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Music magazine

  1. 1. MUSICMAGAZINEBy Sarah Watson
  2. 2. MAGAZINE LAYOUT The picture is in front of the The words shown masthead, showing that the above the name are magazine is so well known presented with that it doesn’t need to be exclamation marks for shown fully and people will still an exciting effect of know what magazine it is. the content of the article. Other featured articles areThe barcode indicates either featured on the side orthat it is a selling copy. on the edges of the magazine to show no link to the main image because that is the most important.The bright blue colours forthe name of the band The offer for the ‘posterindicate that they are the special’ appeals to themain feature and attracts audience for them to want thethe audience compared to poster for that particular artistthe original design of the and has thumbnail previews tomagazine, which is black give an idea.and white.
  3. 3. This is the onlyform of colourvariation on thecover, making itstand out more.
  4. 4. VARIATIONS OF COVER EFFECTImage is in frontof the masthead Prop used in thebecause people image creates aalready know comical effect or inthis is a popular some cases, sexmagazine and it appeal from theemphasizes the pose.image more.Broad text for the‘free posters’ and‘free cd’emphasizes the List of other bandsadvertisement of on the front coverthe magazine could appeal to abecause of product wider audiencegiveaway. because of the choice.
  5. 5. The categories of the magazine sections showMain articles are organisation andhighlighted and make it easier forpresented in the reader tomore detail. locate articles.Small icon imagesto present apreview of content. Simple white colour scheme for simplicity
  6. 6. CONTENTS The large font and several images show the mainThe page numbers context of what theof the articles are magazine containsaligned neatly for in this issue.the audience toidentify. Large image indicates this is an important feature in the magazineSame colour and catches thescheme to the audiencesfront cover for attention.familiarity.
  7. 7. Subtitle for thearticle is a punbased on theartist’s past workand shows asense offamiliarity. Artwork of the album identifies what the article is going to be based around.The image of themain artist drawsthe audience invisually. The text is aligned on a tilt to create a scattered approach to the design of the page and make it look more interesting.
  8. 8. The pink font and The colour scheme of the background icon is in contrast to the emphasize that page design in order to the article has make it stand out more. strong feminine aspects.Text is setout aroundher figure toshow her link Interesting quotesto the text. from the article are highlighted to draw the audience in to The subjects in the text are separated into sub- see the full context. headings to look more organised and make it easier for the reader to find what information they are looking for.