Assignment #6 Research A Double Page Spread


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Assignment #6 Research A Double Page Spread

  1. 1. Assignment 6: Research of Double Page Spreads BY JOANNE ARODA
  2. 2. Stage 1 : Magazine Research
  3. 3. I’m reviewing
  4. 4. What kind of things are in the magazine? Being a listings magazine it gives people the best1. Restaurants2. Clubs3. Venues4. Films5. Music6. Shopping7. Styles...
  5. 5. Who is the audience/target audience? How do you know? The target audience is aimed at social people who enjoy night out with friends or after work i.e Uni students and working to upper class people I think its a cross of both niche and mass audience its aimed at both males and females and from uni students to people in there late 40’s so there is no real limit
  6. 6. How is the magazine organised/structures?P: 4-23 ; Are interviews & reviews P: 32-62 ; Has ad for venues and concerts, reviews of films, music, clubs, cabret, comedy, art etc i= P: 68-78 ; Also has some reviews , The Eating & Drinking Awards, Top 10... Pubs with stories
  7. 7. What do they advertise? They tend to advertise events among other things ... British airways offers, Vodafone offers, Toyota offers, John Lewis, Hp windows 7 laptops, Time out guides, Master card, Concerts
  8. 8. Where is it magazine available? Its available worldwide
  9. 9. How much does it cost to use a full double page spread in the magazine?
  10. 10. Stage 2: Double page spread
  11. 11. Layout Design Capital letter shows start of interview Image from his showDominatingimage of thecomedian Important quoteShowing whosbeinginterviewed Web link for tickets Image of a show Rhetorical question + he guest stars in small intro
  12. 12. How Is The Layout Effective And Eye Catching? It does this by its dominant image and the person whos being interviewed popularity The sentence quotes catches your eye and is one of the first things you read The placement of the images does not draw away from the writing
  13. 13. Style of Font The capital ‘A’ tell the reader its the beginning of the interview The slightly bigger font for the quotes identifies its importance and is oneThe boldness of the of the first things peoplefrom and sizes is readnoticeably the title The white colour stands out from the red background which makes it readable
  14. 14. Photo Manipulation Lighting is manipulated to highlight the The cutting out of important people and the both people with less touch up to the image
  15. 15. Organisation of InformationThe article is clear and dominant and the reader knows where tostart with the capital ‘A’ The two images at the top and bottom are close to the corners which does not interferes with theThe writing being at articlethe bottom andimage all over givesthe reader the chanceto see the image andthen start reading
  16. 16. Layout Design Title across who pages in different colours Mini into raising a question to be answered later Different topics have clear headingsWeb link for more info Two dominant images in relation to ‘James Bond’
  17. 17. How Is The Layout Effective And Eye Catching? With the two dominant images in relation to the iconic ‘James Bond’ theme will draws peoples attention Their poses are unusual which will also catch readers attetion
  18. 18. Style of Font Front is block bold capitals which catches the eye Into clear enough to be seen and a different size than the rest Font is smaller but big enough to readHeadings for differentsections are bigger thanthe info but smallerthan the title so itdoesnt get lost and canclearly be seen
  19. 19. Photo Manipulation Shading in the face along Weight manipulation with light manipulation and facial touching up
  20. 20. Organisation of Information Title at the top and across both pages also different colours keeps it interestingWriting all around the Different topicsimage so both can be have differentseen clearly noticeable headings Web link Dominant images are striking and captures your attention
  21. 21. Layout DesignSimple bold black title Image relating to the article Small intro with a question to be Steps to become an addressed in the ‘anorak king’ article QuoteArticle runs on both side Dominant image in the middle of both pages
  22. 22. How Is The Layout Effective And Eye Catching? The dominant image in the middle catches the eye along with the other image for its different colours Also the titles simplicity of the page spread
  23. 23. Style of FontThe size and boldness ofthe title stand out fromthe article font The small info is a bigger font then the title but bigger The bigger font for the than the article quote tells the reader its making it readable the most important part The capital ‘I’ tell the reader where the article starts The font is smaller but big enough to be read
  24. 24. Photo Manipulation Also to darken the background to draw attention to different areas The lighting and colour manipulation so all features can be seen and lighting is even
  25. 25. Organisation of InformationThe title in the top The image near the topright corner is bold and corner of the pagethis one of the first relating to the readingthings that catchesyour eye The article is in a rectangle shape in appealing The image in the centre of both pages highlights its dominance