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Music Video Construction


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Music Video Construction

  1. 1. Music Video Construction
  2. 2. This is my construction for my music video. As you can see, I am just opening up my music video, called My Immortal on Final cut upon the Apple Mac, where my self and Rachel have edited the footage that we have filmed over the past few weeks.
  3. 3. When looking at the bottom, you will find that there is a time line that specifies the footage along with the transitions and the audio underneath. It is possible to create layers of footage, and making some depreciate through opacity. However, we have decided to do this effect with images, as you will see later. On the right, you will find numerous buttons/options that allow you and aid you to editing your footage; this includes the blade tool, the cropping tool and the zooming tool, and so on… However, when clicking on the left hand corner, you will find a tab called, ‘effects’, where you can find numerous options as to make your work better. This allows you to select certain clips. This is the blade tool. This allows you to zoom in and out. This allows you to crop clips. This is the roll tool. This is the edit selection tool. This is the select track forward tool. This is the slip tool. This is the pen tool. This shows the sound levels for our music video, ‘My Immortal’.
  4. 4. In order to open up a piece of footage, as with any programme, I clicked on File, and Open, another way of doing this is by clicking on the Cmd button and O. However, in order for a file to be edited within Final Cut, the video must be an MP4 file (MPEG), also known as a QuickTime file, which looks like this.
  5. 5. As you can see, I am selecting the piece of footage that I require. In order for me to select the right piece of footage, I have organised all of my scenes in numeric order, and renamed the best clip for each scene. It is possible where I will use two clips that are the same shot, as I crop out what I like from each clip and put them side by side. As you can see above, I am choosing the clip called, ‘use’, and will press choose at the bottom of the screen.
  6. 6. As you can see I have highlighted an image, that I had opened in the same way that I would have opened an ordinary clip on Final Cut. This image is of the text that includes the credits on a music video, that I had typed on Photoshop and saved as a JPEG file. This was then opened in final cut and appeared upon the Viewer above, which I had then dragged to the time line. After this, I had then clicked on the window frame above and clicked on image and wireframe, which I altered, making the text smaller, and placed this in the corner of the video.
  7. 7. After this, I wanted to include a transition so that the credits will fade out of the shot. I had done this simply by clicking on effects in the corner and selecting the folder with dissolves which are under the video transitions. I then selected the ‘additive dissolve’ and dragged it to the area I wanted it. I had then finally rendered the clip/ transition by clicking Cmd and R, resulting in a smooth transition of the credits.
  8. 8. Here, you will see a clip of me lip syncing, but we wanted the old footage effect that you can see above in order for the target audience to realise that I am supernatural, which is why I interfere with the camera. I had managed to retrieve this effect by downloading it off of the internet and uploading it into final cut as this feature was not present in the over all effects. As you can see, I had then created a folder with the effect and dragged it on to the desired clip, and pressed Cmd, R to allow it to render.
  9. 9. Yet still, I wasn’t happy with the effect as it was too domineering which took some of the attention away from the actual footage. For this reason, I had double clicked, ‘CGM Aged Film le’, and came up with the filters. I had then changed the saturation of the effect and made the colour slightly lighter so that it would not create bad lighting for the footage that I put the effect on. This then resulted in the final desired effect which I dragged upon the clip and rendered (Cmd R).
  10. 10. I had applied this effect on numerous clips that included any relation to me as the target audience will know that I, the artist is present. However, I was not always in the shot, throughout the shot. So I had to use the blade tool to cut the clip, although, this did not effect the way in which it was seen. I had then applied the effect by dragging it on the clip, or you can highlight the clip and click on the effect. After this, I had rendered the selected clip, giving me this effect once more.
  11. 11. Another image that I had uploaded were the candles that were referenced throughout my music video to convey the diminishing hope and the upcoming mourning. Once again, I had clicked on file and open, where I selected the image and clicked on choose, presenting me with the picture on Final Cut.
  12. 12. However, as many music videos today have a smooth flow, we wanted something similar, so we decided to select both clips and dragged in a transition in between them, which I had then rendered, giving me a smooth flow to the next clip. As you can see from the print screen above, I have used a ‘Cross Dissolve’.
