present on me blog).However, as you can see, this image requires a lot of editing inorder for it to look and appeal to our target audience. As wewould like to create something quite supernatural that will standout in the double page spread and make the readers pause.In order to intrigue the target audience, Rachel and I started tobrainstorm ideas on things that would seem to encapsulate themand thought we could make the eyes red. When we consideredthis, we felt that continuous use of red from the lipstick to thewriting wouldn’t be very effective, and thought that green wouldreally stand out upon the page.
  2. 2. Here, you will notice the green eyefrom the previous slide that we hadretrieved from the internet, we feltthat it provided a super naturalelement that would automaticallyintrigue the readers as we wereautomatically intrigued to the imagebelow. We had then placed thisimage into Photo shop and changedthe opacity, making the image seemslightly translucent, so that theshape of my eye was clear andvisible. We then deleted thesurroundings of the image by usingthe manual eraser tool, that gave usthe eye yet it still didn’t look right, sowe blurred the white areas aroundthe pupil, this made the eye look realand very effective. Although, toenhance this feature, we sharpenedthe pupils making them stand out onthe screen, creating a form of depthon the image.Lastly, we decided to make the eyemore appealing, by creating a borderwith strong eye liner, this wasachieved by using the brush tool.Although, this also looked quite fake,we then blurred it into the image,making it look real and this definedthe florescent green of the pupils. Asyou can see, this was very effectivewhen comparing this to the normal,non edited eye.
  3. 3. We then decided to edit the lips, to make them seem more defined and to allow them to stand out on the page, similar to theintense green eyes. In order to do this, we had used the brush tool, but we decided to change the brightness of the colourred, we then changed the opacity of the brush to make it look real and effective. We then shaded in a certain area of the lip,but not all of it, as the shade of red becomes uneven throughout, which looks like it has been clearly edited. After this, wethen decided to use the clone tool as it would create an even layer throughout, by clicking on the alt button and selecting thearea we wanted to copy, the brush then covered the rest of the lips, resulting in a brighter, more appealing red. But to makethis colour stand out, we used the sharpen tool, that made the creases within the lips more noticeable, making the lips ingeneral seem real along with the bright colour of the lipstick. Finally, we used the clone tool once again but it covered the skin,so we could erase any of the lipstick that was out side the lip line, and it also got rid of any laugh lines, making and enhancingthis supernatural outlook. As you can see above this is the result.However, we were not pleased by this effect when pondering over the image, this was the result of the intense green eyes inaddition to this bright red that clashed with each other. We knew that we had to change one feature and make it less dramaticso that the image looked real and appealed to our target audience. We did this by making the lipstick darker, where the redturned plum, this looked much more gothic and when asking the essential target audience, they felt that this looked muchmore professional. In the end, we opted for this effect as it enhanced the green eyes as it then became the main feature thatthe readers were drawn to. As a final touch, we blurred the lips, instead of sharpening them as it made the lips look rough anddry, an effect that adds to this gothic, rebellious attitude prorated by the image. This effect is visible from the screen shotabove.
  4. 4. Here, we have the necklace, that I wore that had a tooth on the end, we decided to use this as it would add to this anarchistperception belonging to the target audience. Nevertheless, this was not effective as you can see above, where the necklace isnot in the centre, but is placed aside. As this would demonstrate a flaw, we decided to edit this out as it looks veryunprofessional whilst contrasting with the over all perfect outlook that we would like to convey. In order to do this, I had mainlyused the cloning tool, as I click on alt and selected the area of skin that I wanted to copy and clicked on the necklace,immediately the necklace was disappearing. However, this was very difficult due to the fact that the strands of hair were in theway, instead I ended up copying that. In order to get rid of this mistake i pressed, Ctrl Z, and continued copying the area ofskin.Eventually, I had managed to get rid of the entire necklace. Yet still, this was not finished as strands of hair were still present onthe neck line, taking away the perfect ideology that we wanted. So we continued to use the clone tool until all of the hair lookedneat. Yet still, as we had mentioned earlier, we wanted to make the artist seem unnatural by making her skin pale. In order todo this, I had used changed the colour on the palette to a pasty cream and clicked on the brush tool, I had then changed theopacity of the brush to around 27%, this allows all the features and effects to be seen through the paint. I had then used thebrush over all of the areas with skin and skin only. The reason for this is, when going on areas such as the hair, the saturationdepreciates, making the image look dull, instead of allowing it to stand out. Eventually, we resulted in the print screen above(left) that looks much more professional and adds to the perfect features that we have edited on the face (the plum lips and thegreen eyes).
