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Introduction To MBc services, inc.

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Intro To M Bc Services1

  1. 1. MBc Mission ~ ~ To be the essential source of comprehensive advertising solutions for our clients ~ By actively educating our clients in all areas of production and agency compensation, we allow you to position yourselves to be more competitive, reduce costs and further leverage your creative. As an extension of the marketing team, MBc manages the production of all advertising from the pre-bid phase through final invoicing/job completion. This includes negotiating all costs with the agencies, defining the production process and providing pro-active industry advice on all production needs. The Basic Facts ~ MBc Services was founded in 2006 by Michelle Stern to provide comprehensive advertising solutions for major corporate advertisers and non-profits. Our goal is not only to save our clients money, but to deliver to you the pertinent and compelling information you would expect from industry experts. We focus on constantly looking for ways to produce quality work at a fair price. We have a solid reputation in the industry and outstanding business relationships with our clients as well as numerous advertising agencies and vendors. We are affiliated with a network of resources around the country. Our involvement is self–sustaining as MBc’s fee is sourced from the savings achieved through our participation in your advertising production process.
  2. 2. Our Top-Line Services Include ~ • Advertising Production Cost Management • Event Production Cost Management • Agency Compensation/Contract Negotiation • Agency RFP Management • Agency studio and outside vendor rate card reviews What We Do ~ TV, Radio, Print, OOH, POS, Internet and Event Production Management – We Focus on Your ROI We can customize our services to accommodate any budget level • We start by meeting with your marketing team and ad agencies and evaluate your current advertising production process. • Review of Production Procedures: We develop client production guidelines (including travel and overage policies). We educate and advise ad agency personnel on corporate policies and ensure compliance with company guidelines.
  3. 3. • Pre-Bid, Pre-Production Participation: We attend pre-bid and pre-pro meetings to support your creative, financial and logistical objectives and to help clarify expectations among agency and client teams, advise on special production requirements and review any issues that may lead to overages. • Review of Production Estimates: We evaluate all aspects of your agency’s TV, radio, print, internet, and event estimates, and identify all cost savings opportunities to utilize a better spend of your production dollars. We work directly with the advertising agency and ensure industry standards/best practices are met - saving you time and production dollars. • Shoot Participation: We will attend shoots at client request (our attendance has been instrumental in controlling overages that occur on set). • Invoicing Reviews: We will review production billing at close of job (we work closely with the advertising agency to ensure all billing accurately reflects approved estimates). • Cost Tracking Database and Reporting System: We maintain a detailed database for use in benchmarking and reporting annual spending of production dollars, and tracking of estimate/invoice savings obtained through our negotiation and reviews.
  4. 4. Agency Contract Reviews and Fee Negotiations - Our overall objective is to develop a fair compensation methodology, compensation level and implementation process that align your priorities and interests with those of your advertising agency and its sub-vendors. After reviewing the existing agency compensation agreement we will: • Develop a negotiation strategy utilizing the findings from our compensation assessment (including examining the agency staffing plans). • Create a comparison of rates and markups to industry standards. • Make recommendations and negotiate a fair compensation level for your agency. • Review the proposed agency contract language and recommend contract content based on best practices. • Summarize all changes, modifications and revisions, and quantify savings as a result of our recommendations.
  5. 5. Agency RFP Management - We will gather proposals from your selected list of potential agencies, handle all the upfront administration associated with the RFP process, schedule client presentations and manage all agency follow up. Agency and Vendor Studio Rate Card Review - We will conduct a review of your agency’s print, interactive, editorial studios and/or preferred external vendors to ensure you are paying fair prices for services rendered. How We Do It ~ • The key to our success stems from supporting our client’s desired creative objectives and maintaining excellent working relationships with all parties. • We work within the timeframe of YOUR production schedule. • We take a team approach and work with your ad agencies to define processes. • We provide added value by providing you with better management of your time and expectations.
  6. 6. Contact Information ~ Michelle Stern – Director, Advertising Services MBc services, inc. phone (212) 203-4373 mobile (917)453-5817 fax (646) 417-7639 Visit us at