  13. 13. Once again, I had imported some more images continuously to create a stop, still motion effect that conveys alcohol consumption. I had used the blade tool to make the image length smaller and put them side by side next to each other as you can see from the print screen above. The amount of alcohol is each glass diminishes to show that it is being consumed by the widow, in order to keep the glass in the same position, during filming, we sipped the Ribena out of the cup. To enhance this consumption, if you look closely above, you will notice the torch light shining on the cup as we did not have professional lighting as we could not afford it.
  14. 14. The clip above elaborates on the widow where she looks outside, here we wanted her reflection to turn in to the artist’s reflection to show that she can not escape from the circumstance. I first imported this clip by clicking on File, and open and rendered it by pressing Cmd, R. You can tell if a clip is then rendered as the red line above disappears.
  15. 15. However, when looking at the original clip, the reflection was barely visible so I decided to take a screen shot of the image and opened it into Photo shop. There I had deleted the surroundings and changed the opacity so that the image looks slightly see through, and finally flipped it over to make it look like a reflection. I then imported this into Final Cut and placed it on to the time line. I then edited an image of my in the same way that I had edited the widow’s reflection.
  16. 16. I then imported my image as well and added a cross dissolve between the two, making the widow’s reflection change smoothly into mine. I then cut the image and clip right before I appeared on screen and applied the old footage effect on to it. I then rendered this, resulting in a really eye catching effect.
  17. 17. As we continued to use the same transitions, we decided to do something different and I decided to use a small clip of my eye that I had added a transition to (additive dissolve) which occupied the entire clip. I had then placed this between two separate clips and this was very effective as the eye added to this eerie ambience as you can see from the print screen above.
  18. 18. Another very effective form of editing was where the husband appeared within the mirror, this was representing the widow hallucinating due to alcohol abuse. What we had done was get the image of him which I then edited on photo shop, here I had created a ghost like effect as he is slightly translucent by changing the opacity of the image. I had deleted the white screen by simply using the magic eraser tool. After this I had placed the image onto Final cut by clicking on File, and Place and dragged the image on to the time line as you can see above. I had then selected the small window in the corner of the screen and clicked on Image and Wireframe, giving me the ability to change and alter the size of the image, I had then placed this directly in line with the mirror and cropped off his arm to make him look as though he is only present in the window.
  19. 19. I had then gone on to effects and added a non- additive dissolve that I had dragged on to the time line, this I then rendered (Cmd R) and this created a nice smooth transition as the husband's figure had disappeared as soon as the widow touched the mirror, that added to this haunted atmosphere within the setting of the house.
  20. 20. As you can see, this is a video of the rose that symbolises love, dying over time that we had retrieved from the internet. Unfortunately, when attempting to record this myself in my home, I found it very difficult as the petals went everywhere and the position of the rose kept moving, as a result the footage didn’t flow very well. As a result I looked upon the internet (on YouTube) in order to find a dying rose and managed to convert the video to a MPEG file on, and imported it straight into Final Cut. However, I did cut certain sections by using the blade tool so the clip wasn’t too long as this is a code and convention that applies to all music videos. I finally rendered the footage and added a few transitions, that made this a memorable scene within our music video.
  21. 21. As you can see I have imported many different images by clicking on File, and then Place. This is similar to the effect of the stop still motion with the glasses that convey alcohol consumption. I had then cut the images one by one, making them the same size and put them next to each other. To ensure that they were all the same size, I had to zoom in by clicking on CTRL and +, that allowed me to look at the time line clearly. As you can see, these images convey the time line of the couple’s relationship as the heart grows with love, until it is extinguished by hate, and left with darkness.
  22. 22. I had then advanced forward by creating an effect where I, the artist picks up the ring that the widow had abandoned, and made it disappear. I had managed to do this by putting the ring on my hand and opening it to reveal the ring to the viewers who watch the music video, I then closed my palm and opened it and took the ring out, I then closed it again and opened it without the ring there. I then imported this in to Final cut and dragged the clip on to the timeline where I had rendered the footage and cut the clip numerous times and deleted the bits that I did not require. It then looked as though I opened the palm with the ring, closed it and opened it again and the ring was not there. Yet still, the footage was not smooth so it looked as though it was clear editing. To remove this ideology that would be within the viewers mind, I then selected the two clips and added a transition between them and rendered it, it then looked realistic and effective. Finally, as I was being filmed, we added the old footage effect to the clip by dragging it, this created a very eerie atmosphere within the music video.
