Week 4 Action Plan


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Week 4 Action Plan

  1. 1. <ul><li>Technology Organizational Chart</li></ul> <br />JobTitleResponsibilitiesDistrict SuperintendentOversees all aspects of curriculum and instruction including technology. Manages the school system and provides leadership according to the school district’s vision. Assistant Superintendent for Technology ServicesDirects on-going computer education program in the district. Responsible for providing opportunities for students,staff, and administration to enhance the learning process andexpand learning opportunities through the use of various types oftechnology.Technology Training and Development ServicesOversees technology training and staff development for the district. Academic Technology ServicesProvides direct leadership, management, and curriculum planning including classroom technology enablement and supportCampus Instructional SpecialistFacilitate the effective integration of technology into the teaching/learning processCampus Technology CommitteeResponsible for ensuring campus staff is prepared for providing technologyClassroom TeacherResponsible for incorporating technology into the curriculum and presenting it to students. StudentResponsible for using technology appropriately and following acceptable use policies.<br />The principal has an important role in the integration of technology into today’s classrooms. In order to effectively promote campus-wide technology use, the principal must first lead by example and model the use of technology in the day-to-day activities. The principal must then strongly encourage the use of technology by every teacher on campus. This can be monitored by department coordinators. In order for teachers to be successful the principal must ensure that every student has access to computer use while at school. This means that all possible funds be in place to have as many computers on campus as possible. Also, the principal and campus technology specialist should work together to ensure that the teachers on campus have every opportunity to incorporate technology use in the classrooms. The principal should also be responsible for making sure that all available opportunities are made for professional development in different areas of technology so that teachers are kept up-to-date on the latest techniques. <br /><ul><li>Professional Development Plan 1
  2. 2. Teachers are facing many challenges in education due to the advances in technology. In many ways our students have more expertise than we do when it comes to using technology in our daily lives. We cannot effectively teach our students until we begin to incorporate technology into our curriculum. This cannot take place until and unless teachers are given adequate staff development opportunities. In addition, teachers need the time to collaborate, practice, and evaluate what they’ve learned. Based on the Texas STaR Chart for my campus, we have a need to improve in the area of Educator Preparation and Development. When teachers begin to implement technology strategies in their daily activities it will become easier and more comfortable to prepare engaging lessons that include a technology component for our students.
  3. 3. Professional Development Goals
  4. 4. To make staff aware of available technology, provide training on its use, and integrate it into the curriculum
  5. 5. Increase communication between the campus technology specialist and teaching staff
  6. 6. To incorporate technology across the curriculum to support and enhance learning.
  7. 7. To help students learn to effectively use technology as a tool in problem solving, creativity, communication, and productivity in order to become successful adults
  8. 8. Proposed Professional Development Session I
  9. 9. TitleSettingContent/PurposeTimelineIntroduction to Technology WorkshopSession I: BlogsSession II: SMART Notebook TrainingSession Follow-up via web conferenceComputer lab ISession IMath and ScienceComputer Lab IISession ILanguage Arts and Social StudiesComputer Lab I Session IILanguage Arts and Social StudiesComputer Lab IISession IIMath and ScienceSession Follow-upComputer Lab I and IISession I: BlogsThe first session will focus on blogging. The campus technology specialist will facilitate the session. Participants will have training in setting up a blog and will communicate current experiences and knowledge about incorporating technology in the classrooms. Ideas will be shared regarding the use of blogs within each of the participants’ content area.Session II: SMART Notebook TrainingThis session will be facilitated by members of the campus technology committee. Its purpose is to train teachers on the use of the SMART notebook as a tool to use in the classroom. As a follow up to the two computer lab sessions there will be a web conference that is facilitated by the campus technology specialist. Participants will share their opinions about the two sessions they attended. This will give them a chance to participate in a web conference.Saturday, January 9Session I8:30 – 11:00Session II12:30-3:00Follow-Up Session3:00-4:00
  10. 10. Professional Development Plan II
  11. 11. In order for teachers to be effective and knowledgeable about sharing technology with their students in a way that enhances learning, they must make technology a part of their daily lives. This may definitely require some additional time and training on the part of the teachers. One way to accomplish this is for teachers to have websites through their campus. This is a forum that will enable parents and students to keep up with current events in the classroom. Teachers can put important dates and lesson plans on their websites so that parents can keep up with student work.
  12. 12. Proposed Professional Development Session II
  13. 13. TitleSettingContent/PurposeTimelineWebsite Training Computer Lab ITraining will be facilitated by the campus technology specialist. Teachers will be trained on how to set up their personal work websites. There will be demonstrations on how to include lesson plans and homework assignments, as well as help setting up hyperlinks as needed. There will be an expectation that teachers will update their websites regularly. Time will be given during the session to set up the basic site that will include a short profile accompanied by a photograph if desired.Saturday, January 169:00 – 12:00
  14. 14. Proposed Professional Development Session III
  15. 15. TitleSettingContent/PurposeTimelineData Analysis/Power Point Presentation On-line Web TrainingTraining will be facilitated by the campus technology specialist and will be available through the district web page as an online option. Teachers will analyze STaR Chart data from two previous school years and create a power point presentation that includes campus strengths and weakness and a plan for increased technology use in their own content area. This session will provide teachers the opportunity to review technology on their campus and reflect on how they can incorporate technology skills into their content area.January 15 – January 30On line training is available 24/7 for a two-week period.</li></ul>Evaluation Planning for Action Plan<br />It is always crucial to evaluate and reflect on staff development sessions in order to ensure that the learned information and skills will be utilized later on. Various evaluation techniques may be used but for the three development action plans I chose the following:<br />Professional Development Session I: Participants will be asked to complete an evaluation survey upon completion of their session follow up. The surveys will be compiled by the campus technology committee. In addition, peer observation will be used as a means to evaluate the efforts of the development sessions. Participants will be asked to observe a peer at least once in the six weeks following the session and comment on any of the technology strategies that were introduced in the training.<br />Professional Development Session II: An evaluation survey will be completed by participants following the training. A wiki will be set up in order for teachers to comment on one another’s web page. The wiki will be monitored by administrative staff. Participants will be asked to view and comment on two colleagues’ sites. <br />Professional Development Session III: An evaluation survey will be available on line and will be completed by participants after the on line training. A blog will be set up by the campus technology specialist so that power point presentation products can be made available for viewing and comments. <br />Ongoing evaluation may take place by informal summary reports by participants after two to four months to see if technology upgrades are taking place in the classroom. The campus technology committee will have a representative from each content area who is available as a resource to answer questions from teachers and provide additional strategies and support.<br />