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  1. 1. Lynne Bivona Lynne Bivona Volume 1, Issue 1 April 4, 2013 Psychology of Everyday Things Re-sealable Packaging Pre-sliced cheese in easy failed you once or twice. also a feedback constraint. to open and re-sealable For some, it has failed Even the most successful packaging is appealing you every time. At some opening of these packages and eco-friendly too! No point, during what would can leave you wondering more individually wrapped seem a straightforward about the success of the seal slices like Kraft does so process of getting to the wastefully. Never again cheese, it gets when you try to close the will you place remaining complicated. People have package up again. There’s slices in aluminum foil been known to use a knife no sound to indicate a tight destined for landfills. No, to hack away at the seal and you have little this cheese is easy to packaging, making the reason to trust that anything open (“tear here”) and is promise of the seal in this process is as easy as easy to close back up irrelevant. you had imagined. again (“re-sealable”). You will be so pleased with it, There are a few design until you try it. issues here. One is “affordance”: re- Chances are, if you have sealablepackaging affords ever tried using opening and closing. There is thispackaging, it has Lamp Switches You’re in a hotel room at another panel alongside tomasquerade a lamp night, you close your it. Other times, you resort switch. book, sink your head into to unplugging the whole the pillow and reach out thing and calling it a dark one hand to turn off the night. light. You feel under the bulb for something to turn We have conceptual models or push, maybe a string to in our minds of how we pull. No luck. You feel on expect table lamps to work. the base of the lamp and Visible and tactile clues help then move toward the us to turn them on and off, cord to turn a disc. Not usually quite automatically. there either. Finally, you There are many different sit up and examine the ways to turn off and on lamps lamp with your eyes that just want to be closed. and our minds can map out Usually, you get lucky and most of them. Sometimes, can finally find the hidden however, we’re foiled. There switch, perhaps on the always seems to be a new very top of the lamp or on and clever way