  23. 23. Here is yet another video that we had gotten from YouTube of a lunar eclipse. Initially, we required a solar eclipse to convey the two sides of love through the opposites of the sun and moon. As we could not find a good quality video, we settled for the lunar eclipse. However, we did not just copy this, as we wanted the artist's face within the moon and so I took an image of myself and edited in black lipstick by using the brush tool and changing the opacity. After this I had applied the black from the palette to the lips, adding to this gothic mise-en-scene. After this, i had then changed the opacity of the image making it seem slightly translucent as it placed against the moon, I then saved this as a Jpeg and imported it into Final Cut. I then dragged the picture on to the timeline above the desired clip and clicked on image and wireframe. By doing this, I managed to make the image smaller but I was disappointed as I felt that the image wouldn’t be seen clearly as I changed the opacity. Nevertheless, when watching over it and gaining feedback from my peers, I realised that this hint of face ensured that the viewers weren’t bored as they would think to them selves, ‘Did I just see a face in the moon’, keeping them intrigued as to watch the music video and every detail that comes along with it. Yet still, I found that the moon footage was too long and I wanted it shorter so that the target audience remain engaged, so I decided to cut certain sections of the clip by using the bade tool and deleted the pieces I didn’t want. I then put a final transition on to the image so that the face of the artist will dissolve out of the shot.
  24. 24. As you can see, we wanted a really gothic ambience that we had retrieved due to spot lights by using a simple torch. When filming, we had gotten rid of the lights and focused on this torch upon the artist’s face that made her look very pale, adding to this non- earthly presence. We then imported this and added the old footage effect by dragging it on to the clip and added a transition on to it. Although, when putting the next clip on the side, I pushed it towards the clip a little bit more, giving me the effect where the artists face goes into the next clip as you can see above on the print screen. We really liked this effect as it created the message that the widow can not escape from the artist’s presence, no matter what she does.
  25. 25. Here, you will find the scenes where we wanted the widow to look in the mirror that was then touched by the artist and her true emotional state is then exhibited through her reflection. By doing this, during filming, I had to film Kalifa with and without the make up all over her face but it was hard to keep her in the same position so I was afraid that the effect wasn’t going to work. This was proved correct when I began editing yet I wanted to keep this idea, so I clicked on image and wireframe, where I cropped the image and zoomed in by changing the percentage of the window. This then gave me two identical angles that I could work with. I then used a non additive dissolve between the two clips, creating a smooth flow. I then used the blade tool and cut the area where my hand intruded the shot and added the old footage effect. I then rendered the entire scene and resulted in a very eye catching effect.
  26. 26. Here is the love letter present within my music video which is constantly referred back to. We wanted an effect where the artist touches the letter and the burnt remnants are left on the table. First of all, we knew we didn’t want an obvious effect so we did an extreme close up on the words, ‘I love you’, of the letter that was intact. I then replace this with the charred letter and zoomed out of the words I love you. Unfortunately, I found this difficult to film as the letters ‘I love you’ had to be in the same place. Yet still, after trial and error, the words soon matched up, I then imported the clips on to Final cut and added them to the time line. I then added a cross dissolve on to the clips so that there is a sudden flash of light that leads to the charred letter, this was effective and contrasts to the smooth flow through out the music video, making this one of the most memorable scenes within the music video. Lastly, I knew that I was in the shot as I was the result of the charred letter, to make this obvious, I then added the old footage effect and selected the clips I wanted them on, this was then rendered to give me my edited clips.
  27. 27. As I have mentioned previously, I did not want to use many transitions as it would over power the footage, therefore, I had decided to make use of camera composition and angles, in order to create a smooth flow. A good example of this is when the widow, Kalifa, packs up her things and is ready to move on, this low shot highlights her new profound courage as she throws her dress at the camera creating not only an effective transition but an intense form of dominance that was provided by the artist.
  28. 28. As you can see, I have added yet more credits towards the end of the music video, as this is a typical convention associated with music videos, despite the genre of music. I had written these words within Photo shop that were then saved as a JPEG and imported in to Final Cut. This, I then added on top of the footage and added a transition in order for it to dissolve into the shot smoothly. However, as you can see above there is one final clip that shocks the target audience as the music stops, making them think that the music video has finished although it hasn’t, this low key lighting makes the artist look even more domineering and finally she blows out the candle. This image is then imprinted upon the viewer’s mind due to the absence of light. Immediately, with this the credits blow out as soon as the candle blows out, creating a really good effect, and a harsh end to the music video instead of using a typical dissolve at the end.
  29. 29. The End