  5. 5. As you can see, the image hasAs you can see, we have then edited around the image of the improved drastically compared toartist by using the eraser tools. The fact that we had a white the original, this demonstrates thescreen in the back was very beneficial as it allowed me to edit the effective use of editing.image easily by simply using the magic eraser tool where I justclicked on the background. Nevertheless, there were certainareas that weren’t erased including bits around the actual imageof the artist. In order to delete them I used, the manual eraser toolwhere I had changed the brush to 19 as it makes sure that all ofthe sections that you select are deleted without any translucentpixels in the back. I changed the size of the brush to 5, as it issmall, allowing me to reach every little pixel that is not necessary.After editing the edges and background of the image, I selectedthe brush size and changed it to a size of 24 and selected thesurroundings of the image, ensuring that all of the background isdeleted, as you can see, this is the result.
  6. 6. It is clear in stating that the image has improved just from this small change in the hair.As I have mentioned previously, we wanted the outlook of the image to be perfect to convey the fact that the artistis different in comparison to any other person, this will therefore, generate a strong form of dominance. You willnotice from the original image above that the hair was slightly untidy due to constant movement. We knew thatthis was one aspect that we wanted to change in order to exhibit the perfect over view. In order to do this, weused the clone tool where I pressed alt and an area of hair. After this, I clicked on the messy region on the fringeresulting in a very neat hair do. Yet still, the image did look as though it had been editing.To make the image look real and effective, I had then used the blur tool but changed the brush sixe to make itsmaller, and selected the sections that looked like they had clearly been imitated. Finally, we were given the resultabove, that looks both professional and unique. Yet still, the image doesn’t look as though it has too much editing,making it seem realistic and serious, which is a good connotation to the depressing, realistic narrative from ourmusic video.
  7. 7. As you can see, Rachel and I were experimenting with many different ideas regarding the image, and whether we could addeffects to make the image stand out even more. We had considered having the black and white effect on the image, whilst themain features (the eyes and the lips) remained in colour, making them stand out on the page. In order to do this, I first selectedthe eyes by using the wand tool, I then copied this on to another layer, I had then done the same with the lips, keeping themseparate from the image. I then changed the saturation of the main image, until it became black and white, this gave us theeffect that you can see from the print screen above. However, when we asked our target audience and peers, they felt that theimage seemed dull as it would blend into the background, where as the original seems to be more gothic and more appealing.For this reason, I had decided to stick with the less edited version (top right). When pondering over this, we had realised thatthe target audience were correct as black and white usually represents the past, therefore, it may confuse the readers of themagazine.We were now persuaded that our final design was effective as the overall colours create a gothic effect, whilst the contrastinggreen lures in the readers of the magazine.
  8. 8. This is the final edited image ofFinally, after editing the main image, Rachel and I the artist that looks verydecided to make the hair darker as it looked quite professional through our eyes.shiny, as we wanted the image of the artist to show Yet still, we made sure that wea rough edge along side the professional outlook. asked our target audience toWe achieved this by using the burn tool, which make sure that we were headingburns and makes the image seem darker then it in the right direction whenoriginally is, we applied this effect all throughout the concerning our promotionalhair making it seem neat but rough and hard, poster. Overall, they felt that thisconveying the themes presented within our music image was successful invideo. When using this effect, a lot of the shine portraying their social tribes, yetfrom the hair disappeared, making the image look they felt that the image alonemore gothic in general. This is the final effect as would not determine whether theyou can see above in the print screen. poster is successful…
  9. 9. Whilst I was editing the main image of the artist, Rachel decided to look at a range of different backgrounds as we wanted to complement the image. She managed to result in four main backgrounds as you see on the left. However, when thinking about which one to use, we decided to copy the image on top to see if the artist fit into the given background. When choosing the backgrounds, Rachel was aware that we had to include the house colours of red, black and white, and no other colours, as you can see all of the backgrounds consist of black and white only. As we have a rose present on our CD cover, we considered adding this element on to our background as it will then carry the house style throughout the CD cover, music video and poster. Eventually, we found two suitable backgrounds as you can see at the top. As you willWe then looked at the white rose background which contrasts well with the image of the notice, the black background clashesartist, but it looked as though the picture didn’t belong there, for this reason, we didn’t use with the image, so we decided to putit. We then proceeded onwards with the third background of the wind effect that we thought a glow on it and yet it makes thewould stand out in the magazine. Although, Rachel felt that the effect was overpowering, image look like there is too muchand the fact that we were going to have text on top of the background wasn’t good, as we editing so we decided to terminatewere fearful that the writing wasn’t going to be eligible. Finally, we looked at the black and this background. However, we reallywhite swirly background that really appealed to us as we incorporated swirls within our CD liked the rose and we were confidentcover, therefore, this effect would carry the house style. As a result we decided to use this that this presence would guaranteebackground as the image fit in well against the white area. in a successful poster.
  10. 10. As you can see on the right, this is the original background that we are going to use, and we felt that it would be very effectiveas it incorporates both black and white to reflect the different perceptions and ideologies associated with the artist. The factthat the artist will be placed in the white area, suggests her true angelic nature as the white contrasts well with the black outfitworn by her.As you can see above, we have decided to incorporate the same swirlydesigns as the CD cover. In order to do this, I selected black on the colourpalette so that the swirls that I make will stand out on the white area. I hadthen selected the custom shape tool, where I had found and used the sameflowery designs and swirls, eventually, after arranging them in differentways, I had managed to get a border like effect as you can see above.In order for the background in general to stand out, we created an innerglow, making the poster seem 3D, creating a form of depth. To create asimilar effect on the image of the artist, we created a soft shadow with anopacity of 32% as we didn’t want it too dark so that it would blend into thedark, black hair. Yet this was successful as you can see from the printscreen on the right.
  11. 11. After this, I had then added the main mast head of the name of the artist, ‘Evanescence’, that we did in white to stay intouch with the house colours. We made sure that the font style was Edwardian Script as it is a strong connotation oflove, whilst keeping the house style constant as this font was used in both the music video (on the love letter) and on theCD cover (masthead). We then did the same with the name of the single, ‘My Immortal’, however, this was written in red,yet another house colour.Nevertheless, we wanted the name of the artist to be slightly larger and above the name of the song as it is much moresignificant. This was realised during my analysis of posters (look at the page called Research and Analysis). As you cansee the basis of our promotional magazine poster is starting to build up, as both the mastheads and the centre imageare of the up most importance. However, the CD cover itself is very important as it represents the song that needsadvertising, therefore, this will be a key, essential image that will be placed below the mastheads. As you can see above,this is our final CD cover that will be present within the promotional magazine poster.
  12. 12. As you have noticed I have included the CD cover. The way in which I had done this was by clicking on File, Place andselecting the image, placing it as a different layer on photo shop. After this, I had placed it next to the image, as the targetaudience will then see the CD cover. However, to make it more noticeable, I decided to create border around the cover usingred (a house colour) swirls. First of all, I had to click on the custom shape tool once again, and clicked on a spiral design andmade the shape upon another layer. I had then copied this numerous times to create a straight line or else, each swirl that Imake will be a different shape, whilst I wanted everything to be perfect as though it is a continuous pattern. I then highlightedall of the layers with the swirls and copied them three times. I then put each line around each side of the CD cover, creating thevery effect above. This made not only the CD cover stand out but the entire poster.As you can see on the right I had then added in a puff to engage the targetaudience, as it exaggerates the intense horror experienced via the gothic musicvideo. The fact that it questions the target audience whether they are braveenough, encourages them to watch it as the target audience are associated asbeing anarchists and rebellions. The use of ellipsis also encourages them as itacts as yet another connotation of the music video. This is written in the samefont as some of the text on the CD back, which is ‘Brush Script’ which is easierto read in comparison to ,’Edwardian Script’, which is why we decided to use it.This is what it looks like on the poster.
  13. 13. Finally, as a last touch, I had then included the page numbers. Although, I did not want to waste the work that Ihad done during my AS, therefore, I decided to use the skull that reflected my house style through out mymagazine. I then used this as the page number again as it added to the overall hardness of the poster, thatreiterates the message within our music video. This was also popular among the target audience previously,whom were also goths, rockers and emos so we have decided to manipulate this once more. (To find out theconstruction of this Skull, look at this blog address ‘’) If you look closely, Ihave added a shadow to the skull, making it look three dimensional upon the page, this contrasted well with thered page numbers.Lastly, I had added the website which is classified as a can, a form of interaction with the target audience as itallows them to access the media that we are trying to promote. We decided to put this in red, as a lot of the posteris occupied by mainly black and white, making this website stand out really well. I considered putting this at thebottom of the page, however, this isn’t eligible due to the busy back ground, so I decided to put it against the plainwhite area, making it look more domineering on the promotional magazine poster.This is the can.